Don’t Call Me. I’m on Vacation || Travel VLOG || Day 2
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Don’t Call Me. I’m on Vacation || Travel VLOG || Day 2

[Music] [Music] is that okay sorry if it’s really bright because it’s really bright out here and I don’t have the my ND filter on there we just finished breakfast what do you think it’s okay not too bad for a buffet I’d say like for the bracket free breakfast buffet it was I think the best one we’ve had so far in my opinion it didn’t make a stick like tam dao which is great and I didn’t remember the other two honestly yeah what’s the plan today I think we should try and bike driving around or like outside of the city a little bit and then maybe could go watch the movie easy day no but a hill we were gonna go to bana hills but just reading about it everybody’s on holiday and actually like right now it’s probably really really crazy and we really want to pay the hundred dollars to get in for tickets and then wait in line all day so if you guys came for bona Hills sorry but if you came for like exploring other parts of Dandong then yeah should be fun day so yeah we’re gonna go get ready and let’s go pick up the bike next okay but before we go I just want to show you a check out this pool on a roof and then in the back you can actually see the ocean from here isn’t that awesome I’m definitely not complaining about the hotel it’s pretty sweet [Music] yo guys renting a bike we ended up taking a little bit of a nap and then we you know we’re just kind of lazy on vacation but it kind of worked out because you can see it rained while we were napping and now it’s raining again you need to sell good food [Music] we’re just trying to wait out the rain grab some food which is the building that you’ve seen us go to many times the shopping mall so probably just end up meandering about and see what we find better we didn’t ride the bike because it would’ve been really nice whether that’s all that’s happened lazy day we’ll see what’s next get you in a bit hey we’re back to the bridge that smells terrible if you wanted to take more photos so yeah here we are yeah yeah so we came while it’s raining I hope it doesn’t yeah but I mean it’s nice I guess less people but I yeah so now she wants to take some photos of us together so do all this can’t always enjoy the vacation sometimes got to do work alright photo shoot is done rains picking up so we’re gonna pack up and go to then calm now I think so yeah besides the smell it’s not so bad coming here during the daytime we’ll probably in a sunny day would actually be really pretty here but yeah anyways next stop catch who had been calm alright we finally made it to yeah so it’s a shopping mall just like every other one we’ve made but I was in before some reason we always happen to do normal people things on vacation so we’re just waiting now we’re gonna watch a movie what’s the name of the movie who fallen angel angel has fallen yeah I don’t know it seems ok God Gerard Butler I’m guessing it’s something like rwandan has fallen or whatever that movie was that he was in so it should be good anyways we’re gonna hang out here and then I guess go home and do something it’s been such a lazy day so that’s it hope you guide I know you’re not bored this is fun also you had some icecream [Music] [Music] we were back in the room nothing really eventful happened so just a nice walk along the beach she she helped some English men translate some stuff which was cool because she was saying on the trip she’s like oh my gosh isn’t that good and then I was like boom and nobody in the shop spoke English except for her so that was cool yeah so anyways before we finished the video we’re gonna have one final thing she’s gonna try root beer remember this Marko Barkley yes yes yeah so the last episode you can watch it I thought she thought it was actual like beer was this yeah she bought a grilled dried filefish what da Sonya yeah she’s gonna try that good luck try the root beer so what’d you think I’m curious she liked the cream soda though there’s always hope so sweet huh bruh honey I try this in career career you’re trying good beer I think so good that sounds familiar and the taste is so really yeah it’s so good okay not surprised so I thought I checked you can’t like it now you can eat your weird food I try sunlight is super popular to eat like this kind of like it’s like their version of jerky it’s not it’s like fish jerky I’m driving pretty good Nanak like I could eat that snack you trouble with your friend you buy this beer go to the beach hang out there I’d twist it except we don’t really drink hmm so yeah I’m dating super lazy bad weather though movie was good Pizza Hut was good rain was bad breakfast was all right the pool was cool upstairs alright guys thanks for watching day 2 and stay tuned for tomorrow tomorrow we got a whole yawn it’s a different yeah watch that about that towel mm-hmm yeah anyways later guys bye


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