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Ep. 117: Cheap Truly Unlimited Internet for Your RV | camping tips tricks how-to

So after some last-minute preparations,
we’ve embarked upon a six-week road trip down through New Mexico into Texas, and
starting with next week’s episode we’ll be sharing those travel videos
with you. However, unlike in 2018 when we took a year off of work to travel, this
time we’re actually going to be working from the road — and that presents some
unique challenges. We need unlimited data to be able to work from the trailer, and
we can’t be bumping up against any throttling, or any data caps. We need to
have dependable, unlimited data, and like I said that presented some unique
challenges. But we found a unique solution — for cheap, actually — and we’re
going to share that with you on this week’s episode of Grand Adventure, so
stay tuned! Now, the problem is that virtually all
cellphone carriers either limit the amount of data you can consume per month,
or even on unlimited plans, after a certain point they either throttle the
speed down to the point where it’s essentially unusable, or they degrade
your service where you’re deprioritized on the tower.
Neither of these were going to be acceptable solutions for us to be able
to work on the road. Now in researching the options that were available to us
ahead of this trip, we discovered Visible. Visible is a prepaid plan that uses the
Verizon network. It costs $40 per month including all taxes and all fees, so the
bill every month is an even $40, and it has unlimited voice, unlimited text, and
unlimited data without any capping or without any throttling. Now like I said
it’s on the Verizon network, so you have more coverage across the U.S. than you
do on any other cell carrier. It’s also prepaid, so you pay as you go.
You can turn it on and off at will, so you can turn the service off for the
months that you don’t actually need it. Now you can either bring your phone, your
own phone, in which case Visible will provide a SIM card for it, or you can buy
one of their phones to use as a dedicated hotspot. We picked up this ZTE
Android phone for only $19 and we’re going to use that as a dedicated hotspot
within our trailer. So you’re asking, “What’s the catch?” Well, there used to be
two, and now there’s only one — and we found a workaround for that one catch.
The first catch was that there used to be a 5 Mbps data cap.
However, Visible has just recently removed that data cap for all new and
existing customers. The other catch is that you could only connect one
networked device to the Wi-Fi hotspot at a time. However, we get around that by
using a nano router. Now our HooToo TripMate is a tiny lightweight router that
operates on USB, so you don’t need a 120 volt AC power source to operate it.
In our trailer it networks all devices in our RV, including our phones, our
tablets, connected TVs and more. The power draw is minimal, it’s usually only around
one amp, so it has little impact on our RV batteries while we’re boondocking. Now,
we’ve done a separate video on the TripMate Nano which we’ll link to right here
on the screen, but here’s a quick overview. It uses 802.11 b/g/n
Wi-Fi networks. It’s a single band, it operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency.
The throughput rate is 150 Mbps. There’s a switch
right here that allows you to switch between wired and wireless connect modes,
so you can use this to connect, say, a wired internet in a hotel to your own
encrypted network, or you could add a layer of security while using public
Wi-Fi. Now it does support WPA and WPA2 Wi-Fi security. This USB port supports
network attached storage devices devices like a thumb drive or an external hard
drive, and it has a built-in DLNA server to share media files across connected
devices. Now there are newer and more expensive nano routers available
that have additional features like dual band and 802.11ac support, but the
TripMate Nano remains an excellent value at a lower cost, currently only $21.99 on Amazon with free Prime shipping. Now we’ve included the HooToo TripMate
Nano in our Grand Adventure shop on Amazon, and we’ve also linked to it down
below in the video description. So, what’s the point of using a nano router with
Visible’s unlimited hotspot service? Well, when you connect the router to the phone,
the phone only recognizes that as one device, no matter how many devices you
have connected to the router via Wi-Fi, so it gets around Visible’s one-device-at-a-time hotspot limitation. So, by using a phone, a dedicated Visible phone as a
hotspot device in conjunction with our nano router,
we’ve got unlimited service that we can use across all devices, including our
connected TVs, and allows us to work while we’re on the road on this
trip — all for $40 a month. We’ve also connected a couple of security cameras,
one inside and one outside the trailer, that are also connected to Visible’s
network through the hotspot and through the nano router. All this is on the
nation’s broadest coverage network through Verizon, with no taxes and no
fees that aren’t already included in the $40 a month price. Now, we have no
business relationship with Visible other than being customers; however, every
single customer on Visible gets a referral code, and that has a benefit to
you, and a benefit to us. By using our referral code you get half off the first
month’s service, so it brings the price down from $40 to $20 for you to go try
it out like we did. And it also gives us the benefit of taking $20 off our bill,
so this is a you scratch our back/ we’ll scratch yours kind of relationship.
Now in the video description down below we’ll put the referral code, we’ll
put a link to Visible, we’ll put a link to the phone that we’re using (the $19
ZTE Android phone) as well as the HooToo TripMate. So far, so wonderful. We’ve
been using this service so far throughout our trip to be able to
connect to the VPN at our company and work from the road. This has been an
absolutely exceptional and cost-effective solution to our data
needs while we’re out here traveling. Right now we’re in Cloudcroft, New Mexico,
and we will bring you to Cloudcroft next week, as well as continued videos as we
continue our journey down through southern New Mexico and into West Texas.
So if you like this video it’s extremely important to us: please give us a big
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media. And after each video we’d love to hear from you in the comments section
right down below each video. Until next week from Cloudcroft, please remember…
life is nothing but a Grand Adventure! We’ll see you soon!


  • Stuart Roach

    I’ve always avoided commenting on YouTube videos, but since I wasted my time and money with the hope of finally getting an unlimited and unthrottled data plan at an affordable price, I had to comment and warn viewers. I purchased a Visible line with the $20 ZTE Android smart phone, as detailed in this video. While all indications are that data is probably unlimited, hotspot speed for a single connection, as presented in this video, IS throttled to 5 Mbps… I promise! If 5 Mbps is enough bandwidth for you, this is probably an acceptable solution for your internet needs… meaning, if you don’t plan to use a couple/multiple devices simultaneously, or, stream video on a single device while surfing the web on another device. I hope this is helpful…

  • Adam Aranda

    Just signed up for it last week. Used your code. Thanks buddy. This is gonna be awesome. Bought a different router. Didn't work. Sending it back and getting the one you suggested.

  • George196207

    * WiFi calling available on select devices.
    +Mobile hotspot speeds capped at 5 Mbps and limited to one tethered device at a time.

    For questions about our service, please refer to our Help page.

  • Blossom Bloomer

    Thank you! This video will really help me help my nephew who just moved to the country and has horrible reception on his phone. He's getting ready to start college but staying home so this will really help him out. Thank you so much!!😘

  • Bob Lewis

    Many UK viewers might be wondering if/how they can do the same. 2 years ago we moved house some 260 miles and rented for six months while we found somewhere permanent.

    I used the exact same system to gain Internet access in our rental place as it would have been WAY too expensive to have a landline installed.

    We ended up with my desktop computer attached via cable to a TP-LINK mini router about the size you showed, my HP Deskjet printer, my wife's laptop, tablet and phone plus my phone all connected and using my phone as the hotspot using THREE network's £27 monthly (around $35) SIM only service. It was for 40GB monthly, but several apps like generic browsing, Facebook and Twitter were included outside the cap.

    They do have an unlimited package that costs more but not by an excessive amount it's just streaming that may rack up the bandwidth. Although, again, a lot of YouTube stuff did not count (!!??) towards the 40 GB cap we had.

    Never had a problem at all during the time we rented, although where we are now has poor indoor reception, but as we have hard-line broadband only now it's not an issue. Phone is via an IP phone connection/adapter which we also used at our rental place so phone calls are DIRT cheap and WAY cheaper than for BT.

  • Anon Mason

    Reality is you get more like 1Mbs due to priority being lowest on the pole with Visible. Except at first connection with applications, then it's maxed for a few moments. (Good for fooling speed tests.)
    But that is faster than 600 kbps when Verizon drops you after your limit on their "Unlimited" plans that are not really unlimited. Still can't watch videos with that if others are on the tower. Unless you download the video first then watch it an hour later.

  • Joseph Jacobsen

    Fantastic info full timers. As a camp host I am always looking for better solutions for internet. This seems like a great option. Thank you very much for the information.

  • Quantum Uncertainty Workshop

    technically for about 90% of electrical devices used around the homes(minus kitchen appliances and "shop tools") you just need a 3.5v, 5v, 9v or 12 volt DC(these are fairly standard voltages used by almost 95% of devices out there, can check the power pack/transformer as well as the device and it'll tell you which pin is +/- as well as the voltage) source since they all use internal or external transformers to convert the 110V AC. if you have a cigarette lighter socket and a device that uses 12v DC you can simply cut the cords and splice them together making sure to maintain the correct +/- connections.

  • Jenny Sam

    Hi, I'm going to watch your video one more time today and I think I'm ready to do this however can I do this with my own phone as long as it's paid up and my current service is cancelled? Or do I have to get the phone that you have gotten?

  • ThisIslandEarth Ship

    Appreciate the heads up but Visible gets really horrendous customer service support reviews -I think I'll pass.

  • neal huff

    Bought the ZTE R2 & SIM CARD. Worst cell phone provider experience so far. ZERO customer support. Man, I used your referal number and everything. Severely disappointed. Vision might be great when it works, but good luck to you when it doesn't!

  • Steven Henson

    So I got the cell service you got and I used your code so you'll be paying $20 thank you for saving me a little bit of money every little bit helpsso I'm going to try this out for a month and if it's what I'm looking for it then it's going to be a keeper right now I have metro PCS on the $60 plan which gives me unlimited texting and calling there's a littlecap on the hotspot there every month it slows down and then it completely stops and then I have to dis rely on the data of the phone and I can't use the tablet laptop or desktopand I only use one thing at a time anyway one tablet on whatever so this is going to work out I think very well for me I've got to go try some places moberlythere's a lake by where I'm at and everybody says AT&t is all it's up there so I wanted to try Verizon up there at the lake so far so good 👍👌😊

  • concerts , coasters and nitro

    wouldn't you get better internet speeds with lte phone with a faster LTE modem..and visible is prioritized as compared to even Verizon prepaid and on top of it it doesn't get Verizon roaming partner coverage

  • Grand Adventure

    For all those who insist that Visible's website says that hotspot is capped at 5 Mbps, here is a speed test I ran about a minute ago from our camp on Padre Island in Texas, taken from my PC connected to Visible hotspot via the phone and router setup shown in the video: https://www.speedtest.net/result/8657300654 As you can see, it's not capped at 5 Mbps. We've logged as high as 47 Mbps down in other locations.

  • Bryson J

    Encountering major buggy issues with visible's website. Sign in issues, adding the R2 to shopping cart isn't working, can't even view shopping cart. Tried using 3 different browsers. Getting very frustrating to try to do anything within their website.

  • Israel Casanova

    Seriously thank u for sharing that, I’m hoping it works out for me 🙂 used ur code hopefully it helps u out a bit I know saving 20 bucks is very helpful for me 🙂

  • T Boardman

    Hello and thank you for the great tip on Visible. I have a request. When you publish your weekly videos, which are very good, can you give a quick update on Visible coverage and data speeds for the areas you were in for that week? Much appreciated. Best wishes and safe travels. Tom

  • FlowState11

    Hello! What is your upload / download internet speed? Are you able to downloading and upload media like videos? Thank you!

  • Matthew Richie

    FYI, I ordered the 2nd router from TP-link here https://amzn.to/2n7xVMH, but it only has 1 mini usb connection, so you can't power it and usb tether to the R2.

  • Jose Talks

    Wow! This is amazing info. Thanks for sharing this
    This will really help me out. Do you think this would work with a different router?

  • jerry esters

    O my gosh i ordered the cell phone 19 bucks and the sevice was 20 after the referral and….drum roll .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., WORKS LIKE A CHARM!! Heheheehhe so i have a vpn cyberghost which i turned on and then i turnd on my firestick which is reprogramed and j-broken by my own company that does this sort of stuff 🙂 You see why i need a good internet source and we are constanly downloading files to the devices to ship out to customers that have bought them so the real truth of speed and capping has to be known otherwise i would be wasting my time !!It really works so im in rural arkansas and have a cabin in frankfort ky so the test there will be important but i dont fear it now and im going to fire my internet provider for this house and leave this hotspot here 🙂 Ill get another for the cabin and my neighbor wants to share the cost and the service wow !! Her motorhome is only 50 ft away so i think she will be fine . I am amazed this works but i had straightalk and the hotspot worked great then i recieved a message from them threatening me with the loss of my data if i dint stop using it as a access point and it doesnt get service in ky so byebye straightalk after 12 years 🙂 Havent paid a cabel or dish bill in several years after learning how to program the fire stick HA! Thank you so much sir and id like to be part of the referral program as i know everybody will want this ,how do i get my own code to give to others in order to help them and help me???

  • viper33802

    A bit more of an upfront cost but we use unlimited AT&T service for $35 a month with no throttle or data cap on a Netgear Nighthawk MR1100 mobile router. Router was $200 at the time from Best buy. Service bought from AT&T directly at buyasession.att.com. Right now I have used 600 GB this month and am currently getting 60MB down. Much faster than Visible and only 1 piece of hardware, not to mention the MR1100 can accept a MiMo antenna for increased range.

  • Traveling Maritimers

    Great video! Do you know if you were to go to Canada if this service will roam? If so, do you know what the roaming fees might be?

  • PurplePatch Innovations

    Do you know if this can be connected to a wifi camppro router in the same way you use the nano router to connect multiple devices?

  • Kathryn Arnold

    Copied just now from the Visible website… note "for a limited time"… "Unlimited data, messages, and minutes all on Verizon’s 4G LTE Network. Plus, for a limited time, we’ve removed our speed cap – free for as long as you remain a member." With no contract, can't they change the cap thing back to limited just as easily as they dropped the cap? At any time? I'm concerned about committing to something that can change without recourse. Deciding right now and struggling to weigh the pros and cons.

  • Carla Daniels

    we have ordered the visible phone and are getting a router that you suggested on Amazon. We had to have it sent to a relative's address because we can't get coverage here at home. So, they would not send it to us. Even though I let them know we will be using this phone when on the road so, go figure, I will be making a trip to pick this up when it comes in.

  • Kevin Barwell

    No matter which carrier you pay for it all depends being within range of a reliable cell tower. Travel eastern Colorado sometime and you'll find out when I am talking about.

  • J Hack840

    I saw you video last week and directed a friend to it. He order everything suggested here and when he got it the phone ZTE R2 it would not connect to the RAVPOWER router. My Note9 on Verizon connected fine. When he contacted Visible they told him the device is not compatible and it will not connect. Are you still able to connect your router and what router?

  • Soapy Smith

    Sounded good….so I tried it…..absolutely no service unless I connect to wifi…..can not place a call…can not receive a call even…one time claims no towers within range ( while sitting in the middle of st paul)….next time claims no service……contacted customers service….can only do text or online…..spent over an hour texting….no resolution….was told they would pass on to supervisor and I would get an email in 24-48 hrs……never happened….texted again and told I would get credit for the $60 I had already paid for service I wasn't getting…..haven't heard a word………stay away from these fly by night crapola companies

  • Shawn Hampshirehick

    Excellent 👍 video. Informative thanks for posting.some campgrounds have horrible internet & wifi SO this should pick up slack.🏕️

  • David Hamilton

    I messed up the sign up process but thank you for the referral. Will see if I can go back and enter it. Never heard of them until this video.

  • Daniel OBrein

    their coverage is not that hot —I talked to them —-they do not cover my area or a major city near me—-they did cover one city north of me witch is a real large city —if they are leaving cities off —how are you going to get it all over the country —I told them verizon is using the same tower —why can not they cover me—–I am Dan OBrien —[email protected]

  • Daniel OBrein

    they claim they have a web site where you can find out their coverage—-I do not need it because I was checking on the coverage in my area witch they do not have or the city near me

  • New Owner

    I am in my 70's and a complete dummy when it comes to electrics and internet. Would you please produce a series walking "me" through cell phone and solar explaining all the "terms" you use. To me it is another language that I do not know. PLEASE?

  • Practical Righteousness

    So, I ordered the service and the same phone. My download speed was 0.18 Mbps and my upload speed was 0.00. It was in the middle of the day, so traffic wasn't an issue. My phone had 4 bars. Slower than dial-up. I have canceled the service, took them 2 days to get me a return label for the phone they sent me. Don't know how you guys are getting decent speeds, they're terrible in Arizona.

  • Alex muddy Smith

    I added the visible seems fine so far after a week. I got the rav router. Anyone know where there is a set up router video of this model. Having a hard time with the very tiny print and instruction manual.

  • Redwood Sorel

    Is the phone used as a phone also?
    If i replaced my note 5 with their 19.00 phone I woukd need it to be my phone as well as I.ternet hot spot..

  • Jenny Sam

    Is there any way you could advise me on how to connect the ravpower nano router to the visible phone wifi, I have the phone up and running with the wifi working and have downloaded the rav filehub app. I don't know what to do from here and have not been able to find anything online. I'm very confused about how to continue as I am not very tech-savvy at all. Please advise thank you

  • Boondocking Bears

    The Hoo Too is not available on Amazon now. Is there another that you recommend? Also, this all confuses me, not being tech savvy. I visit the US from Canada for 1-3 months at a time. All i want is a cheap plan like you describe, that I can make my laptop work on the internet because using the cell phone for internet is too difficult being blind in one eye. So can someone just tell me what i need to make my laptop work through the phone with this system. There is never more than the laptop connected. TIA

  • Israel Casanova

    Hey did u have any trouble getting the router to connect to the hotspot? Did u have to change any settings? I have gotten the thing to see the hotspot but when I try to connect it says that the WiFi is restarting and to go reconnect 🤷🏽‍♂️. I picked up the ravpower since the hootoo was out. Thanks for any help yoy can provide

  • Gobuilditbetter

    FRAUD ALERT! VISIBLE is not a real Company.
    Sorry to report that Visible is a totally Fraudulent company. I Signed up thru your link and promo code. I thought I was good after going thru their process and they sent email and the screen said "Congratulations, you are done" Yes they took my money. When they have acquired monies by deception the Fraud is Perfected(legal terms)
    Here's what I have found and documented after a 2 hour chat( No customer service calls)
    The deception is you verify you can bring you own unlocked iPhone as per their verification( you cannot proceed without this)
    After you have been verified, they tell you that you have to buy a phone from them, your verified phone doesn't work.
    They deceive by stating you can use your same phone number, This is false. Call my Number 970 404-1838
    If you work away from home you cannot receive a SIM card, it has to go to your CREDIT CARD address. That's how they secure your Credit CARD Information.
    SIM Cards are free they say upfront, but then you have to pay to receive it.
    They email a FEDEX tracking number that Fedex says is invalid.
    They send you an email(several times) to verify who you are. You have to click to verify and return.
    While on my 2 hour chat with Britnee she said I have to verify again (2 more times) then she says she can't verify the email that she sent it to, but she doesn't ask for it she pulls it from your account. ?
    I asked 4 times for a supervisor, she states she doesn't understand the request.
    I ask for a LEGAL address multiple times. NO RESPONSE.
    Again ask for a Supervisor. Her reply is "Are you still There?" I respond "Yes", then "Supervisor Please"
    Her response is "I'm not 100% you are still there so I am closing this Chat. If you have further questions please return to chat and I or another agent will assist you"
    I documented all of this conversation.

    Lastly, I looked up the address at the bottom of the website and it is a hourly rate temporary WEWORK office space in Denver.
    Total Fraud- Visible cell phone company
    So I only lost $20. But they have my credit card information, I have no phone service, I have lost My phone Number. And I am out of town and cannot be reached or do business.

  • Chain saw cabinet Shop

    Thank you for the information. A lot of it went way over my head. So here is my current set up and usage. This is for my home based computer. I have Suddenlink, $77.11 a month. with 250 gig of service, but I average 50 gig and the highest monthly usage in last year was 74 gig. I ran a speed test. Ping was 46, Down load 51.62, upload 1.35. The accounts says I have Broadband 50 mgps. Now all of these are satisfactory for my usage. If I were to replace the Suddenlink with Visable at $40.00 a month. Bought the $19.00 visable phone and a nano router that you recommend. What changes would I see in performance if any? Thank you for the help. I have a second computer that connects to a belkin router that I use to power a second tv/monitor to watch you tube on.

  • My Life In 75 SqFt

    Thanks for the video and info. My friend are thinking of getting this for each of our campervans. I'm curious. What are you using for a teleprompter? Does it track your voice or do you have an operator?

  • TimC on Morse

    I signed up with Visible and got the HooToo RavPower and just can’t seem to get the WiFi to work. I can connect to it with other devices via WiFi but there is no internet connection. Any suggestions?

  • Lisa Lightning

    This is so intriguing. Says on their website (10/15/19) the speeds are uncapped for a limited time if you sign up and will remain so as long as you stay a customer. My AT&T network is great in the cities but has really lousy reception driving around the country. My boyfriend’s Sprint network has been far better in the countryside. Both of us pay considerably more than $40 per month. I’d like to try it to see the coverage in my house before quitting my old contract. I’m also wondering about the history of the company and if they will be around in the future. But man it sounds like a really great deal!

  • Cyndi B

    @Grand Adventure, they're giving me the $20 referral discount on the NEXT month! Anyone else?????? I have received the phone today. Not fired up yet.

  • Heaseba

    I bought this. You should get your referral discount next month. It has taken me over 9 hours just to set up the phone service and I can NOT get it to connect to the hub. Did you do a video on how to do that?

  • Heaseba

    Well.. I don't know what you have done here, because both Visible support and RAV Power say this can not be done. If the past 12 hours battle is any thing to go on…. they are correct. Either I have totally misunderstood what you are saying this will do, or I got a faulty RAVPower. The only thing I can do with it is store files. Physically tethering to it does not register. It only accepts a WiFi signal!. Hard connecting the internet to the router seems pointless as you can't connect anything to the router from there. the whole thing has been an exercise in frustration and screaming fits.

  • Norm Moore

    Hey there Mark — Just wanted to leave some feedback based on the above video. Delete if need be but I used your affiliate link and attempted to sign up with Visible. It became a nightmare from hell. The following is what I shared on their FB page:
    I Absolutely horrible experience! Wasted many hours of my life over a span of many days! Frustration, anxiety, anger. I really really tried to be patient. As the days drew on and we still could not get the phone activated, I was going bonkers and blood pressure was going through the roof. I am horrified at this business model. Every step of the way was a joke. My situation was Escalated or Elevated at least 4 times and only one of which I got THE e-mail I was supposed to wait 24-48 hours for. After 10 days I said enough. Now I get to wait for and hopefully get my money back that they so quickly were able to get. Spare yourself the agony — Do Not sign up with this joke of a company.

    I later saw many more reviews of a very negative nature. So the question is, are you happy with there service? Has it been able to be the hotspot that you wanted? I really wanted it to work.

  • Pam H

    Can you use a HooToo Filehub, Wireless Travel Router, USB Port, High Performance, 10400mAh External Battery Pack Travel Charger – TripMate Titan instead of the one you have linked to? The one you recommend is Currently unavailable on Amazon.

  • Linda Shipman

    I've purchased the phone via your code and the travel wifi router was sold out so I purchased the pc-link AC750 but I can't figure out how to pair them … Would you have any tips on how to? Did you have to connect originally with a computer?

  • Chris Prucha

    The hooToo sees to be pretty hard to find already. Any recommendations for a substitution? Thank you so much for this content. Please help a technically challenged family if you can.

  • Victoria Stewart-Meyers

    Wow this is awesome news! I’m curious if this is your only cell service? I just wondered why you were using such a cheap phone? I’ve got my iPhone 7plus paid off thru Verizon and while I’d love to upgrade to the 11 I’m very disappointed that my paying this phone off is not a good enough credit – they won’t let me finance another phone! What a fine howdoyoudo ? So I’d love ❤️ to continue using their towers for a straight third of what I’m currently paying

  • Ruby Honan

    So I have a question. We can have one dedicated phone with the Visible subscription. We can cancel our other phone contracts and hook up via the router which is tethered to the visible phone as a hotspot? Yes? Can I plug the router into my laptop?

  • Ks Ks

    Thanks… I just checked their app and confirmed the uncapped data speeds, in spite of the web site that clearly has not been updated. I ordered the $19 phone and used your referral code. Thanks again..

  • whofooadventures

    Thanks for the video! I had the same question about internet service when we travel (only part-time) so I would only have to pay for it when I need it.

  • Cyndi B

    Gang, when you're chatting with the Visible rep, you can click on the little email icon at bottom of chat, have transcript sent to your email, thereby having a record of their claims! Also, you can copy and paste their words to the next agent. Example of c&p from their website
    "More speed on the best network. Unlimited data, messages, and minutes all on Verizon’s 4G LTE Network. Plus, for a limited time, we’ve removed our speed cap – free for as long as you remain a member." Try asking different agents what that means. They will ALL (but one) say that means the phone's data speed is unlimited at this time. One rep even asked, "What is your point?" then answered himself "False advertising?" LMAO. I responded with 'your words, not mine! lol'

    Most answer with this (C&P from one transcript): Ashaya : Visible offers unlimited data to use. However, the hotspot does have a capped speed.

    ONE agent answered this way:
    *Destinee : Yes it is.
    You : capping speed on what?'
    *Destinee : The download speeds.
    You : on the 4g lte?
    You : cuz I'm capped!
    *Destinee : Yes 🙂
    You : regular data or hotspot? I think that is referring to the hotspot 4g LTE, right?
    *Destinee : Yes 🙂
    You : so, hotspot speed?
    *Destinee : The speed cap is for the download and hot spot speeds.
    You : mine is capped. Ashaya rep yesterday was wrong, asI thought. what needs to be done?
    You : More speed on the bestnetwork.Unlimited data, messages, and minutes all on Verizon’s 4G LTE Network. Plus, for a limited time, we’ve removed our speed cap – free for as long as you remain a member.View our coverage map
    ——->>>>>You : so it's supposed to be removed?
    You : remove speed cap.
    ————–>>>>>>>>>**Destinee : Yes which I can do now.
    You : great, cuz Ashaya said no
    You : just yesterday…per chat transcript.
    You : Training needed for her!
    ———->>>>> *Destinee : I'll go ahead and remove the speed cap, I'll need for you to power off your device.
    *Destinee : One I do the speed cap removal and you power cycle the device I'm more than sure your speeds will kick up.
    You : So, I am supposed to power off (which will disconnect this chat)?
    You : so, I turn it off, wait ??? how long, then turn on?
    *Destinee : Yes, power off the device, wait 10 seconds then power back on.
    You : and you'll get it done on your side? I just reconnect to wifi and carry on?
    *Destinee : Yes.
    You : ok, well, I guess this is goodbye then
    Destinee : I'll stay here and wait to see if the chat ends once you have power cycled the devicd.

    *Destinee : Hey, are you still with me?
    You : is it working?
    You : YEAH!
    *Destinee : I'm here.
    You : so did you get done?
    *Destinee : Yes I did, go ahead and try downloading or surfing the web.
    You : Ping xxx
    You : 0.93 down
    You : 0.34 up
    You : but…….. I'm in a small valley. If you removed the cap, then it's removed, right?
    You : in a national forest
    *Destinee : Yes it has been removed but the network will fluctuate.
    You : ok.
    Destinee : Ok.
    You : well, that's it, i guess
    You : thank you!

    Back to my YT comment – I'm leaving this campground (where I have 4G 1 tiny bar when I set phone in one certain window) today. We'll see hotspot speeds in next campground, although at this national forest's edge (so maybe 2 bars? fingers crossed) #### I have had to chat with them 3 times since this chat with Destinee because hotspot was not even pulling up a page. (Molasses in Jan.) They had 'TO REFRESH SETTINGS', I restarted phone, then I was able to continue on. I am able to play movies and such, even though uploading pics to my etsy shop (RugsOnTheRoad.Etsy.com – shameless plug) has to be done one picture at a time.

    All this just reminds me of the different answers on phone calls with Verizon reps back in my Verizon days. Oh, wait……….. Visible is Verizon's offspring. I see now……….

    I've beaten this dead horse in chats enough. Feel free to get multiple clarifications and let me know your results! Namaste!

  • Heide Burge

    Hello from Los Lunas New Mexico (near Albuquerque) great info. I have had Verizon cellphone service for years and never knew of this. I think in will be checking it out soon and will use your referral code. Thank you and wishing you safe travels.

  • klmccune

    I signed up for Visible because of the Hoo Too router described here. But when the phone arrived, tethering was Via USB only. IS this true on your phone too?

  • Fastjoe Corrigan

    So I switch today, I used your promotional code. So I'll be letting you know in about a week or so how good it is.. metro by T-Mobile now visible

  • Steven School Alchemy

    I live in my mini van, I get free internet. when I want to use it I just park in front of any business (that I patronize) that has.free WiFi. i can get online with my laptop or my tablet.

  • Absolute Liberty

    Just now buying a Motor Home and was happy to see this Video. I am retired and just need this on the road as I am a information freak.

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