[ENG SUB]BlackPink failed Picnic Day bec. it rained part 1 – Mar. 31, 2017
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[ENG SUB]BlackPink failed Picnic Day bec. it rained part 1 – Mar. 31, 2017

Like taking a picture. Hello. Let’s start the meeting. Write down. It’s raining. We wanted to
go on a picnic but it’s raining. – Who’s fault is this?
– What’s wrong with the weather? – The weather…
– You were responsible for the weather. Right. Please talk about that. As my hair is curly,
I think it will rain a lot today. I was wondering what
she would say. – If her hair is 40% curly, there’s
40% change of raining. – Curly hair. It’s cloudy outside. – We prepared to go on a picnic.
– We did. Everyone, today, – we wanted to go on a picnic.
– Fruits. – Sandwich. We prepared but it is raining. Indeed. – Murphy’s law.
– Is it because of Lisa? – Right.
– Bad luck. Sorry. Bye, everyone. When she leaves,
it will be sunny. As we can’t go on a picnic… I can see myself. We can see ourselves. As we can’t go outside, we will
stay here. What should we do? Kiwi. What are we supposed to do? We decided to eat and have fun. It’s a day for eating
and having fun. Oh, I showed
the top of my head. Shall we stop eating? Will you continue to eat? Not easy to broadcast on V LIVE. Today… What are we supposed to do? Lisa, please tell us. – Today…
– Hang on. Let me remove this for you. We decided to play a game. No? We will go around and
broadcast on V LIVE. We can go live without notice.
I told you to enable the alarm. Didn’t you do that? See. Some of them
didn’t turn it on. Seeds. If you plant them,
they will grow. – Really?
– Yes, if you plant seeds. – If I plant them?
– Hey, please put it down here. Everyone, did you have lunch? – Isn’t it an eating broadcast?
– Right, we didn’t plan it. Look, a cactus pot. – Is it real or fake?
– Be careful. It’s a real one. It hurts. Amazing. A lot of English comments.
What are Korean fans doing? – Why?
– It’s Friday. Friday night? School classes? We will broadcast in the evening.
You can watch us later. I guess they’re studying at school. Or they’re at office. They may be at office. – Isn’t it the lunch time?
– Is it over? Isn’t it from 1:30 PM? – Accurate. I guess you worked in Korea.
– Really. – Did you have a job here?
– Job. No? “Your room is so pretty”. “Employee Lalisa”. They say the sound is choppy. No! – If the weather is nice, let’s go.
– On a picnic. – Try again? It could be cold today,
even though it was sunny. – Right.
– It’s too early to go out for a picnic. We could be like this. – Delicious. – I hope spring comes soon.
– We could be like that. I guess you bought this
outfit for spring. What do you want to do today? If you want, please tell us. We always follow
what our fans say. – I’m full. – Already?
– I had lunch before. Oh, there is persimmon. I tried to have that
but I didn’t. Four of us gathered after a while.
Today is Bl-day. – Bl-day? – Bl-day.
– Bl-day. – Sounds cool.
– BLACKPINK day. Bl-day. If the weather was nicer… If the weather was nicer,
I’d stay home. With blanket… No. – I need to stop. My eyesight
is getting poor. – What are you saying? You said, “stop”. – I need to wear glasses.
– I’ll order them for you. She promised. – My eyesight is getting poor.
– It’s hot. – Don’t take it off, for our similar look.
– I don’t want that. Me and Jenny are
wearing the same leather jackets. Jisoo is the only one
who can take a joke. – She took it off.
– It was hot. – Feeling hot was 1%. The rest was…
– I guess you didn’t like the similar look. I guess so. My body is rejecting. Do I eat too much?
I keep eating. “Today’s task.
Pinching Jenny’s cheek”. “Rose, sing a part
of If It Is You”. 1, 2, 3. – “If it is you…” – Do it better.
– Want me to sing right?
– You’re the lead vocalist. Circus girl. I can’t. Go. A day of BLACKPINK.
Today’s topic. A day of BLACKPINK. A day of today? – Slip of tongue.
– A day of today, A day of BLACKPINK. “Great, circus girl”. Have you watched me
and Lisa on V LIVE? – Yes. – Right.
– You didn’t. No, I saw it. – I monitored yours. You saw it.
– Thailand. – But… – Comments.
– Beyer! Beyer! But fans loved it. It showed your real life.
Beyer. – You know it’s hard to play.
– I know. I saw it. I saw you were eating Thai food.
Pad Thai looked so dry. We couldn’t find a tripod. – Right.
– As we did this, it became dry. She lifted noodles
but it looked dry. – I was curious why it was.
– So we had to eat it like bread. – We didn’t eat Pad Thai much.
– Right, we didn’t. – I was full. I remember that.
– I saw it on V LIVE. – It was fun. You didn’t broadcast yet.
– Right, because of my hair. – Right, I planned to bring her.
– Is this the first broadcast after
having her hair done? Right, first V LIVE.
I am not used to my new hair color. Don’t I look too fierce? – Is it OK? – Let’s see.
– Let me read. – Comments. – Please leave comments.
Doesn’t it look too fierce? – Let me see. Latest chatting.
What should I do? – No comments about your hair.
– Not yet. – Rose. “No”. “No, no. Pretty”. – “Pretty”. – Thank you.
– “Pretty”. – Thanks. – Good. Pretty! They ask you to be MC on Live. – MC on live.
– Sorry, that’s too much. Some are asking where we are. – Where are we? – It’s the 6th floor at YG.
We rarely come here. – Right. – Our poster is hung over there.
– First time to be in this room. – Liar. She told a lie.
– We were here once. – After having her hair done.
– 2nd time. – 2nd time.
– After having her hair done. The sentence was weird.
First time to be here. Accurate. If it was Lisa,
she didn’t know that. I know well. “Where do you want to go,
if you can travel?” – Travel? – Yes. – Travel?
– Spain. – Me, too. I love to go to Spain.
My friend went there on a honeymoon. – Too distant future.
– She said it was great. – Really? – Shall we go together? On a honeymoon?
– OK. – Don’t leave me.
– Lisa is our son. Already? A son? Chaeyoung is a
handler for our son. – Handler? (Cheo-li-sa in Korean)
– Cheo Lisa? (Hit Lisa in Korean) – Cheo? (Hit in Korean)
– Cheo? – Cheo Lisa? I saw this comment.
Long-legged Lisa. – Right. – Someone made it for me.
– It’s amazing. “Long-legged Lisa”.
It comes up a few seconds later. – What? – Our image.
– This? It’s uploaded several weeks later? – Several seconds
– Seconds. – Oh, seconds. – Weeks? – Weeks?
– I feel like reading the same one repeatedly. They talked about a travel
and again. The one keep leaving
the same one over and over. – Then, “They finally answered”.
– If the weather is fine, won’t you ride a bicycle? – I can’t ride it.
– I got an idea. On V LIVE, “Bicycle lesson for Kim Jisoo”. – It’s nice.
– I won’t be there. – No.
– I want to ride a bicycle. – I don’t want. – Then…
– I saw a new model of Heelys. – You can put them on your shoes.
– I want to buy them. – What’s that? You know, Heelys. 4 Heelys. I asked her. – Do you remember roller skates
we rode in Boombayah MV? – That one? – Do you remember we draw paintings.
– Right. – We did it all night.
– Drawings. – We did our best. – But we couldn’t use them.
– Not shown in the MV. – Because of copyright. – We drew cartoon characters.
– So they ruined it. – Right. – They attached tape.
– Foam. – SpongeBob. – Yellow sponge?
– Yes, that yellow moving sponge. I drew a yellow character
that can generate electricity. – Chinchilla? – Chinchilla, yellow one.
– I want to visit a Chinchilla farm. – Chinchilla.
– Please arrange a solo broadcast. I love Chinchillas.
Not their fur. – The animal.
– Don’t get misunderstood. – No misunderstanding. – Not fur,
but the animal. – Right. Jisoo said that it looks like
a mouse that swallowed a rabbit. – Hamster that swallowed a rabbit,
– Hamster that swallowed a rabbit, She strongly opposed.
I wanted to bring one to the dorm. – There’s a Chinchilla farm.
-They are so cute. – I have bad memories about
hamsters. – Why? – I kept a violent hamster.
When I was young. – Did it bite you? I don’t know how, but
it came out of the house. – Like this. – Like that.
– So, it came out of its house and started biting us.
I couldn’t catch it. I wore rubber gloves
and attached tape except for a gap to breathe.
Because it kept coming out. – Attached tape?
– The house, so that it can’t get away. I kept two hamsters. – Nobody asked.
– I had two mice. I named them Gump and Stomp.
One grew really old. – Hamsters can eat other hamsters.
– Right. – Right. I heard so.
But they were so cute. – I saw a mouse at school.
– As small as this. Look. She said a mouse
was this small. Even a hamster is bigger than that. A hamster is bigger than a mouse. – So…
– Do you know what a mouse is? It’s a cute mouse. Mouse is this big. – Not that one. – This big.
– No, no. – It grew bigger.
– Speaking of mouse, – It was so cute.
– That panda mouse. – Panda mouse.
– We tried to bring one. – Right. – Because of Jisoo. – I can’t remember.
– We went to a hypermarket. There was a section
to sell small animals. We saw panda mouse.
A small one. It was so cute. We wanted to bring two
and raise them in Lisa’s veranda. They were so cute. – They were so cute.
– I hate mice and birds. I can’t keep birds. – Birds are birds.
– She starts singing a weird song. – Right. I sang a song about a rainy day.
It’s a children’s song. Composer. No, I didn’t make it. You know, the song
about a rainy day. Isn’t there a rainy day song?
Children’s song. You’re ruining my memory. I don’t know. It’s throwing stones. Can you hear that? What’s that? – What’s wrong with the juke box?
– I don’t know that. – Me neither.
– You don’t know it. – You don’t know it.
– You don’t know it. – You don’t know it. – Probably.
– I will have this apple. Me. – I had them. Me.
– Me. – Me. Eating an apple. Apple is the best. – Itself.
– Itself, apple. I saw this things.
The voice only mode. – They did it for the ASMR.
– Like a radio show? – Yes. – Sound of eating an apple.
– On V LIVE? – Yes. They said we can’t turn
off the video. I saw it. – Like a radio show.
– Right, I recorded. – I saw it. I saw it. Is this the one? Not this one. No, it’s not the song. – “Red umbrella, blue umbrella”.
– There’s a part saying it rains. Everyone, I’m looking
for this children’s song. – Isn’t it this song?
– They ask to show your puppy. – We planned to bring our dog.
– Right, bring him to the picnic. – Kuku took a shower.
– Right, Kuku did. – It smelled nice.
– My dog Dalgom is messy. – Dalgom’s ears are yellowish.
– Oh, my god. – Dalgom’s ear color is rose gold.
– Rose gold? – Dalgom’s ears… – Not yellow?
– Isn’t it that? – Dalgom’s ears are rose gold.
– This color? – Rose gold.
– Shiny. “Please sing the shark family song”. You’re good at singing it. (Singing a song) – “Mom shark”.
– You need to make a mother voice. “Mother shark”. – Harmony. – Dad shark.
– Grandma shark. – “Grandma shark”.
– Because of it, connection is not stable! What should we do? Connection is not stable. – What should we do?
– It’s working, I guess. Right? No? – No! – It stopped there.
– Grandma shark? – Yes. – Because of the grandma!
– Oh, my. – Working again!
– It’s back on. – Again. – Go!
– “Grandma shark”. – I don’t know the lyrics.
– Grandpa. – Grandpa.
– “Grandpa shark”. Why are you so greedy? – “Dad”.
– She planned to do this. – Just sing an entire song.
– Entire song. “What did you do
on your birthday?” Why do you laugh so hard? – Lisa’s birthday.
– I slept all day. As soon as her birthday
is over, I asked her to do chores. “Lisa, your birthday is over.
Bring some forks there”. – Right.
– Glad she didn’t do it on your b-day. Right. At midnight,
I told her to bring some forks. – Yes!
– What did we have? – Chicken. – Quiz. Can you guess what um-um is?
– We had “um-um”. – Tell me what it was.
– We went around today. – Right. She didn’t know it
but just nodded. – Hint.
– Can we see it frequently? – What’s that?
– This is the one. – What’s this?
– You don’t know? I don’t know. Lion King?
What’s that? What’s this? Hey, they ask if the song goes like
“Raindrops keep falling…?” – What’s that song?
– Right! “Blue sky, blue dreams”. – Right! I kept singing the song
when I was in a car. – Really? – Correct! – “On a rainy day
when raindrops keep falling…” – Is it about a cow?
– Baby goat. No? – “Many baby goats”.
My zodiac sign is Capricorn. – Me, too. – Capricon? What’s that?
– You. – Mine is Aquarius. – Me? – You’re the same.
– My zodiac sign is Capricon. – It’s not. – Ours are Aquarius.
– Liar. Aquarius. – “Blue sky…”
– What’s this? – “Blue sky, milky way”.
– I don’t know. – You don’t know this? “Blue sky…” “Se se se”. (kids’ game) – “Blue sky milky way”.
– I taught you how to do this.
– How did they find this song? “On a rainy day when
raindrops keep falling…” “A baby goat frowned
looking for his dad”. Cool. Then, we will… Is this the one?
3, 4! – It feels like a bus music.
– Where did you learn this? – I don’t know. What’s this song? – Please find one.
– You know, this one. This… Don’t you know? It’s similar.
Does this song have different lyrics? – About a cow? – Cow.
– A milk cow? – Brindled cow.
– Brindled cow? – I know what you’re talking about.
– Three cows. That’s about rabbits. – One rabbit is going.
– Sorry? – The other is doing something.
– That’s this one. “Blue sky…” – I think this is the song.
– Not this one. – Didn’t we change lyrics? – This song. One is grilled.
– What? Grill one? – “Fry one”. We changed the lyrics.
– I guess so. – If you change the lyrics…
– I learned only that part. – I hate rabbits. – You like to sing “Mountain rabbit”.
– I was bitten by a rabbit. (Singing a song) Cute! Let’s move to another place. – This was for a…
– Preview! We talked about anything.
We will go outside to do something. – We are here to do something.
– She’s dressed up nicely. – Pretty.
– Pretty. – We planned to go on a picnic.
What should we do? – Let’s say bye. – Bye.
– Bye. This has been BLACKPINK! – Bye.
– See you later. – Bye. Bye!


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