Eating Alligator, Whimsyland, & Fort De Soto Florida
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Eating Alligator, Whimsyland, & Fort De Soto Florida

well good morning everybody I’m feeling
a little better still getting over my coffee er so there may be some coughs
throughout this video but not contagious and we’re starting our day here
apparently with something quark you were in Safety Harbor just outside of of
Clearwater here in Florida and I don’t know what we’re gonna find exactly but
we’re gonna find some quirky stuff and I’m hanging out with my Tampa
friends Steve Kyle and Jen here they’re driving me around today we’re gonna hang
out to get oh and Kevin the dog down there the poodle so we’re gonna we’re
gonna hang out today and see if we can find I mean this beetles got everything
it’s got CDs and a keyboard and pieces of circuit breakers and everything in
here look at this that’s hilarious so this is somebody’s a private property
and but they do allow the public to come in so we’re gonna check it out this
place is called whimsy land and Safety Harbor Florida and I guess they let
people walk through and see their art so that’s we’ll do the walkway entrance
lots and lots of painted bowling balls very colorful place huh woo get hello to
the end again more bowling balls tile walkway here well bottle tree Wow well
gas pump back there it’s a colorful art installation here it’s beautiful it’s
pretty nobody would know this is here right yeah so this is a whole whole
block here of all this art oh and this guy here yeah and this
animal creature I see buttons and old necklaces and tabs and there’s an old
watch right there and again more bowling balls and bottles I’ll actually throw
some GPS coordinates below guys you’re in the clear water tamp Airy and want to
see something just a little different wimzie land nicely done guys nice
gentlemen just let me know that the people who owned that crazy-looking
house also owned this house and they rent it out you can stay in one of their
art installation homes here so that’s pretty cool
live the life you imagined I couldn’t say it better thanks guys
stay quirky and I love all the mini palm trees in here about as tall as I am
funny that just as I’m starting to think about leaving Florida and heading north
the weather is turning it has been abnormally chilly in Florida since I’ve
been here now the temperatures are back up into the high 80s
like I said 87 today the lows at night are 70 degrees those those are the lows
so pretty cool but guys Gulf of Mexico here in Florida white sand and not too
busy in January so my friends decided we’re you’re gonna go eat so we’re gonna
head down towards Fort de Soto and go find a nice place to grab food
today’s my cheat day my one cheat day a week so I can even eat a burger if I
want and you know also I really excited I got I guess I’m supposed to wait till
next Wednesday but I’m a little bit of spoiler I hopped on the scale and I’m
down I’m not gonna tell you how far down until Wednesday officially but I’m
feeling really good guys I’m super excited
so go hop back in the van go get some food all right we followed the palm
trees you see Critters cafe here’s the inside
lots of fish decorations all over oh and mr. Sharkey of course yeah but we’re
gonna sit and eat outside here at the marina didn’t that water look really
green super green I love it it’s not like really really sunny but
there’s some blue sky out there somewhere it’s gonna find its way yeah
they have outdoor seating here have some animals here
nice nice iguanas good stuff yeah see what they got here where we got some
Gator bites as an appetizer all right I ain’t no Gator hater oh that’s good I
might try the sauce sauce might be spicy though mmm Gator meat is good all right
well we got kinda pretty got a lobster roll all right I got some grilled
scallops coleslaw and coconut right plain boring burger you got what I like
burger when we potato fries nice I got the fish and chips but didn’t get the
chips yet they’re coming like a big fried piece of fish got funnier out here
after we ate oh I’m so full that was possibly the best fish and chips I’ve
had in a long time not really healthy good for me food if it’s fried but you
know it’s my cheat day it’s my one cheat day of the week so we’ll get back to the
diet tomorrow anyway we’re gonna like I said we’re gonna go south from here lots
and lots of people from these areas have been telling me I need to come down to
Fort DeSoto so my friends are gonna take us down there in the van show you what
it looks like when we get there I’ve entered four desoto Park and just kind
of scoping out the camped I’ve never been in this area before so kind of peek
in it some of the campsites there and some of them are kind of long sites here
too with lots of green palm trees and your very own view of the ocean so maybe
in the future one day I’ll have to camp out here that clear the water is
I like it like it well we’ll keep looking around the park I will mark down
a few of my favorite campsites around here too I always start out here at
North Beach and they got a little gift store there with some treats
that’s a magnets but it wasn’t too impressed I might get one on the way
after is nothing better but I do see some waste and out here a little windy
you could definitely feel the wind coming in but it’s a warm enough day
check out this water is it warm guys oh it really isn’t warm huh well it’s not
Puget Sound cold though like Pacific Ocean even in the summertime it’s still
40 degrees out there this is it’s comfortable it’s very comfortable made
it out to the little sand bar out here lookout for latham from the beach oh man
Florida waters not that clear though but it never looks turquoise out there
does it love being at the beach so much to see
all these shells getting ready to go look at the fort gonna stop in to the
official gift store here at the State Park you know I got to find me a maganet
oh so there might be some magnets okay there might be some the first wait a
minute it’s a little random necklace for Miranda the Mirada
yeah like a little Shasta fort de Soto Beach
I think that’s my favorite very Florida looking Fort de Soto Beach Florida
that’s gonna be a winner and eventually I have to get a new magnet because this
one doesn’t stay up in this position it only has one magnet on the back so I
just falls over it’s not gonna work on the road so I’ll look there here and
find find something else and show you today I got here’s just a 40 caliber gun
that’s a big beast there actually have signs all over the park says no climbing
on the guns so apparently that’s a common thing to try here the fort
turning around well this is the start of it to protect
Tampa Bay you can kind of see some of the shrubbery on top of the fort to you
know help camouflage it back in the days go check it out like jail cells almost I
don’t know what they stored in here head on back outside USA USA chain
somebody to that they ain’t going nowhere oh that’s a monster and another
gun shooting over the edge of the wall here they are getting it done here for
sure by the way this is a Sabal Palmetto cabbage palm tree that’s how you get to
the top of the fort up there to a ramp there’s a reward down at the bottom of
the base and here we are on top up here you can’t even tell it’s a base it’s
natural and then on this side looking for the
enemy out there floor to palm plant he also got some cactus mixed in there okay
and then lastly here at South Beach a little different here the waters not as
clean the beach isn’t as clean it’s just a little different down here but off in
the distance we’ve got the skyline bridge I think you can call it out there
beautiful little out in the view look there and I think what these folks are
getting ready to do is kite surf for though you called it tight kite surfing
yeah I’m gonna head on back to a base camp there and check in on Jax before
the Sun sets had a fun day out here nice beach nice water nice nice weather
thanks Florida and there’s the magnet I have n chilly went with a little ole sea
turtle of sorts smiling at us his shell says Fort de Soto beach he’s a happy guy
yeah put him up here for a few days where I can admire him and today is the
day I depart this area Florida although like I said I might be back for the
Tampa RV show haven’t quite decided yet want to thank my gracious hosts here in
the area for letting me recover from bronchitis and have a nice place to stop
I’ve been hanging out with two two buses these are both YouTube channels both old
friends of mine and new friends of mine if you want to check them out this is
Steve’s RV travels I’ll put a link at the end of the video also and their new
channel that’s a family 5 with dogs getting ready to go on the road red
white and Bethune yeah actually I’m showing this logo because Steve
hates this artwork over here it’ll probably be removing it soon but head
over to Steve’s channel and give them a word of encouragement saying make some
videos do it do it Steve got an invite to go check out this beast right here
they are still working on it they’ve been working on it for about a month
here trying to get a set up for full-time for a family of five and
they’re in the still in the middle of building it let’s go check it out
I think the couch sofa just arrived this morning no there’s no power or lighting
in here so it’s a little dark sorry about that but you can as you can see we
went white everywhere which really brightens and opens up the space and
Kyle finished putting in the floor just the other day furniture starting to go
in cabinets are in remember this is a family of five so look at this three
bunk beds but for all three kids the bathrooms here got some cabinets that
came in for the bathroom and then here’s the shower area they’re going to be
homeschooling their kids so there’s this long table here they can set up their
laptops and work online on the road over here there’s a dog kennel so it’s a
built in dog kennel under there and then this is the bedroom still being worked
on obviously and got some new these weren’t here last time these lights up
here at the headboard but yeah she’s a beaut you don’t have to buy an RV from
the factory and it’s all made up you can just buy a bus and build it however you
like that’s kind of fun right I travel in this so again if you want to check
them out that’s red white and Bethune on YouTube link below in the video
description and at the end of this video I’ll put a little card if you’re
watching on your laptop as well as Steve’s RV travels over there in his bus
he drove that thing down from Tennessee before Thanksgiving so he’s been here in
Florida for about a month or so but uh it’s time to get on the road time to
change things up and basically to the point now where the caught’ isn’t bother
me at COFF about and now I’m gonna call that’s gonna say once an hour one good
coffin hour it hurts a little bit but I’m definitely getting better Steve and
Kyle took off to pick up some batteries lithium batteries so wait till they get
back wanna say goodbye to everybody I say a lot of goodbyes on the road like a
lot of goodbyes they’re not they shouldn’t really be goodbyes though cuz
I always come back I always do especially Florida you know
coming back so anyway guys hope you have a good day gonna be doing some different
stuff in my next video so see you soon be well from Jackson I bye guys


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