[ENG SUB] Picnic with SF9 Youngbin

Good ~ Broadcast is unstable due to high temperature of mobile phone Connection is unstable Why is your temperature so high? I did not do anything to you. Is it? Hello everyone ~ Who am I? I’ll give you 500 won if you can guess who I am. I’m glad ~ Hello everyone Chani? Wait From the hair color, how come I am chani. Hello everyone It is SF9 leader Youngbin Nice to meet you Actually, I have come to keep one of my promises I made with you. You wonder what that promise is? The promise is that when I am in good weather with you We decided to go on a picnic. So today I prepared a picnic. What do you think? Is Oppa looks cool? Actually, I want to see the fantasy today. I bought a pair of pants. I did not repair it, so I became hip-hop pants. Without a belt ~ The pants went down because there was no belt. So this is a wide pants, but it’s hip-hop pants. What do I do? Anyway, I want to take a walk with you today I came to see this. But do not expect much. Just enjoy it with the feeling of having a picnic with me today. Oh right! Are you ready? My favorite lunch box I told you I wanted a beef lunch, so I definitely like beef. Where’s my beef lunch? We’ll be joking and reveal our picnic Tada ~! What do you think? I’m ready. Our Picnic So first take off your shoes Our bread Now you can enjoy the picnic. what? “Heol ~ It’s a real picnic” It’s a real picnic. Right? Is this a picnic? Are you a Taiwanese fan? Taiwan fan Hi ~ “Beanie Oppa Mahal Kita” “I love you” in the Filipino language? Mahal Kita I love you ~ Is not it warm? It’s a short sleeve. How did you get dressed? Today’s weather is good … Oh, but what is it? The weather is very hot and it is cold again at night. So, do not forget wear your clothes, or you will get a cold. If you catch a cold, you can not see us again? Can not we cheer? And you can not see us on TV? Are you sick again at home? I can not. I get frustrated when I catch a cold. Watch out for fine dust! what? After school, I can not hear you. How much is this honey? Oh, take off the mask. No If I take off the mask, You’ll be disappointed if I take off the mask. Want to take it off? If you want to see my face, press as many hearts as you want. As long as you send me a heart How many hearts are there now? The connection is still unstable and I can not see it. Now 45,000 I’ll take off the mask when the heart reaches 100,000. How many? As long as you love me 5,000 people are watching this “Is not it hard not to be able to rest after a follow-up song?” It’s not that hard. I do not think it’s really hard not to get on the stage. I like to be active without rest. Maybe our fantasy is good too Ask for a kiss I love you too I’m ready. I am, our outdoor bed. Come here. This is your place. I do not have hair today. It’s my head. I’m curly. I am curly. Why does it come out? It’s my pillow. The radio is bad? what can I do… Is the song too loud? wait I made the music feel a little bit tweaked. We do not need music between us. Our conversation is more important. This is like a real picnic. Ying ~ Right? Would you lie down and show me the sky like this? If I lay down I can see this sky Is she? I am happiest in the world now Do you want cute? “I’m a little girl” I know I’m cute. Wait a minute. Say hello to Malaysia. I do not know the Malaysian greetings. I’m sorry. Let me know and I’ll greet you. “It’s your face.” Thank you for your face. I love you in Australia. Thank you very much. Thanks a lot for Australia. Actually … Wait a minute. There are 80,000 hearts, but I will not take them off yet. Actually, why did I turn on this broadcast? Our fantasy and I have a purpose in this picnic. There’s one more. One thing is that our members went to Japan some time ago. So let me tell you something that happened. I wonder I actually could not stand it because I wanted to tell you quickly. I once Perform at K-Con in Japan. And I did the convention stage again. But I had a little something like that. If you are an entertainer, There is come a lot of fans You are welcome when you walk … Do you know how to make this way? So I walked between them in Japan. I have a lot of fans coming to the convention stage When you walk down the street, there are so many fans who greet you on the street. So I looked at real TV
I’ve had the experience of those celebrities. So thank you so much. Also, once you are really prepared in the K-Con stage I think I did well without regret as hard as I did Since then, many fans have come to support me. And I was surprised. I did not know that our support law could be heard overseas. Good job. I wanted to say thank you, but I missed my chance to say it. So I would like to thank you for taking this position. I guess I missed you? Wait a second. What? “10 million” Take off the mask? Scary ~ Hey, why are you guys like this ~ Is not it too scary? Everyone commented on it. Should I take off? Okay, I promise I’ll take it off. instead… I’m a solicitor. These days my skin is getting worse. So it’s a bit embarrassing to take off. It’s a perfect pick. Look at this, I have trouble with the skin. It’s okay, but you’ll like me. Oh ~ It’s a bug! Goodbye uh! see? Cute bee? Flying! No! Come Here it is! Here it is! It’s a cub. I’m a guest. No words to say. Let’s read the comment once! You have a test tomorrow? Look at the exam, I’ll cheer you up. If I do not see the exam, I will not do it. I will tutor you. I will sit on my desk and study for 24 hours. I’ll read a book … Ah! It is also important to memorize when I study. I think I understood it. I did not understand. So I did not study. I suddenly said strange sorry Just a little bit. “In the weekly idol, “Is it possible for Youngbin and his brother?” It’s possible. I do not mind if I scream. I do not think so. Can I still do it? Actually, I do not think it’s going to go up like that. Wait. What?
“Beanie oppa sing your part in easy love”, your voice is good ” It’s not. Why is he so handsome? No, I’m members rank in 9th place No, no, no, no. There are many people,
I am the most ugly member of my group. Yes I am better than good-looking I am charmed. And a little bit like that Something is handsome at this age and it’s just more like this … The real country I really … Wait! Where is the Taeyang? This is my broadcast. Why do you asked for Taeyang? It’s a joke, and Taeyang is practicing. Wait a minute. “Recommended movies! Recommend movies!” movie? I’ve seen that recently. It’s a laptop … and a romance movie. ‘Laptop’ and … I’ve seen so many? I forgot If you remember later, I’ll put you in the fan café. I saw a lot of romance movies. Please say hello to Germans. Hi, Germany! Is your interview tomorrow? Take a look ~ I got an interview so I can get a job. I want my parents to act. “Youngbin will do well if you go to sleep” In the room? You’re in the room now? I’m lying down. I am the most comfortable in the world I have seen such a good sky. “I love you Kim Youngbin”
I love you too I do not see your name. Sorry. Please say hello to Singapore. Hello Singapore. Later you’ll see the FNC audition? uh?! Wait a minute I actually had a guest on the show. I’m sorry, but I’m having an affair these days. I’m sorry Fantasy. Do you want me to show you my girlfriend? Actually, I should not say this. I have someone I really love. I’m the one I love. He really cares like my family. Come here honey Baby, I’ve got ice cream. Honey, but you gotta take off your shoes, baby? Honey, this is not my mattress. Take off your shoes now, I’ll take it off. Stop? Why do not you talk to me, baby. Honey Good? All right. All right. Baby, they’re my fans. – Hello
– What’s up, baby? – Hello Nice to meet you – Nice to meet you?
– Nice to meet you Hopefully ~ Honey, I’m going to bed now. Quickly lay down and work. This … This is the top of the head. Our honey How are you? – Good job.
– Honey. – Why? – Did you miss me?
– I missed you. – You missed me?
– I missed you. – Baby, show me your face now.
– No! You said you could broadcast now. Show me soon. – You know who I am?
– Uh, now … I’m sorry, baby. But they know it is Kang Chani. – Quickly…
– Really! Wait a minute. You have to pretend not to know.
I will wear my clothes for a while. You want to get dressed? Do not wear clothes? – That’s not a short sleeve. I’m ashamed.
– It’s hot. There must be water here. – Water?
– Where’s the water? – It’s over here.
– You’re here. Honey, come on. Company rooftop? This is not a company roof.
It’s a nearby rooftop. What are you doing here?
There’s water here. It’s not water but ice cream. Wait a minute What is this? I was sick. “Youngbin, are not you tired?”
I’m not tired, I’m fine. Ice cream melts?
That’s right. Ice … Oh ~ no! Shed Wait a minute. It’s okay. Because water is water, you can yield to skin. It’s okay! Come on! What if you get wet? It’s water anyway. – Is not that a joke?
– Come on! Say hello to all of you soon. If you come, you have to say hi! – Without courtesy
– Hello everyone I can not even head now I now have my brother to come. I’m sorry. I did not make it. You’re cold, you’re not cute. You can do anything. No matter what happens, you’re in love. I can not even head right now. Yeah? Now the face is strange.
Hello everyone But I did it before. – Honestly, Brother did not do anything right now.
– Yeah – But I like you. Do not worry.
– Really? – Huh – Good job.
– Will you like me? – my appearance
– So I got the concept. This is the room. Hyung is going out for a picnic … – Yeah
– When the weather is good … Take it. Let’s have a picnic when the weather is good. – It’s a picnic concept.
– Really? So spread your mat … Now start! But what about you? Cookie and cream. Everyone, we are 100% solicited. Because I see my pimples here. So if you do not say it, you’ll know it ‘s your choice. Right? – And you have to take off your mask.
– why? – I promised. – why?
– If I had more than 100,000 hearts, I would take off the mask. – I have to take off.
– You’re not naked now? It’s just like me! chin – OK OK
– Is it understandable? – Uh, I understand. Let’s do it.
Let’s see. Let’s see. My blush is okay. I’m so hot. – What should I do? Really
– You are red headed. You are so beautiful because you have a good skin. Your brother is blushing now.
It’s a big day. And when you guys do the stage now,
If you sweat a lot Your hair is getting frizzy. That’s the reason.
I have a curly hair. – Natural curly
– Yes, excuse me? – I’m not very good.
– I envy you. Ah! he is completely straight and I am completely curly. – There’s a difference between Chani and me.
– Yes, that’s one thing. – Yeah
– The rest is the same, except for my age. You eat it, I eat it. It’s good to see you again this way. – Right? But is it better to lie down?
– no It’s best to eat ice cream. Chani will give you something to eat. You really know how I can make you mine. I will make Kang Chani my choice soon. Dad and son! who are you? Wait a minute Dad and son ?! It’s too much. “Dad and son” “ET” The name is ‘ET’. It’s ‘ET’! Dad and son!
Is not it too bad? Is not Youngbin already owned? You’re already mine. Why am I your hyung? – That’s it.
– I’m belong to the Fantasy . Hello Brazil ~ Vietnam Hi ~ I can not see it because it’s outdoors. Chani can send it to you. uh?! Wait a minute.
Was Chani really yours? – I’m talking like a baby.
– Wait I can talk to you like a baby and send it to me. – I should have known Chani more than you.
– That’s right. – So you were mine?
– no – Than this one, I’m the first, right?
– no – Is this the first person?
– Yeah I’m always belong to fantasy. It’s real best. – Do not give me a heart.
– Yeah? – Heart I also! Here! No, I’m going over. I was leaning on an arm. Chani Quick kisses. – Kisses …
– It’s a pleasure. – Kisses! – here?
– No. – What are you talking about? Actually, everybody, there’s a secret that we have not made public yet. what? In fact, you may have noticed – What?
– Youngbin is my brother. – Youngbin, let’s clarify now.
– Yeah, but I think it’s early. Yes? Do you want to hide more? – I told you not to tell me about this.
– That’s right. What if you says this? Then we will release it next time. That’s why you’re in trouble.
Maybe I’ll get in touch with you. – How do you do it?
– It’s okay. – brother
– Uh Chani~ya, hah. It’s funny.
It’s too good to be with you guys. Let’s go to bed ~
I want to lie down. Place ice cream I like to lie down But is that so?
I’m a little older. It’s better to lie down. It’s old. Come here Turkey Fan Hai ~
uh! I saw the signal. – really? Thank you
– ‘Signal’ is a real masterpiece. – I really like the signal.
– I really enjoyed it. “Brother …” I’m going over this. I … No No this comment
I can not comment because I have this hand now – No, do not post it.
– Oh ~ OK OK You read the comments – “Chani eats …”
– nyom nyom nyom Do you think Chani will be screaming? – I do not hear anything.
– That’s right, Chani. What the hell is that? Nyom umyeon a little hamster if you eat like this? – indeed
– Hamster feeling a little ‘nyom nyom nyom ~’ – You look like a dog.
– Me? – uh But I’m not a puppy. Taiwan Hi ~ – Please say Happy Birthday
– Happy birthday – But it’s good to be here.
– Chani~ya – Yeah?
– “Sing it.” – Sing it. – Sing it?
– Uh-I’m a rapper. It’s fun to hear rappers sing originally. – Really?
– uh Then I’ll get you a song. One song for this atmosphere No, no such song. Chani ~ Uh! Wait a minute! This is not ice cream! Ah, it’s not water!
Ice cream spilled ~ – Hey.
– It’s okay. “I love you Kim Youngbin, Kang Chani”
Thank you ~ “They really resemble each other” – I do not look alike.
– They look alike. “How did you go to the movie?” – How was your movie?
– It was fun to shoot the movie. And you were your real brother. – but also because SF9 are all different
– Brother ~ – Brother ~
– My brothers were thinking. No, it is not ~ Fix it, Brother ~ Hey I’m in pain now
And ~ arms are really sick This is heavy. I have been doing this for ten minutes now. – I …
– Now I’ll read the comments ~ Chani’s eyes pretty ~ Really? That eye is perfectly clean. Should I take glasses? I actually … Time for you to leave and leave Then the time to go home Considering this a little bit, it’s just in the evening.
I did this. – Really?
– I think it’s about time for dinner. When we have dinner, just watch us and have dinner. – Looking at us?
– That’s what I meant. – Real? – What about my head, brother?
– Pretty ~ – Everyone…
– You’re beautiful with your hair dyed. Everybody, my head’s gone now. There was such a comment. Recommended dinner menu? Dinner menu? Dinner menu? – Chani, what are you going to eat next time?
– Me? – Huh I want to have a delicious steak lunch later. – I can not do that. – Why?
– It’s too expensive – It’s expensive?
– Hey, is that expensive? – I want to eat? – I want to eat.
– relief, where is the sirloin – You want … You have a lot. Galbisol…
– I like galbisol. And he likes pork too. – pork belly
– Pork belly is a libation. In the pork belly … Yes, – pork belly
– Did you listen to honeyst debut song? – So good
– It’s too good. – A real little …
– Hwan gave me a song. I did not want to do that. – Yes?
– But I just said it. “It’s a big hit when you get the song real” – Really. – Did you say that?
– Yeah, this is not a joke. – Because it keeps rolling in your ears.
– I said this. Honestly, your song is good, and it’s good. It does not matter how they approach the public. – What do you do with the show?
– Fans do not like it. – I do not know.
– No. – Is not that right?
– That’s why he said thank you. – Really?
– I was in the studio before It was released. Hwan was working so hard.
I went to hear it. – Good good! I do not want to …
– indeed – I’m really sorry. – Why?
– On your face. Me? I’m completely ugly now. – You look a little baby.
– It’s ugly. It’s too ugly! Look at this. “7 months Chani” What is a movie these days? You can get on the internet. – no…
– Is that correct? – No internet … Actually, I do not know what they are doing these days. How about searching the internet together? – I do not …
– “I’ll be sorry for you.” “Chani, you’re handsome.” – what?
– But what’s funny? Until I broadcast, it was my main focus. So it was good. You come and focus on you. Do you have a favorite male group? – Your favorite group?
– Male group, who do you like? – I’m Shinee Taemin
– Ok? Oh, but when I went to KCON, I met the Astro. – Wow, I really want to tell you this. Can you tell me?
– What is it? – When you wait …
– What is it? Tell me. – You did it.
– What is it? “Uh, Beanie brother” is … Tell me? I can not. But there’s a beanie brother, a beanie brother, and there’s a doorway. It’s true, but you … say it. what? If you do not listen to it, we’ll do it to our fans. why? Well, then I was a little bit of a horse? – You know a horse?
– You know the horse. I’m not outdated. Anyway … what we say, ah … male group ~ astro Astro seniors are really nice. – I do not know.
– Astro seniors are perfect suits ~ – Can I tell you this?
– Yeah When I was wearing suits, I liked the place. Shoulder ~ – They’re taller.
– Wait a minute, I looked at the comments, That’s … Once I went to the bathroom ~ How are your Seventeen seniors? Do you have anything to say? Seventeen seniors are those who take control of the stage. I was surprised to see the stage of the Seventeen seniors. It’s so cool … “Youngbin, would you like to go out with me?” who are you? “Nadi”? ‘Nidi’ ~ Come here ~ It is one day from today. Where are you lying? Mat Please inquire as much as you can ~ B1A4 seniors ~ good ~ Last time, B1A4 seniors Tell me good cool The Monster X seniors are nice. Shall we talk now? The seniors are so cool. “93 line best ~” Wait, what? “I’m surprised to see Kim Youngbin, too handsome.
Yeah. I’m yours ~ Want me to sing Epik High song? I respect Epik High Senior. What is it? My brother, Epik High. Oh, gentlemen, do you know that? Also, since I’m going to be an Epik High seniors, There is a song called ‘Airbag’ in the song of Tablo Featuring the naul seniors I’m sorry, I forgot the lyrics. Anyway, I have this song Actually, I’ve heard a lot of ‘Tomorrow’ instead of ‘Airbag’ – I know? that
– I know. You like to be a rapper like tablo. Actually, I do not have my throat now. Hi ~ Just a bite? All right. Now, I’ll give you ~ Not your brother. “Chani, will you go out with me?” I can not love. Decrease ~ Not yet dating. “CNBLUE Jong Yong Hwa, Chani resembles him” – He looks like Yonghwa. – Really?
– You’re in love, real. You resemble Yonghwa? – Right,
– No Hey Yonghwa senior, I was sick of you some day. I got out of the waiting room. KCON ~ Yonghwa is the style itself. I was surprised. It’s really cool. Yonghwa senior You’ll take care of us again. I think CNBLUE Jonghyun should get fat. Come to work … hamburger – why? why?
– You know that expensive hamburger. He was giving it. An expensive hamburger with two beef patties So I ate it. Thank you for taking this position. – Thank you, I ate it.
– Really… At that time Yonghwa Senior, CNBLUE seniors all gave you something delicious ~ It was almost catering. It’s really expensive that we can not taste … It’s really delicious. That’s right. – You’re starting to get tired now.
– already? Show me a view here once ~ Sunlight … The sun is here. – If you shoot the sun, the camera will not come out. Chani ~
– is that so? You’ve been broadcasting a lot since you were 12, do not you know? I did not know this. – because…
– It’s all inside. Indoor~ No, I do shoots in the field, and I do not have to take pictures with the camera. So … how many hearts are there now? Now, five thousand people are watching. Comments from the 26,000 ~ Hearts are thirty thousand. We are getting so much love Chani – Really?
– It’s 300,000. Where can I go and get 300,000 hearts? – That’s what happens with your brother. – Okay?
– Okay – Give me a lot of comments
– Yes. It’s too good to communicate with you. I also turned on LIVE to keep my promises with you Today I communicate with you, take a walk, I also came to Japan and there were words I wanted to give I really went to Japan well and no one got hurt without a break, And you’re getting a lot of love to be with us. So I wanted to say thank you for those things. So I turned on Chani and LIVE How are you today? I enjoyed? As I said this, the moment I was over I got a cold. It was a big deal. Korea Activity Plan? I plan to do a lot of activities in Korea. We will do everything we want to do without hesitation. – In addition to our activities in Korea, we have a fan meeting tour this time. – Yes. FANTASY people who can find us by tour ~ I will go anywhere. Anyway, it was nice to be able to communicate with you through LIVE today. I’m afraid we’ll have to go because of the next schedule. – We have to go practice again now.
– indeed Chani, I did a Live with my brother and how did you feel? Once too … Once in the outdoors like this It was so good to take a break and play Live. Also, since you and your younger brother are broadcasting, Happy, everybody ~ Then the last is our hand kiss ~ – good
– Do you want to finish? And I am sorry that you guys are so 100% I did not even have a head. – My head is broken now.
– cool How is this cool? – Your head is now …
– Chani, do you know what’s important? We can not open that door. – Until we open that door from the inside, we can not open it outside.
– Really? Anyway, we’ll have to talk to each other later. Yes, everyone was so happy today. The next time you look healthier and more healthy And we can have a good conversation together. If you have fun, you always keep it together. So if I turn on LIVE then you can write me a comment I hope it will be a broadcast that I can read and communicate with. I will be doing ‘Watch Out’ again tomorrow ~ Watch out for our ‘Watch Out’ activity. Please look forward to our future fan meetings. I always say that we will be an artist who works hard.
I will work hard to hear you. Would you like to say hello? – until now
– It was SF9. – It was Youngbin ~
– And It was Chani. – Bye.
– Bye. – Bye.
– Ah my hair… – I can not arrange it.
– We always do it. Bye ~

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