DVC 101:  A Husband and Wife’s Honest Look at the Disney Vacation Club
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DVC 101: A Husband and Wife’s Honest Look at the Disney Vacation Club

What is the Disney Vacation Club?
Well, it’s a vacation program where you purchase points, it is a deeded real
estate contract, and you use those points to exchange for stays on any of
the DVC resorts. That includes Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in California, the Aulani in
Hawaii, and you can use it on the cruises or on Disney Adventures. It’s a timeshare…It’s a
timeshare. So, essentially it’s a timeshare. How does Disney Vacation Club work? Well, so you pre purchase your points through your contract, your timeshare and there are options where you can bank points and you can borrow points. So if you are not ready to use your points in the use year, you bank those and use them the next year. But you have to use them the next year otherwise you lose them. Oh great! So the points can expire. So it’s one of those things where if you would like to have a Disney vacation now and like every other
year or like every three years for the next 50 years of your life this is what we’re
talking about. in your current use year you want to get a hotel that you banked points for and you’re using your current use year for and you
need more points you can borrow from the next year combining three years worth of
points. There’s also the option to purchase one-time use points and the fees for those go up probably every year And you are gonna have to use those one-time points
because it’s not like on Disney they say oh this hotel is like 20 points or you
know 30 like round numbers no they’re like 14 points, you know 12
points, 23 points…so no matter how hard you try you’re probably gonna have
to end up going under or over so you’re probably gonna want to err you know or on
the side quick over so yeah you’re spending extra money on top of this. How much does it cost to join Disney Vacation Club? Well, there’s your initial
buy-in when you’re purchasing points. Did she mention the points cost money?
Like not a little bit of money like brand new car money. So for us we purchase a hundred points which at the time cost a little over
$17,000 $17,000! Then there are the yearly dues which cover maintenance fees
real estate taxes and those will slowly go up we basically just paid a
little over six hundred dollars for this year’s fees. And yeah, it gets even better
right because the maintenance fees increase every year so last year we were
fortunate and only had like a 2% increase but each year after that you
know we don’t know what it’ll be so it’s conceivable in 50 years time that you
know to be well over a thousand two thousand dollars a year. Then there’s factoring in if you’re going to resort at the parks, purchasing
Park tickets, paying for food, and beverages, souvenirs, transportation…so in
the end this is gonna cost a lot. What are the benefits of buying direct from Disney? Buying direct from Disney? So if you choose to
buy direct from Disney then you have access to all of the membership benefits
that includes special events like Moonlight Magic
where only DVC members are in the park after the park closes so less crowds
there’s also refreshments served for free so there’s special events like that
there’s also access to special lounges at Epcot and at the Contemporary and
then of course there’s the discounts that that help out a lot. There’s been
discounts on annual passes, discounts on dining and then especially
discounts on merchandise right now that discount is about 20% which really helps
when you’re buying souvenirs for the little ones. Okay, none of that matters.
The only reason you would join DVC is to actually save money on your hotel so
Case in point, last year we went to Disney.
We spent $5,000 on the vacation. About 4000 of that was just the hotel room so
if you join DVC you’re gonna not have to pay those four thousand dollars you’ll
probably have to pay you know maybe just a couple of hundred to get the extra
points you need or you know maybe nothing at all if you can manage any of
the moon aligns in the universe aligns and you can actually do it, but you’re
doing this to save money on the hotel room remember you still have to eat you
still have to get there you still have to buy tickets to get into the park so
they’re not free vacations they’re just thousand-dollar vacations instead of
five thousand dollars vacations so if So if you buy resale you won’t have access to
those special membership perks, but you can get a contract for cheaper when
buying resale. Wait there were cheaper options? Why did we choose the Polynesian
Village Resort? Well there were three resorts available it was Alauni which
we’re not gonna go to nearly as often and there was and then there was Copper Creek at the Wilderness Lodge where we’ve actually never visited. The rooms for the Copper Creek were beautiful but we decided the location for the Polynesian
was better we’d like that the Polynesian studios had two showers which is great
for when you know you’ve got a kid in the bathtub
somebody else can go use the shower and you can get that done a lot quicker. Okay,
so that’s not the use case the real use case is she’s in the bathroom or in the
shower and I need to use the toilet okay so hopefully that will never happen
again. And it just meant our needs better we like the transportation
options we have access to the monorail boats you know there’s other resorts
nearby like the Grand Floridian so overall it was the location the room met
our needs but also the dues for Copper Creek we’re gonna be a lot more in the
long run so we’re paying less than the annual dues and saving a little bit of
money by choosing the Polynesian. We also didn’t know at the time that you could
ask for if there were any resale contracts so we didn’t know that we could
ask you know hey is there anything available for Animal Kingdom Lodge it
would have gotten us a shorter contract but it would have been cheaper because
once again you when you’re buying a contract you’re buying into your home
resort and all your home resort is is it’s the resort you can book 11 months
out whereas when you get to that 7 month window for your trip you can actually
book any of the other DVC resorts or if they’re not available you can get
wait-listed and see if you can get into those resorts but you’re not forced to
stay at your home resorts so choosing Polynesian it gives us a great location
if we can’t give get in elsewhere but we can knows if we want to stay somewhere
else we can always book elsewhere at the 7 month window. Alright, so if you do
choose to buy into DVC I do recommend that if you’re at the resorts you do
take advantage of the tour they say the tour takes about two hours for us it was
closer to four hours between transportation, going to Saratoga
Springs, seeing the models talking with sales guide. We had a ton of
questions, but the great thing is is if you’ve got young one
three and up who are potty trained they can go over to the kids club there and
they can have a lot of fun if you do choose to purchase you’re gonna get this
huge portfolio to keep your large amount of paperwork in and I keep everything we
get from DVC in here and you’ll get this very nice membership handbag with Mickey
Mouse on it. Yes look at the bag seventeen thousand dollar bag. To keep all your stuff in and then
about a month after we closed on our contract we got this lovely welcome kit
with some materials introducing us to DVC and a cool magnet to put on the car
we hope you found this video helpful we watched a lot of videos and read a lot
of posts from DVC members we urge you to do the same this is not something to go
into lightly again it’s like buying a house buying your car so we recommend
you do as much research as possible if you do decide to buy in and you’re gonna
finance we recommend you also look for financing options outside of Disney
because the interest rate there was pretty expensive so we paid cash don’t
don’t finance it try not to finance we were
fortunate enough to he got a bonus at work but we know for everybody that’s
not always possible but just try your credit union try your bank see if you
can get a lower rate with them so I think that’s that’s about all we can
tell you for now we’re gonna be going on our first trip this spring and so we’ll
we’ll be doing reviews of our hotel room and our first DVC stay yes. If you are looking
for more information on DVC you can get the link in the description to our original blog
post about joining DVC you can also visit my blog at www.edutainingkid.com for
more Disney travel, tips, reviews, and DIY.
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  • Jen Lefforge

    When you guys decide you need more points (which will happen;), you should DEFINITELY go the resale route. You save lots:). Great video – love the cameo voice over by your kiddo;). And super smart saving on the dues by going with the Poly. Staying there for the first time in July and cannot wait!

  • Youra Ninee

    For the cost of the DVC yearly maintenance fees (about $5 to $6.50 per point you own) you can visit moderate priced hotels outside Disney for the yearly maintenance fee, and visit Disney when you want to. If you're paying yearly points you're going to feel obligated to go every year and add on travel, food, park fees, etc. Have a magical day!

  • Dana W.

    We’re serious considering the vacation club we go two times a year and only stay deluxe on the monorail loop, so I’m sure we would save by joining.

  • Dana W.

    The maintenance fees go up? When we took the tour the CM said they didn’t increase, thank you for letting me know that it does go up. How many points do you think is best to buy in at? Also had the worse experience staying at the Wilderness Lodge in May 2017, we will never stay there again.

  • Thomas Ever After

    One of my subscribers sent me over here to watch this very entertaining and unique video on DVC! My favorite part: "THIS SEVENTEEN THOUSAND DOLLAR BAG!" Bahaha! Great video, guys!! Loved it!!

  • Edutaining Adventures

    Wondering what we think about DVC now that we've been members for a year? Check out our latest video where we discuss what we have learned since joining as well as our thoughts on our first stay at our home resort, The Polynesian Villas and Bungalows: https://youtu.be/zGl_VFq_76Y

  • Jenny Casagranda

    Holy cow!!! resale for us was the way to go, we also bought 100 points at OKW resale and paid 65.00pp, this was last fall! We didnt care about the extra perks that can go away at any time.

  • GaryD

    We joined DVC in 2000. Went to Disney a couple of times a year and took Disney cruises. But, now that we're older we don't go as often. I have a lot of unused points. I have found that they are valuable on the rental market. Rented out points last year and got more than twice the cost of our maintenance fees. Listed the points with a rental agent and had them all rented out in just over a week. Getting ready to list more for rent this year.

  • Mark Lavalla

    A promise of fast passes for the day to go though the timeshare thing cost me 21,000 in less than an 2 hours lol I think I paid 89 a point . I am a easy sale, the sales women said that also I cant remember her name right now but she always calls and leaves a message when we are there saying Hi to me and my son. Thats why I cant answer my front door I am too easy of a sale lol . Member since 2008

  • Liz C

    This is a great video – thank you for your honesty! I would LOVE to join DVC (especially at the Poly) but just can’t justify the cost right now.

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