Ep. 105: Boondocking Security | RV camping tips tricks how-to

Welcome back to Grand Adventure!
I’m your host Marc Guido, and on this episode we’re going to talk boondocking
security, so stick around! So one of the biggest fears folks seem
to have about boondocking is personal security out in the wilderness. We get
asked all the time, and it seems to be mostly from folks who have never
boondock before or maybe have only done it only a few times, they worry about the
personal safety. They worry about the security of their gear and their trailer,
and I’m here to tell you we don’t worry about it at all.
As a matter of fact I get a little more concerned about stuff disappearing, or
things happening — weird things with other folks — if I’m in a campground or an RV
park. When I’m out in the in the middle of nowhere, out in the wilderness, quite
frankly I feel extremely secure and I don’t feel that I need to have somebody
right next to me to serve as a security blanket. I’m here to explain to you what
steps we take just to keep an eye on our stuff, and keep an eye on ourselves, so
when we leave camp to go explore for the day stuff like… you know… our chairs and
our table, and our outdoor, other outdoor furniture, we don’t do anything with that.
It just sits there. Never had anything walk away under its own power yet,
everything is always there when we come back at the end of a day exploring.
Now, a couple of more valuable items we will put a lock and cable on them just to
discourage the casual thief. Things like our solar panels — you know, that’s four or
five hundred dollars we’ve got in the solar panels. Things like our generator —
we all know what generators cost, and it’s so easy to drive by in a pickup
truck and conveniently throw it in the bed of the truck and drive away. We’ll
also do it with our satellite dish but that’s really about it.
We’ll use, like I said, bicycle cables and padlocks just to secure it to the
trailer to discourage the casual thief. Now, is that going to stop anybody who’s
really determined to take it? No, it’s not, but it’s going to discourage the person
who’s looking for a crime of opportunity. Now as far as personal safety goes, yeah — sure, we lock the door of the trailer when we go to sleep at night, but you
know, in decades of tent camping I didn’t have a lock on the tent door. There was
nothing I could do about that. I’ve never had some crazed axe murderer show up in
the middle of the night. Personal safety and our security of our gear, it kind of
goes to the fact that a criminal is not going to wander around the middle of
nowhere looking for someone camping to be an easy mark. They’re going to go
looking in urban areas where there’s a large concentration of people and a
large concentration of stuff, and they’ll commit their criminal acts there. Now one
thing I do want to talk to you about is your trailer key. Yeah, I almost
guarantee you have one of these on your ring of trailer keys. It’s called a 751
key, and it’s called a 751 key because printed right on it is CH751. Now I hate
to break this to you, but every other RV owner has a 751 key, so you know that
door to your basement where you store all your stuff? Anybody who has this key
can also open yours. That’s why we’ve replaced our basement door locks with
combination locks from a company called Combi-Cam. You can set your own
combination and conveniently open the door while keeping folks with the CH751
key out. You also don’t need to have your keys on you to be able to unlock or lock
the basement doors. They’re quick and easy to install by virtually anyone with
a wrench, and we love ours. We’ll put a link in the description down below to
these door locks on Amazon if you’d like to upgrade your basement door locks. So
anybody who’s been watching our channel Grand Adventure for a while knows that
our preference is for boondocking. We’ll boondock any time we can over
staying in an RV park or a campground, and don’t let a fear for your own
personal safety keep you from boondocking. It is wonderful to get out
here and have absolutely nobody else around, and have all the space to enjoy
our public lands. If you’re not yet a Grand Adventurer, make sure that you hit
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