Dollar Tree First Aid Kit
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Dollar Tree First Aid Kit

Dollar Tree First Aid supplies make a first aid kit Prepper First Aid Supplies Dollar Tree Haul shop with me dollar tree DIY first aid kit with Dollar Tree Supplies stockpile prepping First Aid Kit from Dollar Tree hi it’s AlaskaGranny I just got back from a shopping trip to the Dollar Tree and I wanted to show you how simple it is to make a complete first-aid kit with the supplies you can find at the Dollar Tree start with a supply of bandages gauze and tape there’s a wide assortment of first aid supplies at the Dollar Tree many times you can even find the Curad brand name-brand first aid products some Dollar Tree first aid items are designed for sensitive skin that are ouchless and gentle if you can find flexible fabric band-aids always go for choose the fabric bandaids over the plastic bandaids they adhere better stay on longer and protect your skin better next get a good supply of cleansers sanitizers and ointments a good place to start is a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a bottle of rubbing alcohol choose some hand sanitizer you can get a large bottle and even some small bottles in case you want to make smaller handy first aid kits or packs for your bug out bag in your car camping gear hiking gear you can pack up a small bottle along with some band-aids and some other first aid items to go in your pool bag in your car or your bug out bag these are the ointments and creams my family commonly uses petroleum jelly which is like vaseline triple antibiotic cream which is like neosporin hydrocortisone cream and muscle rub creams and ointments for your first aid kit from the Dollar tree has small containers and you could put small portions of your ointments and alcohol things like that into the small containers to go into your travel first aid kit or other smaller first aid kit you DIY to go stock up on a supply cotton balls and try some cotton rounds sometimes the cotton ball will leave fibers and stick to a wound or cut a cotton round will clean a wound or cut more gently get some cotton swabs and some wet wipes so you can clean up any dirt or spills make sure you always have sunscreen if you’re heading out aloe vera is great for a sunburn and for any other kind of burns as well look for this DenTek dental first-aid kit that can help repair lost fillings and loose caps get a cold compress it’s a single-use first aid item squeeze it to pop the inner bag and the contents will mix together and make a cold compress read the directions on the package hand warmers are a great thing to have in a first aid kit because many times when people are hurt they might go in to shock and they could actually become cold or if you’re out in a cold weather day a hand warmer can help avoid some of the effects of hypothermia coughing is a problem for my family so I always like to stock up on the cough medicine when I visit Dollar Tree find medicines that your family uses and stockpile them in your first aid kits as well look around and think creatively you’ll be able to find small items like tweezers scissors nail clippers and even a thermometer ladies make sure you always have a supply sometimes you can find a small little first-aid kit at the Dollar Tree it includes a selection of bandages and a little bit of ointment there are lots of different containers to store and organize your Dollar Tree first aid supplies you can look around the Dollar Tree and maybe find a box or container that will help you organize your first-aid supplies or look around your house maybe you’ll find things that you already own that will work for you don’t take first aid for granted stockpile basic first aid supplies the next time you go to the Dollar Tree you’ll find that first aid supplies come in extremely handy in lots of emergency situations learn more at please subscribe to the Alaskagranny channel


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