(ENG) [언니와 나] 호수공원 나들이 Lake Park Picnic / 👩‍❤️‍👩 lesbian couple 레즈커플
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(ENG) [언니와 나] 호수공원 나들이 Lake Park Picnic / 👩‍❤️‍👩 lesbian couple 레즈커플

We came to the lake park today. Wooyu, come here. Oh, so pretty Sobok [three-year-old] Wooyu [4 months] Wooyu is youngest in family She’s a good pooper. She is full of charms and eats pine cone. Hmm. Delicious. Sobok feel bad because only Wooyu have large quantity. At this time, I give Sobok favorite hug. puzzled Now, I have no idea. too big face Isn’t it cute? Cute. sobok~ look at me Oh… So heavy. She kept chewing the pine cone, So I take it away. Oh.. I washed her today. Grubby Enjoying cute moment. What’s the point of doing it? wooyu~ sit, hand, sit, hand good girl good girl~ Love me, please. Lying down with showing her belly. wooyu is Maltese and Bichon Frise mix dogs. Sobok is a woman enjoying the scenery. Umm~ smelling grass. The yellow dog come from afar while enjoying scenery. smell~ Oh, my! I think He fell in love with Sobok. Anyway, I like the grass here. eye contact go away! scary Sobok is strong. She has a big mouth. Wooyu is taking by me because of fear of getting hit. Whee whistling I hope today will be a good day to see Sobok and wooyu That’s it, for today. Thank you.


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