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Hello! We are DAY6~ I MUSIC U
MBC Music~ ♪ 장난 아닌데 I’m Serious – DAY6 ♪ What music do you guys listen to recently? For me,
George Benson’s “Stairway to Love” What kind of genre is it? – Fusion Jazz…
– As expected – Dowoon really loves Jazz – Yes I really love Jazz
– Wonpil, what do you like? He has a very wide range of preference for Music I used to listen to a lot of EDM, But now For my ears to have a bit of resting time, – I’ve been listening to a lot of acoustic songs.
– Young K?? For me, recently my mood has been really UP There’s a song that I have been listening on repeat. Vice’s “Obsession”
It’s a very “Pop” sounding song. It’s something that I have been listening to a lot lately. – Upbeat songs~
– EDM? – There’s a slight EDM
– It’s rap Not rap but a song. I really like the melody. Jae?
For me “Michael Bolton” Now that he’s mentioned it… There’s the really “vocalist” type of songs, And also, Fusion Jazz,
Also exciting EDM. – And acoustic…
– They’re the emotional type Recently….we’re more towards the emotional type We all have our own colours. The different type of music we listen to. As we’re expressing it through different colours, The song consists of many different colours. That’s what I think. Honestly when you listen to our Music, We’re not a band that only carries one type of colour. Right… We have tried many different genres. Us, now. I feel like we can pull off all the genres that we have been wanting to do. When we start composing a song, We really talk about anything.
At the start, Ah really,
We… What did we talk about? When we gather, to make a song We don’t start immediately. There has been many instances where
We start by talking, And then make the song. One of them is “I’m Serious” Someone said “This is no joke??” Ah that
This song is for people in their 20s With a fresh feeling. “Ah I really like you, but how do I express it??” They were friends.
How would they express it? “I’m really serious about it, why can’t you feel my heart?” We were talking about this and then “I’m Serious” just Came out. That “I’m Serious” It didn’t start with just “Wow this is no joke” – We started with that
– There was such a thing?? It’s not a joke, it’s real. – It was something like that.
– Between friends, they might be joking like “I like you” It might sound like a joke but he’s actually being serious. – It’s that kind of feeling.
– We too, Since we perform a lot on stage,
When we’re performing We have made a song where we can play and have fun, DANCE DANCE! This too, came out totally unexpectedly. We were just at the studio, Hyung suddenly, “Dance Dance”
And we thought that is was actually good? While we were thinking about how we should sing it to make it fun, Since we have done many performances, while we’re performing, With that image in mind, Unfortunately, as I said just now There’s people who can’t seem to enjoy themselves. To fully enjoy a performance,
Don’t think about being embarrassed. Just have fun,
You might be able to enjoy and have more fun So we made “Dance Dance” ♪ DANCE DANCE – DAY6 ♪ Like we talked about just now, “Dance Dance” is just a song where you can just have fun and pass on the energy. But honestly, when we make songs we can’t be playing, right? – It was really tough
– It’s stressful Honestly, we do feel a lot of stress. Which song were you the most stressed out about? “How Can I Say” The difficult part about it was From the start till the end, The same lyrics is sang for 6 times. With the same melody. Another reason why “How Can I Say” was hard, We have another song, “I Wait” And it has to sound different from it. But at the start, there wasn’t really much of a difference. “How should we make it different so it sounds even better?” “Should we change the lyrics or, ” “Should there be changes in the instruments…” because of this it was really difficult. We changed the arrangement a couple of times right..? Wonpil, then
What was the most difficult song for you? For me, There’s “How Can I Say” It was a song that had a change in “directions” It’s that. It’s that! It’s that! It’s “Hunt” I liked the original one way better It’s good but. I really liked the original more. So what was the original version? Wonpil please explain it.. Now it’s really rock but, (For the original) the start was really rock too. For the chorus, It’s something that’s been used a lot these days, EDM – Do you remember it?
– I remember that. But we could’ve lost our “identity” as a team. When others look at it. “Hunt” was really tough. The hardest thing about “Hunt” was, The chorus, when you think about it, is almost half of the song. The point of the song is thrown off. Just change it, just write it again. We had no choice but to write it again. – The lyrics, the lyrics really
– It’s sexy When I listen to it, I feel something… – How did you write the lyrics?
– The lyrics… The word “Hunting” I got inspiration from that word. And came up with (“널 사냥헤”=Hunt) The rap lyrics, it’s amazing. The rap lyrics are really straightforward. There was alot of processes and corrections, We had our difficult times but, But because of that, We could express the “sexiness” of the song. We’ve made sexy songs, We should also try making sexier songs in the future. We must do Something sexy. ♪ HUNT – DAY6 ♪ Like Hunt, we had many songs with long processes. After we made it, we felt that the song was really good. It happens a lot right? -We felt really good that time! _ The emotional songs, a song that we all liked.
– Congratulations There’s one more! “You Were Beautiful” ~~ When we wrote it, even Jinyoung-hyung (JYP) said that It was really good. I felt really good. “You Were Beautiful” The introduction, It was like that from the start. Regarding that, It’s something that we could have control on, Because of this “Everyday6” Project. We could put in more effort into the things we want to show. – Right
– Right “You Were Beautiful” is the style of song That we all like. Right, “You Were Beautiful” was really fascinating for me. But Wonpil, do you remember when we first made “You Were Beautiful” We wrote it last year. When you were writing the lyrics for “Dance Dance” We were composing then,
Jisang-hyung and I Our composer-hyung, we were lying down And suddenly, hyung was playing the guitar. While he was playing, He said, “it’s beautiful” (=YWB) “You Were Beautiful” I really liked the words. Wonpil is really good at catching stuff like that. Like words and stuff, even “I’m Serious” Someone probably said it first but he was the one who caught it. Since Young K was writing lyrics And we couldn’t use the computer. You just used a recording device to record, right? There’s an app in my phone, An app where I can make music. There was a program like that,
I used it for the first time. But I knew I had to record it immediately. Do you have it????? Should we listen to it? People who have listened to the final version would’ve never thought of this. Let’s go~ – It was around 4am in the morning…..
– Just play it I’ll just not talk anymore and play it. It’s good though! – It’s good
– It’s really pretty~ – It’s fun
– Uh, it’s fun right. We managed to arrange it properly, And it sounded totally different. At first, we really thought hard about how we should make it. We had really vague feelings at first. It was really strong. The whole melody of “You Were Beautiful” itself is quite vague, Even the chords are vague. But it just felt really sad. We can actually do A lot as a band, right? We can do vague, and also exciting songs. – We can also do sexy kind of songs
– Of course. The fact that we can express many kinds of emotions, I really like that. In the next 10, or even 20 years What type of songs can we come out with? I’m really looking forward to that. ♪ 예뻤어 You Were Beautiful – DAY6 ♪

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