Dynasty Warriors 9 – Chapter 1 – Suppressing The Yellow Turbans

During the end of the later Han The land was in chaos due to the power struggles that had erupted within the imperial court in addition repeated natural disasters and poor harvests had aggravated the suffering of the people in this period of turmoil a man by the name of Jung’s Yao appeared He began to teach the way of peace and Zhi province and brought help to the common people winning their hearts almost immediately Then in the year 184 he rises up in revolt against the imperial court His yellow turbans rose up in every district across the land History would later refer to this as the Yellow Turban rebellion the imperial court Unsuccessfully tries to suppress them but is defeated The fate of the 400 year old Han Dynasty is about to be decided These yellow turbans are starting to annoy me, where’s the glory to be had on defeating a bunch of peasants? I Hear that their leader is a sorcerer by the name of Zhang Xiao if I can claim his head I’m sure to be richly rewarded. I Can’t believe I’m stuck here in the countryside after living in lore young for so long. Could my luck be any worse The peasants rose and rebellion at jung geun’s suggestion, right? What a nuisance that guy is These supposed allies of ours take apathy to new lows. I’m starting to question our chances of success Hmm my sense of honour makes it somewhat difficult to put down this insurrection He was the cousin of both South sow and Shao LUN Always calm under pressure. He was a warrior of exceptional ability He wielded his blade in order to cut a path forward for South sales ambition Cousin dude the yellow turbans are peasants who had no choice but to rise in rebellion, right? Indeed are you also questioning our orders here you win? I Can’t say I’m thrilled about them they may come from the imperial court itself, but I wonder what our Lord thinks Speaking of which where is he? I Have no idea he said there was something he wanted to go see Well, whatever the case our only option is to follow wherever sow sow leads us That goes without saying so should we go look for him or what? It’s out so did you find what it was you were looking for? That’s why you agreed to help put down the yellow turbans, right? Indeed Though I served as an official in Luo Yong. I never really saw the plight of the people however The world is in more trouble than I ever anticipated The wretched state of this region appears to have been caused by more than just the yellow turbans There must be something else behind it as well Excuse me. I heard that you are here to help put down the yellow turbans Yes, that is correct, are you also a member of our cause My name is soon-jong like you I am part of the subjugation force assembled by the Imperial forces I’ve just received word from our scouts that a yellow turban army is marching on this village Could I ask you to assist with its defense? This village has already seen more than its fair share of suffering we would be honored to help defend it You have my gratitude now, let us repel the darkness of tyranny wherever it may arise Oh Doing shallow, um come with me Now’s their chance to attack the village. Let’s go you rabble Your guts big enough like with Excellent shaho, dude You really want to get in the way of the yellow turbans In that case you have to deal with my quick feet and my strong arm Hey there, are you ready to brawl with me Oh But how I’ve got to get out of here fast Okay, that takes care of the yellow turbans in the area I couldn’t have asked for a better result than this Yes, that takes care of Matheson John’s request now, let us return to the village Things turned out nicely We have driven off the Yellow Turban army that was headed this way that should keep them at bay for the time being Are you did it I could tell there was something special about you from the moment I first saw you you Definitely stand out from the rest of this crowd It is a great honor to be fighting alongside you thank you again for your cooperation I Apologize for my sudden request earlier if only the rest of our army was as capable as you I would not have had to trouble you so I Originally reported it to master dong zhuo However, he said there was no glory to be had in protecting a single village and didn’t wish to spare the troops Dong zhuo of Yong province I do believe he has been given the responsibility of leading our forces in this battle It is not as though he is without troops of his own as such it is likely that he is only looking out for himself Yes, I thought the same thing myself it is a moral scoundrels like him that caused unrest such as this in the first place There is little point in lamenting that fact now though our primary focus should be on putting down this rebellion and restoring peace to the land This situation reeks of greed and opportunism on all sides I have a feeling this battle will not be resolved so easily You’re right about that I’m beginning to suspect some of our allies just as much as the enemy Should probably watch our backs out there on the battlefield Now that let’s get started on our preparations we can meet up at the village entrance once we’re finished Hey You there Are you with the volunteer corps unlike most of the people here you do not seem to be seeking personal advancement Indeed we are not taking part in this battle in the hopes of attaining position in government My sworn brother Liu Bei has taken a stand in order to rescue the ordinary people I am here because his virtuous Spirit has moved me to accompany him My blade serves my brother I will suppress this rebellion in the name of honor and virtue I Personally find fighting in the name of honor to be overrated. You seem nice enough though, if somewhat overbearing Hey get on in here Come again Cut through anything come again Please take this The time of the Han has ended long live the yellow turbans What’s troubling you south-south that’s the chant that yellow turbans keep saying There are many who are dissatisfied with the corruption that runs rampant at the government even if they are not part of this uprising Even if we slay Yong Zhao and quell this rebellion. Another is likely to rise up in its place. I Cannot help but feel their sentiment about the Han is correct Well, we can’t simply let things continue on as they are the longer this rebellion goes on the more people will be drawn to its cause Not only that but a land under the yellow turbans just doesn’t sound all that appealing to me You are both right No matter how righteous ones causes they are simply mere bandits if they approach it without discipline For now, we need to eliminate junk gel and put down this rebellion Then we can focus on dealing with the root causes behind it all Let’s get moving Excuse me Hey, but Nope No Welcome welcome You please come again Thank you very much I Will not stop until I slay the Yellow Turban leaders Chou Chou There is no room in this land for those who operate outside the law Sir this is a miracle bestowed upon me by the heavens Well what just happened soldiers just appeared out of nowhere That went well, all right nice going cousin But Nope Gentleman has been decided all unit What’s this an enemy rate Keep Calm everyone Mr. Sow sow is here with reinforcements this should own a ballista break through the enemy lines We will now proceed deeper into enemy territory Take defensive positions Changjo will avenge my defeat See Things turned out nicely excellent shallow do We shall strengthen the defenses here Everyone is so busy. They forgot to protect this spot. I suppose I can look after it That was quite a spectacle truly amazing This land belongs to me now This land belongs to me now You’ll have to make do without me But this land belongs to me now Drop your weapons and surrender All that you’re doing is confusing the people and disrupting the natural order Not a chance, I will never surrender have faith in the power of the heavens and fight until the end Our Through my earthly being See if you can tell which is the real one Trade just a double they knew you couldn’t perceive the truth. Yeah Now is the time to attack So now is the time to attack Don’t That’s some excellent fighting No, how could you see through my sorcery brother You must carry on our tree We have broken through the enemy lines. We must use this momentum to push for That was quite a spectacle truly amazing

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