Dutch Oven Pasta | Easy One Pot Camping Meals | Cast Iron Pasta Casserole
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Dutch Oven Pasta | Easy One Pot Camping Meals | Cast Iron Pasta Casserole

hello there I’m chef Johnny and this is
Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine today got the Dutch oven out again we are
doing camp and recipes another easy dish for you to do and I tell you what I have
got some Shiner Bock sausage that we have left over I’m gonna use it to make a
fantastic cheesy sausage and pasta dish that I think you’ll really enjoy so
stick around our charcoals are just about ready you
see we have them in our charcoal chimney here and that’s a handy little chimney I
got that actually from a company called Campmaid and that is collapsible when
you fold it up it’ll actually fit inside of a 12-inch Dutch oven but it’ll fold
up flat so it’s real handy to have but I’m gonna take it and just dump my coals
out here in the middle and we’re gonna put most these coals under right in the
front the middle now because we will be doing some sauteing so kind of get them
in here I want this oven to get nice and hot kind of tuck them around it
see if we get that heat up now this is a 10 inch deep so we know if we’re going
to cook at 350 degrees we’re gonna double the size so that’s 20 charcoal
plus 2 for 350 plus 2 for being a deep so that’s 24 cold let me to cook at 350
well I probably got about 30 coals in here that that chimney is a little on
the small side but it works great for dutch ovens that’s what it’s designed
for so we got about 30 coals tucked up underneath this and it’s gonna be
getting real hot fairly quick and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna saute off
some onions and some sausages now we’re getting this thing nice now I’m gonna
take the lid off you can see out my little camp made multi-tool I really
enjoy this with these legs on it they keep a lid you sit it on the ground I
get your lid dirty so it works real handy but I’m gonna use it right there
it’ll just hold on to that lid won’t let it go anywhere a lot of other uses I’ll
put some links down below to some of my camp made multi-tool videos so you can
see those also but got that going I’m gonna coat this bottom with just regular
old cooking oil let that get hot and I’m gonna add my onions and my Shiner Bock
sausage this is nice and hot I’m gonna dump in about 1/2 a cup of white onion and I’ve got about a pound of this Shiner
Bock sausage now the sausage was precooked the other day I made some
fantastic smoky sausage sandwiches out of it I’m gonna put a link up here one
of these spots so you can find that but up I got this sausage from Matador Prime
Meats they sent that out to me it was great made some sausage with one pound
save the other pound for this camping dish and we’re just going to kind of
stir these things together now these are cooked I’ll tell you you
wouldn’t have to bring your cooked sausages with you what you might do is
say the night before you cook a few extra sausage you have some smoky
sausage dogs for dinner one night next how you do this dish you use the
leftover sausages for it so always plan ahead saves your time
when you’re doing that cooking but we’re gonna cook this till he gets good and
hot these onions are starting to look translucent so I’m gonna drop in some
sauteed mushrooms have those cooked ahead of time so they go into the pot
and cook till we warm those up I’m gonna go in with our seasons now I got some
pepper and some salt I’ve got about a teaspoon of pepper and about all 3/4 of
a teaspoon of salt put that in there teaspoon of garlic and a teaspoon of red
chili flakes gonna put a little spice in this stir those in real good and that’ll just let these flavors kind
of cook into our our meat and our onions getting a real nice base flavor in this
pot right now next ingredient going in and some nice diced tomatoes and that
was two roma tomatoes we’re gonna get those in there and get them cooking next
ingredient is there’s a big oh about a half a can of tomato paste drop that in start stirring it in and get it
incorporated with our onions and our sausage those are all looking good now
I’m gonna add in oh I’d say about a cup of milk and a cup of chicken stock got a
little extra here if I think it needs some more water in a minute I’ll add
that in our pots up to a ball precooked pasta just a curl noodle multi-color
give a little color in there now also for color and flavor if you wanted to
you could always uh drop in some bell peppers or something like that now if
you were going to cook your pasta in with this you’d have to you know use
more water and bring it to a boil and then add your pasta but since we have
our precooked pasta I think this is gonna be fine bring it back to where I
see the bubbles coming through once again we’ll put cheese on top of that
and I have two cups of a Colby jack cheese shred it up now I can put my lid back up on top I want some heat up on top to help melt
that cheese so gonna unhook it and another neat thing about this multi-tool
it’s got a little hook on it right here now all I have to do is is grab the lid
with it and it’s also a pot lifter so lift it up move it over and I’m going to
leave about Oh 10 coals down on the bottom so let’s move our coals around got our ring of coals ready on the
bottom and remember we always want our coals to be, oops that it’s sitting on
top of a coal pick it up just under the edge don’t put them all the way to the
center or you’ll get a hot spot so that works good there I’m gonna clip my
multi-tool on and I will give myself all about 14 up on top these already cooked down some so I
think I’m gonna just add a few more just to be safe and get that good and hot
because everything’s cooked all I want to do right now is is melt this cheese
it’s gonna wait about 15 minutes let that cheese get melted in there good and
then we’ll sample this great Shiner Bock sausage and pasta with the plenty of
cheese on it we’ll give that a try it’s been 15
minutes let’s uncover this oh yeah we have our liquids oozing up through the
wonderful cheese and on top our last ingredient is I’m just gonna add some
green onions up on top show you all another little neat trick then we can use this far leave our coals on the bottom like that now I can take my pot
pick it up sit it right there and the heat from my
coals on the lid will keep my pot warm as we eat but keep it up off the table
if you have to sit on the table you won’t burn your table fantastic a little
multi-tool from Campmaid put a link below I think if you put a chef Johnny
in the bottom i think i mighta give you a discount for that they used to anyways
maybe they still will but give this multi-tool a look I’ll put a link below
for you to go over to Campmaid and take a look at it and of course the the
charcoal chimney starter that’s great too
it’s been cooling off for a few minutes and we’re gonna see if we can dip up a
little bit of this but it is looking pretty good mmm
look there that is nice and cheesy of course there’s a lot of variations of this you
could use pasta sauce in it you could you know do like I said
peppers earlier I said that you could use bell peppers and green vegetables
basil all kind of you can give an Italian flair so there’s a lot of
different things you could do but that’s a beautiful beautiful pot of pasta and
sausage all right let’s get this play the pasta try that’s good it’s got just enough spice
in it with that red pepper flake salt pepper is good yeah be careful because
with that chicken stock you can get too much (salt) tomato with chicken bouillon from
Norwood being also a good option for this very very good dish that’s smoky
sausage that we put in here the Shiner Bock sausage from Matador prime meats
again great and it’s it’s easy camp and it’s leftovers
you know pre cook your pasta for you go use leftover sausages you can pre cook
your mushrooms if you want to a lot of things you can do to make this an easy
dish that you’re not spending all day cooking when you’re out trying to camp
and have fun but again just a great cheesy dish right here I know I enjoyed
it hope you enjoyed the video hope you give this recipe a try if you do let me
know go down in the description box and tell me how it turned out for you tell
me what you think about it tell me what you’d like to see me cook I always want
to make my fans happy so thanks for stopping by we always do appreciate you watching
we always do appreciate you commenting and we’re gonna see you down the road on
Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine how them boys put food away beats all I’ve
ever seen


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