[ENG SUB] 홍대에서 멘탈 탈탈 털린 하이어 뮤직! ‘우리 열심히 하자…’ I [여론조사] 하이어 뮤직 (박재범 Jay Park, Sik-K, pH-1, 김하온 HAON)
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[ENG SUB] 홍대에서 멘탈 탈탈 털린 하이어 뮤직! ‘우리 열심히 하자…’ I [여론조사] 하이어 뮤직 (박재범 Jay Park, Sik-K, pH-1, 김하온 HAON)

h1ghr music Do you know pH-!? Of course they wouldn’t know But, won’t they notice pH-1 in HongDae? pH-1 Oh!!! (Did you see it?) (A rapper that I like the most is) Young B If they choose us, I think it’ll be more fun Even if they don’t (choose us), then I think it’ll still be fun No I think Haon is awesome!!
(she is the one that said she liked Young B) GIDDY UP: public opinion poll
[subtitled and translated by @laura.urtiaga] [edited by @jenshiin] We! (laughs) Oh, wait hyung We! (Embarased) Just lower your voice a little Too loud Are here… at the h1ghr music… office? And… We then (laughs cause jay didn’t knew what to say) (Frustrated) He can’t really proceed (Embarassed) NO NO NO NO NO NO This is… Why I’m doing this is because… (Expecting) We need to make this dramatic (laughs) I’m going to make this dramatic (laughs) (embarassed) he stopped in the middle (copies him saying “Dramatic”) I said we should make it like a documentary Why do you make it dramatic (doubtful) Are you sure you’re american? (teasingly) dramatic eh… Today this… Park Jaebum (expecting) Today you’re the host (By the way) You look too timid Your posture Loosen your legs a bit (Dingo!) I like it! I have confidence Street people are in charge They’ll hear our song “Giddy up (Prod. GroovyRoom)” So they’ll be asked “What do you think about this?” But it’s not us asking Other people will do it (for us) If they say something like “This is… so-so” So you think Swings is cooler than Park Jaebum? Yes WOAAAAAAAAAH
(roasted lmao) Then we’ll go out behind them (and we’ll say) “It’s so-so?” That’s like the interview Drake did before? (overreacting) Wow, this is really fun! Yeah! (as a joke) Ah I told you to take that out (laughs) Yeah!! I’m going to keep this in here until the end! (laughs cause he swore) Where did you learn that? But if… (whispers) Ah… they’re whispering again
(looks like someone has a lot of secrets) Ah, let’s do it too! pH-1 you’re sick
(in korean byeongsin is translated as diseased person) Ah so… What did he said? I don’t know I thought he was rapping just now I can’t hear whispers You might need an earphone then He just went blah blah blah Anyway, are you ready? Yes Here we go! Yeah! How do you think most people will react? It’s good? I think it’ll be something like that (Do you think) we will be known by a lot of people? In HongDae a lot of people know us, don’t they? Yeah they do in HongDae We can even hear our songs just by walking down the street (translated and subtitled by @laura.urtiaga) Giriboy hyung’s song is playing (Dingo’s staff went ahead and asked people if they wanted to be on a youtube interview) (We’re thankful to everyone who took part on the interview) woooo I’m nervous (listening to giddy up) Even just by listening, I can tell that it’s Jay Park The part I liked the most was Sik-K part Sik-K’s second verse? Yes Can you tell us why? It’s more addictive wooo Of couse it’s more addictive, it’s the hook!! And you, boy? I also liked sik-K’s part the most (EXCITEMENT) Can you tell us why? Actually I don’t like hiphop that much But he liked it! The reason is… (in hip hop) There are lyrics that are too hard to understand Ah… Hyung, why did you have so many lyrics? I rapped! FactCheck: Jay Park’s verse was the longest (pH-1 is saying that he had 2 measures more than the rest of them) That’s a bit… I think it’s obvious It was obvious when I heard it… It’s gonna be fun This is gonna be fun this is gonna be fun (to surprise him) Ah… PD ah… I’m not sure what to say I don’t think it has any impact Wah? No Impact? Wah it’s gonna be fun Be honest about (the part that you heard of) Sik-K… did you like it? What do you think he needs to improve on? Sik-K? I think Sik-K’s (needs to improve his) live performance Waaah Then why don’t you (tell) Sik-K… Hello? (Hyung, why are you here?) (Impact!!!) (surprised, well, we would all be lmao) Ah because I’m bad at live (performances)… I’m out here live (he means that now he’s in front of the guy) He’s live! (guess it’s funny?) This is for Dingo Freestyle In collaboration with h1ghr music These days I have a fashionable style? Yes I look more fashionable live Yea You should buy tickets to see me Ah should I? Yes! Can we take a picture together? Of course Are you feeling awkward? (cute) Thank you I’ll keep working hard (listening to the song) At first I thought it was bewhY AHH You Kakashi!!
(copy ninja) (*Kakashi is a character from Naruto) Kakashi!!! I heard the word Kakashi Yeah Kakashi… (laughs) Ah that verse is something… fashionable… like Kid Milli (Kakashi #2) It was really fast like him? (#stopdissingpH-1challenge) I liked the second verse (pH-1’s) the most Wah~ Where’s the trappers? Uh… you? NAH The first verse (Haon’s) I think it’s better Yeah! Haon’s part is exciting but pH-1’s part… I don’t know (laughs) Who is your favorite hiphop artist? For me Huckleberry P For me I like Swings I like Dean I like pH-1! Wo!!! You have to go pH-1!! But she said she didn’t like my part! ohhh! pH-1!!! Oh it is Haon! Right! Hello What do you think about pH-1? I like it Ah let me give you a hug I was surprised! I didn’t knew people liked me I was surprised to see y’all are envy Which artist you like the most? Young B Young B ah… Ah you know the winner of High School Rapper 2 was Haon, right? Who do you think is better at rapping, Young B or Haon? Personally, I think Young B I think you should go out Do you have any other hiphop artists… I don’t know Then we are almost done with the interview Ah! What a surprise! What!! Ahhh I think Haon is more awesome!!! (Translated and subtitled by @laura.urtiaga) (edited by @jenshiin) ahhh what do I do Haon is awesome!! We’re doing a video for Dingo For Dingo?? Wait a minute They are more surprised about Dingo than Haon? Among the labels, which one you like? I like Swing’s (label) JustMusic What do you think about h1ghr music? I don’t know them Let’s work hard guys They really have their own color They just like the appearance of Just Music
(looks like someone’s mad) Come with me Come with me x2 Just one more thing… We brought another artist Hello we are h1ghr music (screams) We’re h1ghr music I’m suddenly getting all polite… No no! Good job! We like to get feedback Thank you so much for helping Listen to Giddy UP It’s by h1ghr music We really put a lot of our own colors in there Yes, we put a lot of color into our song I like your song SOJU I like it so much I like SOJU Yes sir, thank you so much Thank you Let’s work hard I guess we have to work hard This isn’t the time for us to be using fans like this Are you a fan of Indigo Music and Just Music? Ah, yes, I like them The companies that are like IMJMWDP are AOMG and h1ghr music Park Jaebum (Jay Park) is the CEO What if you compare those labels? I still like swings’ labels more (ROASTED) I like most of the artists under his (swings’) labels I’m curious about their reactions Then the interview… Hello Ahhhhh!! I’m sorry for not being cool Ah… Ah… I’m also a Jay Park fan! (laughs) I’m actually a fan Ah thank you so much I like your feedback Thank you for the feedback Was it okay? I really like you Today… h1ghr music and dingo are colaborating for Giddy up I should work hard Ah me too (subtitled and translated by @laura.urtiaga) NO We already work hard If it’s good then please listen to it I really liked this song! It actually was really good! No, it’s ok Of course you can like (swings) more You can like multiple artists Right? Yes You can like multiple artists (translated by @jenshiin) Thank you Thank you for participating (in this poll) Can I get a picture? Oh yes, of course (subtitles & translation by @jenshiin) When you heard this group song (GIDDY UP (Prod. GroovyRoom)) What kind of color did you think this label (company) had? (I felt that they’re) calm people (she said) we’re calm This company is called h1ghr music Have you heard of them? No (deep sigh) Ah… In that company is Jay Park, pH-1, Sik-K, HAON, Woodie GoChild, GroovyRoom… I know all of them I guess it’s understandable if she doesn’t know the company Now, people who will introduce the company (h1ghr music) to you guys will come out from behind Let’s hear their introduction Hello (who?) Hello omg they don’t know I’m h1ghr music’s Sik-K (shocked) *gasps* Have you heard of me? You’re Sik-K? Who’s your favorite artist from h1ghr music? Of course, it’s Sik-K What about me? (laughing) Your favorite isn’t HAON? After the first part is pH-1’s part Please like me too (pH is BABY) Can’t you like me, too? What do you like about Jay Park? Oh, we wanted to go to his latest concert but the tickets sold out so we couldn’t go Oh really? then you couldn’t seem him You can just see him here *screaming* (same tho lol) (seems like) You like Jay Park the most (smiling super hard) There were no tickets? What do I do!!! All of a sudden… For which concert were there no tickets left? We live in France And we were trying to go to the concert in Paris, but that show got sold out, so we couldn’t go Well, then if you just leave your contact information I’ll let you two know if I can give tickets to y’all — but I don’t know if I can get them or not because if there is an overflow of people, it can be a danger hazard if that’s not the case, then I’ll make sure to give you guys the tickets *screaming* (subtitles & translation by @jenshiin) Q: How do you feeling after the interviews? I felt that we need to work a lot harder But even after saying those things, they still liked us Anyway, wasn’t it fun? I had a lot of fun I think Sik-K was honestly butthurt (joking joking) I’m kind of… (going in on the joke) I think he was actually bitter about it Yeah, I think earlier for real… they said your live performance was… And you came to them in real life you were blabbering on earlier Are you gonna give that person tickets to your show? I mean, well.. Please come see my show If that person’s your fan then you can give them tickets If you’re my fan than I can do everything for you~ And, you can always just turn them into your fans He’s already my fan Today was sad for me why? I could only think of working harder To summarize what happened to you: You were a BeWhy copy You can’t compete with Young B and you were defeated by the beat And for pH-1… Were you even mentioned? no… no? Were you mentioned? I can’t remember there were people who said my part was good Oh really? yes to summarize once more: Jay Park can’t compete with Swings What else was there? Oh! The Paris concert was sold out My concert was sold out too please say it then up to now it has been- no no h1ghr music! no no August 20th *realizes he got the wrong date* August 15th! August 22 lol August 22 isn’t Sign Here (an aomg program) (embarrassed) hahah today was fun should we end this dingo x h1ghr music (thing)? who suggested we should do this? *ready to fite* because of this video, we suddenly stopped wanting to do this (dingo x h1ghr music vids) little by little lol little by little our hearts are closing up we’ll close right here (subtitles & translation by @jenshiin)


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