Emergency Blankets Survival Uses- How To Use Emergency Survival Space Blankets
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Emergency Blankets Survival Uses- How To Use Emergency Survival Space Blankets

emergency blanket survival uses mylar space survival emergency blankets how to use ways tips best survival gear cheap outdoor gear review hi it’s AlaskaGranny bug out bag mistakes if you’re looking
for a simple inexpensive way to ramp up your survival gear get a stack of
emergency blankets mylar survival emergency blankets are very inexpensive
and can be used in lots of different ways each blanket opens up to a great
big size that can shelter you in an emergency each emergency blanket is only about $1
they’re cheap enough that you should always carry at least two in your
outdoor gear when you open up an emergency blanket you can see that
they’re very large they’re larger than your body but they make a lot of noise
be aware that the noise factor can be disturbing if you’re trying to use one
of these to sleep emergency blankets are usually larger
one direction than the other wrap an emergency blanket completely around you
the metallic surface reflects your body heat and in only one or two maybe three
minutes you can feel the heat being reflected back into your body and it’s
immediately making you warmer emergency blanket also is waterproof so if you’re out in a rainy
situation the emergency blanket can keep the rain off of you as well if it’s
raining wrap it completely over your head if
you’re out and about you can also use it to cover yourself and your gear and help
keep the rain off of you if you’re camping with an emergency blanket a good
thing to do is lay it down as a ground sheet you can use it under your tent or
even under your sleeping bag if you’re caught out in the cold and you don’t
have a tent or a sleeping bag put something down like a bed of leaves or
even your jacket to help insulate the ground then lay the emergency blanket over that and lay
on it and wrap up in it if you need to you don’t want to hold the emergency
blanket around you and use it as a poncho that keeps your hands-free for
hiking around you can attach an emergency blanket to
some sticks or a tree and actually make a shelter out of it if it’s windy you
can use it as a backstop to protect a fire and it will help reflect the heat
and help warm you at your emergency shelter or campfire while you’re using
your emergency survival blanket the silver is reflecting and can be used to
signal for emergency if your feet are cold or wet cut off a section of your
emergency blanket and wrap it around your foot and stick it back inside your
shoe the emergency blanket will help keep your feet dry and help warm them up from the natural heat
of your body one of the downsides of the emergency blankets is they are noisy
plus they tend to hold in condensation so if you’re using it and you find
yourself becoming wet or damp you need to try to air that out as much as
possible so that you don’t get wet and then get a chill from that there are a
lot of uses for an emergency blanket make sure you take at least one with you
anytime you set out into the out-of-doors an emergency blanket at
only about a dollar could actually be a piece of gear that could save your life learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel


  • Wendy Kaubisch

    Lol! I got some of these a few years ago: pretty worthless. I TESTED these blankets in a few ways. First, I had my kids swim in our pool, then had them wrap up, sit in sun. After 30 minutes, they said they were really cold, just wanted to lay in sun, and lose the crinkly thing! So, I thought, well they were already cold. Next morning, I wrapped myself in one, regular clothes, sat on deck. Waited 30 minutes, and was starting to feel chilled. There was No Ambient body heat being held by this thing. So, I went in, grabbed a $1 rain poncho (same size while bagged, almost same size when laid on ground). Put it on, sat for a bit: like 10 minutes. I sure felt my body heat under this. So, folks, try both, before we ever need one!

  • Wendy Kaubisch

    Thanks for link. Lol, I was rather disappointed when I tried those silver things. I thought your additional tips of using these were very good, especially for the price and how little space they take up in a bag.

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