Double Trouble at the Club 👊 ‘Sneak Peek’ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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Double Trouble at the Club 👊 ‘Sneak Peek’ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

[inaudible]. Yeah. You’re …
You’re nothin’, baby. Let’s go. Homeboy wants to go.
Let’s go. What a … loser. I’d love to go … a homeboy up. Let’s go. I have so much going on
in my life. I’m about to release it
on this … cheech right now. He had hit from … I’m dealing from Miami, Vegas,
Atlantic City, the Shore. He’s getting …
all kinds of …. Let them go. Where’s he going? Let’s go. Come on. You’re a …
loser. I will … drop you bro. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.
Oh my God. Let them leave. Let them leave
the establishment. Oh my God.
You’re a …. Where’s he at though? He’s over there.
Oh my God. Homeboy wants to go. You can call me fat,
you can say my tan sucks, you can call me short.
But don’t … touch my chain and call me baby,
unless you my girl. Angelina’s a whore. There’s his girlfriend. Go get your boy. … her.
You a bitch. Where’s your pussy boyfriend? Who? That one? This guy’s not coming out,
but yet his girl’s around. And the girl’s like talking …
to Angelina. I guess she has beef with
Angelina from way back when. Angelina. Go suck a … You’re a stripper. Bye. Bye. That girl’s such a trash bag.
She stalks my life. She’s obsessed with me. Wants to … bang every guy
that talks to me. She’s a stripper
and she’s a piece of … Other than that,
she’s a really good person. You wanna go and do …
Come on … She just kept running
her frickin’ mouth and I’m not gonna take
somebody talking … about me. Get the … outta here
you prissy … Dumb bitch. I will … you up.
You stripping bitch. Come over here. With your ugly ass titties. … you, you …
Dumb bitch. No. Enough. You done? .. bitch. I will …
Stupid bitch. With your ugly ass titties.
… Go away. You ain’t gonna do … Come on.
… whore.


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