[ENG SUB]BlackPink failed Picnic Day bec. it rained part 2 – Mar. 31, 2017
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[ENG SUB]BlackPink failed Picnic Day bec. it rained part 2 – Mar. 31, 2017

– We came here for desserts
after we ate. – Desserts. We are back very soon.
We said, “We’ll be back soon”. – This pink thing inside is so cute.
– Lisa said… – Lisa said…
– What did she say? It’s spring time so the cafe
has a spring menu like cherry blossom latte. What did you say? Say what you said
earlier when you were ordering. I said, “One strawberry “Chirry” latte please”. “Chirry” latte. – It’s cherry blossom.
– Why did you read it like that? It’s gone now. – It’s good.
– How is it? Let’s show them what we ordered. – Let me pour this on here.
– Okay. – Is it going to melt?
– Yes. – Awesome. – This is awesome.
– Awesome! – Cotton candy is gone.
– That was cool. That was cool. Let’s…
Done. Leave it. – I think we need just one more thing here.
– I think it’s fine. Just don’t touch it. – Done.
– That was successful. – It’s like a tripod.
– Why? – Move it?
– I want the lighting here… – Thank you. All done. This is good.
What is this? Wait, take a sip. – What’s wrong.
– Something got into my nose. – Oh no. – Because it’s so sweet.
– Do you want some juice? – Is this syrup?
– I had it too. – It’s good. Take a sip.
– What. – This is Tiramisu.
– “Something is caught in your throat”. Can you taste it? – It was kind of sweet…
– It taste like Dayquil. – It taste like what? – Dayquil.
– What’s that? What are you all doing now? – BLINK.
– BLINK. – What are you doing, BLINK?
– Are we on Channel +? – Nope, it’s the regular one. BLINK, what are
you doing? – Is it good? – Are you eating alone? – No.
– Is it good. – “Lying down”. – I asked her if it’s good.
– Try some. It’s better than you think. – No?
– You try to taste it. Maybe I didn’t give you enough bread. You don’t like it?
You want to spit it out? I won’t eat it. I’ve got napkins?
Sorry, you don’t like it? – It’s bitter. – Really? Because you ate this part.
– You are busy watching us on V LIVE, right? Because we come on continuously. “How many stomach do you have”? It’s not that… – Having a meal and desserts are two different
things. – Right. – I watched it somewhere. The way how stomach
operates. – Really? – If you eat something you want…
– “Sponge”. – I know. – I didn’t watch it. – If you want something,
your stomach will digest food? – Will it? – Nobody here?
– I didn’t eat it. – You ordered this, right? – It’s good.
– Nope. – Only the coffee part is bitter. Try it. – Jisoo, take a bite.
– Nope. – You don’t like Tiramisu?
– Nope. – I love Tiramisu.
– “Tiramisu”. Sorry. I guess you watch TV a lot. – People are from New Zealand and Melbourne.
– You have really good eye sight. – Can you see that?
– Can you see that? – My hands are sticky now.
– What time is it now? It’s only 4 PM. – They probably didn’t eat dinner yet.
– It’s almost 5. It’s 4:49. – I was like it’s only 4? We ate so early…
– What are you all doing? – What are you doing?
– Right now… – What should we do now?
– Watching us on V LIVE. I think I have Tiramisu in my teeth
but I smiled really big. – I will take a screen shot.
– “I like Jennie’s hair”. – The bun.
– What do you call it? – It’s half-bun hair.
– Half-bun hair. Sounds cool. – 1/3 bun hair. – That’s too hard.
– What about you Lisa? – Fake hair.
– I was going to say that. – Oh no. – I love it.
– It grew a lot. – It grew a lot.
– What is your real hair? Rocker. Lisa will start the trend.
She will make the shaggy cut popular again. – I cut my hair recently…
– Lisa will bring back the shaggy cut. – Fashion leader.
– Yes, you look cool. We have a rocker at our dorm. Like this. “You ate too much sugar today”. – “Choco Choco”.
– “Chiki Chiki Chaka Chaka Choco Choco”. – Hurry up. – Nope.
– Go! “Chiki Chiki Chaka Chaka Choco Choco”. I used to always make you do that.
Bring back memories. I made you do that when we first met.
“Say that thing”. – Do you have cherry on your nails?
– What is that? – What is that face next to the desserts?
– The smile? – I hate that. – What’s that? – It’s Lisa.
– You added it, right? – What is that smile?
– I wanted to make our title better. – I thought it was our concept today.
– No, I added another one earlier too. – A heart…
– Smile. Smile. – Smile. Smile.
– That’s boring if you just write words. – You ignored me. – What is that?
– “BLACKPINK’s Desserts”. – Smile. Smile?
– Yes, that’s it. Smile. Smile. I shouldn’t have asked her. – I didn’t see her.
– That’s a bad one. – Sorry.
– Show them your nails. – Your nails.
– You can’t really see it. One says, Rose but you can’t really
see it. – Really? Where?
– Wow. – I can’t see it.
– I thought it was “Love” but it’s “Rose”. – Rose.
– It’s pretty. What? – Pome. – Pome.
– Sangwon was on it earlier. It’s your turn now. Jennie’s dog is Pome.
Our manager is Pome. “Bbui bbui bbui”. Attacking with facts. It might drop. You don’t think it’s funny? – We won’t go home?
– “Chaeyoung’s black hair is nice”. – Thank you. – We won’t go home.
– It’s not black. – It’s brown.
– Brown. – It’s not black. – It’s like a wig.
– Her hair was darker than mine. – It became lighter. – You dyed it.
– That’s right. – Yes. – I forgot about it.
– I toned down my hair because it was too light. “Lisa’s laugh sounds funny”.
That’s nice. – “Bro Lisa”.
– “Bro Lisa”. – Everyone is calling her bro.
– “Chaeyoung looks cute”. – Thank you.
– “Bbui bbui bbui”. – Both of us look like riders. Looking cool.
– Cool. Lisa looks really cool.
She looks like a guy. – Guys and girls.
– You are a girl? My boyfriend. – You should be more soft… – I looked like
your boyfriend. – Ouch! – That hurts. – Sorry.
– I got static on my eyebrow. I saw it. – How is that possible?
– I know. – “Jennie’s choker looks good on her”.
It didn’t move? – Nope. She asked us to tell her if her
choker is not straight but nobody told her. – Nobody fixed it. – It moved.
– I didn’t see it. – Not my responsibility.
– Sorry. “What’s wrong with Lisa”? “Is Lisa the boss of BLACKPINK”? – What is that mean?
– I think it’s the opposite. – The real boss.
– Boss? – “Jisoo is pretty”.
– Lisa’s subordinates. Lisa’s little bros. – I want to read the comments in Korean but
it’s flying so fast. – “What is that yellow drink”? – Orange juice. – Orange juice. – Someone asked.
– It’s so obvious. – Yellow drink. – What do you think this is?
– It’s Americano. – “Americano”.
– Color-changed Americano. “Rose, black hair!”.
Somebody said this. – It’s not black. It’s brown.
– We have to move over. – We always leave so suddenly.
– We will go now. Bye. – Playing hard to get. – Playing hard to get.
– We will got to Channel +. – Channel +…
– Catch me if you can! Channel + – She didn’t press it. – Bye.
– Catch me if you can!


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