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Hi, everyone. My name is Kelsey and my name is Becky and we are the Sorry Girls. We are back at you with another thrift flip. Yeah we are! Today our thrift flip is inspired by our sponsor Which is dairy farmers of Canada! So Canadian cheese is super creative, just like us, and it’s an expression of the individual cheese makers, and it’s just as diverse as Canada is. It’s made with a blend of Old-world tradition and new technology, and it’s internationally renowned for being super high quality. That’s why it makes it the perfect mix for today’s project because we’re using old things to make something new and awesome. And we’re internationally renowned for being high quality, right? Haha. So in today’s project We’re going to make a super awesome picnic basket to take with you to the park and we’re going to find something from the thrift store that we can upcycle to make this happen. Let’s do it! So…. Anything you can uh… make into a picnic basket. I mean, basket? It’s not really portable, though. Oh, okay… Dig through this to find something. The selection is looking bleak. That’s not bad. It’s kinda in rough shape, but like… maybe? Under here that might be something… Wait, wait, wait! What about that one, yeah! Look what we found! This old school suitcase is super cool, like I haven’t seen anyone use one of these in years. I love the color and it’s going to be an amazing upcycle. Yes! So we actually went and picked up other stuff from the fabric store and like the dollar store And I think we have everything we needed to transform this guy. Alright. Let’s see what we can make with it. Alright! So there’s lots of things that we want to include in our picnic basket kit suitcase. That includes Canadian wine, a blanket, some plates, some cups, our knives and cutlery. I think the first thing to do is to know what you want to put in your picnic basket And I know that we want to re-line this whole thing, because it’s not looking cute. Alright, so I think I’m going to cut out this big pocket as well as these straps– anything we don’t want in and then just begin to fabric glue in my new fabric. Oh! It looks so good and bright in here. I love this pattern. Now, we’re going to rough in where our picnic essentials are going to go. We’re gonna have some wine in here I think our blanket might go something like this, and then of course we’re going to have our containers of food. So those can go in here… Plates… Cheese knives, and the wine glasses. I think these are going to fit really nicely up here in the corners. So to hold these all in we’re going to need some straps. So we have our collection of small brown belts here And we’re just going to use these various belts to strap things in. Alright, this is how it looks with all of the straps. I’m really excited to pack this all up and see how it looks. This looks amazing. I’m so excited to get picnicking, but somebody has to make some food… And I’m giving that job to Becky. Would you mind filling these up for me, Becky? Thanks! For our first picnic dish, I’m making a marinated Canadian bocconchini and tomato mushroom salad dish. Next, I’m making a garden tomato and feta spaghetti. Lastly, I’m making a gouda asparagus pesto. Canadian cheese is delicious in its own right and distinct from European options. Which is why we love cooking with it! Make sure to check the link in the description for all the recipes to these amazing dishes made with Canadian cheese. Hope you guys liked that video. I’m so happy with how we upcycled this suitcase to a picnic kit! It turned out amazing. I’m super stoked to use it for all my picnics for the rest of the summer. The food was so good, the setup was so cute. I understand, like, the blogger picture-taking game now, because I was like, “Work, little foods! You look so great!” Thank you again so much the dairy farmers of Canada for inspiring us to do this and trying out the cheese at our picnic. It was so good! Thanks again. And if you guys like this video make sure you give it a “like”, and if you love it make sure you “sub” it. And we’ll see you next time. Bye!


  • Becka

    Sad you're supporting the dairy industry 🙁 now im not trying to force every one to stop consuming dairy but with a big social media platform like yours, the word spreads farther. Trust me, those cows rather be free ranged and providing dairy to their calf naturally than have their baby taken away and milk extracted with a machine for us. Not gonna tell you how to live your life, if you know how dairy is extracted & you still want to consume it, that's fine- just wish there was more awareness

  • iG

    Can you guys make a travel pack tips or so kind of video with some DIY-able things to make travel a more convenient thing?

  • Paulina W.

    Okay, so I don't normally comment, but I just want to address something. As someone who lives on a beef farm and is surrounded by Canadian dairy farms, I want to just say that cattle farmers are some of the most caring, hardworking, compassionate, and driven people you will ever meet. Now, I'm not saying that the industry is perfect. Factory farms are a growing issue when it comes to the humane treatment of animals, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. However, the relentless attack on members of the rural community based on information many people get from their research on the internet is ridiculous. A quick Google search is not going to give you a realistic view of this industry. I don't want to discredit anyone or their beliefs, I just want to say that there are good people that truly care about their cattle. Its not just a business, it's a way of life, so please remember to keep an open mind. That aside, great diys as always!

  • Idéfixette

    Idea : instead of gluing the straps to the fabric (that can unstick over time), you can always sew the straps in place to the inner fabric (before sticking the said fabric into place) instead of sticking it 🙂

  • queenlucysroyalmaid1

    sucker for a good pasta salad and MUSHROOMS TOO HOLY MOLY YOU GUYS <3 (but I'll be makin' mine with vegan cheese wink) did you create those recipes yourself??? DIY RECIPE LIFE <3

  • Inger Haugland

    I get that most people are not interested in or aware of the issues here, but it makes me sad that you're sponsored by dairy.

  • Christiana Patricia

    lol when she kept saying Canadian cheese I was like "is this sponsored by cheese?" Lmao. But I realized it was a dairy company..not just cheese lol

  • Veggielista

    So funny. Gouda is actually a Dutch origined cheese (Gouda is a city near Rotterdam). In the 50's/60's a lot of Dutch farmers moved to Canada because after WW2 there was a lot of poverty in the Netherlands. Canada seemed a great option to start fresh. I wonder if it tastes the same. Gouda is the most popular cheese in the Netherlands.

  • Jessica D.

    Just found your channel, subbed and have been watching nonstop! I keep trying to find somewhere that says why your channel is called the sorry girls. Someone please tell me!

  • BookRatMisty

    FOR THE LOVE OF JEEBUS, this is one of the most obnoxious comment sections I've seen in aaaaaaages. We get it. Cheese bad, Vegans perfect, MOVE ON. It's been said, how 'bout we try commenting on the actual DIY now? 😒

  • Rebekah Rocha

    I love your diys. They're always unique. Instead of making diy room decor, you take it up a notch and make your own tables and bed frames. You guys are my favorite diy channel.

  • Courtney Ward


    Last Tuesday I found your account and decided to watch every video. I commented on that first video with the time and date.


    Today, Tuesday the 1st of August 2017, at 3:29pm AEST, I have finally finished watching every video on this channel (I haven't started the vlogs yet but I'll get there). This includes the 1.5 hour live stream where you guys wrap presents. Which on the wrapping presents thing, PLEASE do a system next time. I love wrapping, always wrap my families presents but you guys wrapped like 5 presents in 90 minutes. I suggest writing out a quick little list of names of gift recipients, bulk wrap your presents (as in JUST the paper) one after another, piling them up as you go and then at the end decorate in bulk too. Saves a lot of time and also helps you know if you need to go buy more supplies or even presents.

  • Maria Amador

    My grandma has a suitcase very similar to this one (only blue) and I've always wanted to do something with it and this is just perfect, I'll do it as soon as I can. It's just such a great idea, thank you so much!

  • Marianne

    Ah what a great video! And I love this sponsor, it's so good to use local products! Very creative how you managed to link cheese to a diy. Because of how you did It, I still very enjoyed watching the video without feeling like you're only trying to sell things. One comments though… as a Dutch person I had to laugh about the 'Canadian Gouda' haha! Gouda cheese is called Gouda because it's made in a Dutch city called (wait for it)… Gouda. I'm sorry, but it's either not Canadian or it's not Gouda ^^ (just joking, it just sounded funny to me)

  • Catherine

    Hi Sorry Girls! So I was just watching all the wedding DIYs and first of all congrats Becky! Second of all, I was wondering if you guys can maybe give some idea(s) for DIY Bridesmaid gifts? Thanks! You ladies are amazing!

  • MeRossy789

    LOVE thrift flips. For environmental and economical reasons muahaha. What is the tool you used to out new holes in the belt and where can I get one??

  • Katebakes

    omg guys calm down with the vegan debate. If u r unhappy that this video contains cheese in it then please don't watch. I bet you see people in public at restaurants all the time eating cheese. The sorry girls got a sponsorship from a cheese company. They need to do sponsorships so they have the money to make bomb vids that most of us love. please take your debate to a place where it is really necessary. I don't think it belongs here on an innocent video of two m girls making a picnic basket. And please understand that there are more people that are not vegan than who are vegan. Therefore I actually enjoyed this vid. Thankyou all vegans reading this for understanding.

  • Bi Monteiro

    I love how you guys coordinated your eye colour to your top in this intro hehe not sure if it was planned though 😛

  • itsclearly gigi

    These girls just glue and spray paint … lol skills eh? At 3:12 my jaw dropped… I was so unimpressed. But I will say I'm inspired to take on the DIY myself and make it much bettwr

  • Dani

    All the vegans in the comments going crazy about te planet. Lmaooooo

    What about the car you drive to get places? Consumes fossil fuels and needs raw materials to be extracted. The clothes you but from massive chains that use child labour? Not only is it made by people that are mostly kept poor but it uses so many resources!!! Lol! The amount of water that goes into washing a single pair of jeans during the confection process. 😂 The electricity you used to charge your device and the modem to provide you internet to be able to watch this and comment on how WE are damaging the planet? Where do you think that comes from? Powered by the magic of leprechauns? And the wires that make wifi possible. Do we think they are made out of tree branches or something? They are all taking this planet to hell in a hand basket. And none of you are staying away from that because here you are in society.

    So unless you decide to take yourself to the nearest forest and live 100% off grid (where you won't have access to the internet to brag about how much better you are than all of us, so I'm sure you won't do it) let us have our ice cream in peace. Have some tofu and let others live. U aint saving this planet anymore than the rest of us.

    Get of your high horses. Just because you eat some plants you are not making a difference at all.

    Oh and even if you say you use composting toilets and solar panels and all sorts of technology to replace this shit. Here is a newsflash. Research and development for that was no eco friendly affair. Neither is production and sourcing of raw materials. Even transportation to your nearest shop consumes resources.
    No no. Go take shits in the ground, grow your own food and live of the land. Then I'll believe you.

  • Leafivore Living

    man this was so cute lol i just wish i wasnt so lactose intolerant so i could eat all that cheese cuz those recipes looked yummy and easy to make

  • Lauren Rust

    It's a great, creative idea with a terrible execution! I was screaming the whole time for Becky to come in with a needle and thread! Quit gluing everything!

  • Shasta Bare

    Oooh. Sorry girl recipes! I want to try that asparagus pesto!!! More excuses for more of these – v fine 👌

  • Justmyopinionlol

    Canadians strike me as so weird. They pronounce words like Americans but use British vocabulary. I mean who the heck refer to flatware as cutlery?

  • John Kugelfischer

    What a bunch of cobbled together shit!

    EVERY thrift store I've ever gone to has woven wicker or willow picnic baskets.

    If you earn minimum wage, your idiot pack cost you $590.00. Whereas a thrift store picnic basket that would actually WORK and not fall apart, as your has already, would be $5 to $10.

    STUPID girls.

  • ursulajoni15

    The belt idea was really clever because it makes it easily adjustable especially if you add more holes to the belt so if something you decide to use in another picnic isn't exactly the same size as what you originally used you can adjust accordingly. Elastic might be able to do that but only if it's bigger not if it's smaller.

  • Don Cankook

    I would never use plastic plates for a real picnic with my lady. I would use the china plates, how would you pack china or ceramic plates?

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