Ep 2 Blood Sweat & Tears | Top Management
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Ep 2 Blood Sweat & Tears | Top Management

Let me tell you
about myself today. Foreseeing the future is like receiving a package
I didn’t order. It’s not a blessing.
It can be an intrusion. Don’t open anything without
a sender’s name. -It might be weird.
-Yes. Underwears or blood letters? Those are cute. -I found a live snake once.
-At least, it was alive. When Hailey and the actor’s scandal
got out, I found a dead pigeon. Be careful for any strange powders. -Yes.
-Yes. Okay. -Let’s see what it is.
-Huh? It’s from Mongolia.
Is it for Hyun Sooyong? A tape? A Walkman? Does it work? Huh? A lottery ticket? “My love LJ, I miss you.” Wow! I’m touched. Speaking of which… With my ability, you might think I can guess
the winning lottery number easily. But the problem is these visions
rarely show me anything clearly. I feel like I’m being played. If I could just… get a clear look. The last number is 16. This is the fifth. Geez! Staring at it won’t help. Why were you crying like that,
Yoo Eunsung? Am I going to… lose this manager job? EPISODE 2
BLOOD, SWEAT, TEAR It’s unfortunate that we’re breaking up,
but please remember us forever. Please remember S.O.U.L. Never give up, guys! IDOL GONE CRAZY LOL. BROKEN UP?
BE A MAN FIRST. How did this happen? I’m sorry. This could be
their last performance before the new member joins so I told her to be on top of things,
but there was a miscommunication. Luckily, there’s no coverage of this
on the main pages and the one posting has only a few hits
so it won’t be a big issue. That’s a bigger problem. They’re breaking up. Sympathy aside,
but not even a malicious comment? I guess you’re right. They didn’t even check
with us beforehand. I don’t think they’re reliable
to work with. Let’s put a hold on any future plans
regarding them. -Yes.
-Let’s invite them -to the Monthly Evaluation.
-What? The Monthly Evaluation? Well… Director Kang suggested S.O.U.L.
come to the Monthly Evaluation. MONTHLY EVALUATION: EVALUATION OF
HOW GOOD YOU ARE AND IF YOU CAN STAY -Come to the Monthly Evaluation?
-That’s right. In front of all the trainees, you guys can set a good example -and encourage them.
-Okay. We have to set an example. We’ll judge the Monthly Evaluation. What? Judge? See? I told you that
Director Kang has big plans for us. Will one of the trainees
become our new member? No… well… -You’re not going to judge them…
-Hey! Guys, we want you to be judged.
Okay? -Who do you think you are?
-What? I’m going to deal with the bad luck
that comes at me without warning. If it rains, I’ll use an umbrella. If I don’t want the package,
I’ll send it back. I’m not going to feel sad, hurt,
or gloomy today. EUNBIN -Hey, Eunbin!
-I think I have a cold. -I’m coughing a lot and I’m sick.
-Well… Did you take some vitamins? Garlic extract?
Did you take Gongjindan? If I keep tinkering with them,
it’ll eventually get to me. Put Hyunjo on the phone. Hey, Eunsung. Hyunjo, Eunbin told me that
her tonsils were swollen two days ago. I don’t think she’s faking it.
I think she’s got the flu. Okay. I’ll take care of her. Did you hear that S.O.U.L.
is coming to the Monthly Evaluation? They must feel really humiliated. You shouldn’t have put it on speaker phone
while the singers were around. I’m sorry. Anyway, did you talk to Ms. Hwang? Ms. Hwang? Yes, Jangmi.
You lived with her for 3 years. Hmm? Speak of the devil.
She just texted me. Hey, don’t answer it.
Don’t even check it. Why? She said she needed money,
so I sent her money. And it turned out that I wasn’t
the only one she contacted. I don’t want you to feel bad
and lend her money. Did something happen to her? An agency is forming
a girl group, no, a woman group, with a bunch of older ladies
and is releasing an album. I asked her the name of the agency,
but she wouldn’t tell me. It sounded very suspicious. You should’ve stopped her. Like she’ll listen. If we don’t
lend her money, she’ll give up. So don’t let her take
advantage of you, okay? Can my day get any worse?
First water and now Ms. Hwang? Did you read your horoscope? Add a Mongolian boy to your list.
You’re giving him an orientation. The 4th and the 5th floors
are for the publishing team, so you won’t be using them.
The 6th floor is where you’ll… Right. They’re fixing
the plumbing today. That’s why I had
a dream about water. A dream about water? Yes, today, the entire building
is a danger zone. If you need to go,
go to a neighboring building. I think I can find myself a bathroom. This is Korea
and you’re in crowded Seoul. It’s not the Mongolian meadows
you’re familiar with. Meadow? What meadow? I’ve never lived in a meadow. Well, I understand,
but the buildings here look the same. Ulaanbaatar is a very busy city. Is that right?
What I’m trying to say is… I’m your mentor for now,
so don’t get into trouble and follow me around. Like losing a USB drive
or a breakup announcement? How dare you… This is the conference room and when there’s no conference,
you can take language lessons here. You need to be able to speak
at least one foreign language. I’m sure you’re fluent in Mongolian -but Chinese and Japanese…
-I can. Sure, the young generation like you
can say greetings. I went to high school in Beijing
and I have lots of Japanese friends. Right. What about Thai?
Can you speak Thai? Korean artists are so popular
in Thailand these days. I, myself, can speak a little. IT’S NICE TO MEET YOU
BUT DON’T YOU REMEMBER ME? What is he saying? Oh! You’re pretty good. I can speak Vietnamese as well. A GIRL I ONCE OWED A LOT TO
LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU Not bad. Our cafeteria food is pretty good. It’s nutritious
and good for your diet. Lunch and dinner
are free of charge. Why aren’t you eating
the Atka mackerel? We don’t have any seas
in Mongolia. I can’t handle fishy food. Geez. This isn’t fishy at all. You said you lived in China
and Vietnam as well. -Stop being so picky…
-I’ll be right there. Sorry. I’m sorry.
Are you okay? -I’m sorry.
-Watch it. You should stay away from water. -What?
-How careless. MEETING WITH DIRECTOR KANG Meeting with Director Kang!
Put it down! Now! -What about dinner?
-Geez. You don’t even like Atka mackerel. -I’ll buy you some bread.
-Well… I don’t feel like dancing. PRACTICE ROOM We need to practice
for the Monthly Evaluation. What if my road manager
doesn’t pay me back? Is that your problem? Hey, rookies! -Hello.
-Nice to meet you. You haven’t joined the army, yet? I need to make my debut first. KIM YEONSAENG
5 YEARS WITH STARLIGHT By the way, are you guys okay?
Irib, are you okay? Would you be okay?
Director Kang is so mean. She told you to come
to the Monthly Evaluation. Word got out. This is
the first time in Starlight history. What are you going to do?
It’s like saying you should quit. Is that what is was? No, you’ve got it all wrong.
Yeonsaeng, that’s not it. We volunteered to participate
in the Monthly Evaluation. What? Director Kang has been
very supportive of what we do. We’re afraid we might get lazy. Look at Irib.
He’s too laid-back. Huh? We thought we needed to
get back to the basics. Our come-back performance
is coming up. We’re so gung-ho about it.
Bring it on! Mr. Kim called us and said
you guys would be in a bad mood, and we should let you use
the practice room. We can leave now.
We’ve practiced enough. Guys, let’s go.
We’ve done enough. -Pack it up.
-Ah, I get it now. I know what’s going on. I called Mr. Kim earlier
and said I felt under the weather. I guess he misunderstood me. I just wanted to warm up.
Silly Hyunjo. I mean it. Trust me. We don’t need to
prepare for the Monthly Evaluation. -Right? Way to go!
-Yes. -Yes, way to go!
-Way to go! Way to go! Then, what are you doing here? -Stop.
-Hey. We want you to make your debut
before joining the army. -Thank you.
-Good luck! Where should we practice? He’s not bad. Okay. Good. Thank you. These weren’t uploaded
to the cloud. These are the songs I was humming
when I went camping. I haven’t seen that for a while.
Do they still make blank tapes? I think we can go for
a tropical house style. It’s a bit out of fashion though. -Arrange them like “Winner” did?
-And BTS. It’s similar to Winner’s last album,
where they used chill trap. If we’re going for that genre,
could you pick up your hair? Pardon? It would look good if you dyed your hair
to ash grey or orange brown and wore a bucket hat. Ash grey looks like hairtail. His pupils are clear
so he doesn’t need lenses. Last time I saw LJ,
I thought he got jaundice. We need to think about that to make
all six of them make their debut. Well… excuse me… Am I a member of a group? Sure. That’s our specialty. I’ve never thought about
joining an idol group. You don’t want to
join an idol group? How dare he reject our offer? Then, why is he here? What?
Why is she giving me that look? Right. I forgot
what President Baek told me. You might think we’re going too fast. Why don’t you get familiar
with our company? We also need time to get to know you. What should I do?
Should I do this? I’ll do it.
An idol group. -That was easy.
-I don’t think it’s a bad thing. That was easy. Kurt Cobain had Nirvana. Jimi Hendrix had
the Jimi Hendrix Experience. And what’s the one with “Boys”? -Seo Taiji.
-Seo Taiji. Hyuncheol and Bees,
Shin Junghyun and Brass Coins. Well, your references are… I like them.
So classic. Okay. Then Sooyong is the last member
and they can debut in the fall. Well…
The last member? Does the group I’ll be part of
already exist? Is that a problem? I think I should choose
the members that I’ll work with. Is that so? Are you going to
audition them or something? Can I do that? If you let me… I thought I’d never cry at work but you’re making me. I’m the one who wants to cry. -You stepped on my foot so hard.
-Listen. Practically speaking do you choose your own bosses
before you start a new job? What? Do you choose
your own bosses in Mongolia? You always use Mongolia
to your advantage. It’s not possible, even in Mongolia.
It’s a capitalist society. You know what, Sooyong?
Why don’t you put it this way? You came to Korea to pursue
your career in the music field and it’s like you won the lottery.
Okay? So becoming an idol star is like
winning a lottery in Korea. It’s more than winning the lottery. I saw it on the news. Winning the lottery once is as same as
being hit by lightning twice. 400 people win
the lottery a year, on average. How about an idol group? An average of 60 groups make
their debut a year. Only three or four groups survive. There are 7 to 10 members
per group, on average. And only 3 to 4 teams will survive. In a nutshell, becoming an idol is winning the lottery 10 times
and being hit by lightning 20 times. Those who made it to Starlight have already won
the second biggest lottery. You mean all these guys
have won the lottery? You realize there’s an error
in your calculations. HWANG It’s Jangmi. 400 lottery winners
out of a billion lotteries. 40 idols out of 600 survive.
Lottery has better odds. That’s what you call the
“error of conditional probability.” That happens if you ignore
the denominator or get confused… Well… Eunsung… I was talking nonsense earlier. I know it’s not the same as
being hit by lightning twice. Even if you make a debut,
it’s not a smooth ride, either. Look at them. Five, six, seven… Look at their abs. What? You can see them under their shirts. Wow! They’re not even
under the company’s intense care. I don’t think you’re fit enough
to be an idol star at the moment. Well, I’m not…
Eunsung! -Hello.
-Hey! -Hello.
-Hello. -Can you take this?
-Sure. -Ms. An, a present.
-This is garbage. Are you coming back from Dubai?
I heard it was sensational. -It wasn’t bad.
-It would be really nice if we made our debut
and went on a world tour -with your songs.
-Okay. Keep trying. -Thank you.
-Okay. Who’s he? -Huh?
-Kevin? -You’re back.
-Yes. That Mongolian boy is
touching an expensive equipment. Should I go tell him? No. Leave him.
Follow me. Pardon? -O… okay.
-It’s Eunsung. Mongolia? He came to become
an idol star? -When?
-Yesterday. Yes. Yesterday. -To stay?
-Probably. -Do you know him?
-Not really. Well… because of him, we have to
go to the Monthly Evaluation. Monthly Evaluation?
Are you being judged? It’s embarrassing, but yes. -Not because of him…
-Speaking of which. Can you give us a song
for the Monthly Evaluation? Or if we play about eight measures can you comment on it, please? Hey, Irib, you said
you wrote something. -No.
-Yes. He said no. Wait for me in the recording studio.
I’ll drop by when I’m done here. Sure. -Mmm.
-Yes. -Mmm?
-Right. -Go on.
-Yes. Bye. See you later. -Come by later.
-We’ll be waiting for you. He’s a genius. Right? But people
don’t know about this album. But you can listen to this music
on the Icarus album. -Have a slice.
-Ah… What do you think this means to you? When you join a group,
you have a chance to show your talent. Mmm… talent? Well… I’m cool to admit
when I see a talent. When I listened to your music,
I felt this flavor. -Like what?
-For example. This jam.
It was like jam. -Jam?
-Strawberry jam. It’s so popular. But Hyun Sooyong isn’t known
to the Korean public, yet. How can I put it?
You’re not strawberry jam. Fig jam is also very familiar. Right. Bean jam. Bean jam? -It sounds good.
-Sure. Bean jam is good. But people won’t buy bean jam
because they’re not familiar with it. That’s why you need an agency like us. You need a slice of toast
to put bean jam on. You need a toaster
and a butter knife as well. All of them together
make a group. Let me put it this way. If I’m bean jam,
each member is a different jam. If you mix them all -will it still be good?
-No. Well… Not everyone can become jam
in the first place. I thought I was jam
and kept trying, but after 7 years,
I realized that not everyone can become jam
if you boil it with sugar. You don’t need to do
what you’re told. I just don’t want you to take
this opportunity for granted. The opportunity to present
bean jam to the public. The opportunity to addict
the public to bean jam. Are you done with this jam story? How much longer? Do you need anything? We don’t need anything per se. Can we stay here? Sure. Why are you asking for permission? Take it. What’s this? Huh? If you ate something,
you should clean it up. What’s that? Who turned this on? I’ll clean it up. This is a recording studio. Wait a minute. Eunsung? Yes? -What did you say yesterday?
-What do you mean? You told this Mongolian boy here that S.O.U.L. shouldn’t know
about it. I thought it was candid camera. Me, too, but it wasn’t. What is it that
we shouldn’t know about? -Well…
-I’ll have a slice. It’s personal.
What did I say? Yes, sir.
Right. Eunbin’s costume? Go to her place now…
Okay. I’m on it. Yes. Is she avoiding us?
She’s acting suspicious. What did she say? About us? I can’t tell you. I made a promise. Unbelievable! There is something. -Sooyong.
-I didn’t say a word. I need to go somewhere in a hurry. You stay here, okay?
I’m your mentor. Got it. Ms. Yoo. What? They had three performances today, and you want them
to be on VV Live? I’m sorry. Why do they need
“Promise 100” costumes? Yes. Do they think that an idol star
has two bodies or something? They’re all internally sick. -I’m going!
-Eunsung, it’s me, Jangmi. -Jangmi.
-How are you doing? You didn’t return my text,
so I decided to call. Well, Jangmi, I was… I’m busy at them moment.
Can I call you back? What time are you available? This is crazy. Geez! I can’t afford
to worry about others. Why don’t we make something
before Kevin gets here? It might impress Kevin. But we have nothing. Actually, I have something
I was humming. Is that it? Yes, that’s it. Four measures?
What can we do with that? It’s 8 measures if we repeat it. If you add beats in the background,
I’ll come up with a rap. The latter part is more difficult. Can Kevin help us with it? You can finish the lyrics. Anyway, let’s do it again. Can you please keep it down? We’re trying to work here. Ah, yes. Let’s do it again. Irib, your turn. You want me to rap to the ball pen? Stop complaining
and just do it. Geez. Oh! I can come up with lyrics
using the melody. EUNBIN
FIRST PRIZE -Thank you.
-Thank you. Was this it? You’re determined
to pour water on me? You’re going to play me?
Okay. I might have given up my lottery ticket But that doesn’t mean
I have to just take it. I’m getting out of this ominous day
dry and happy. You just watch. The bucket challenge to prevent
drowsy driving is coming to an end. It’s finally
the last member, Eunbin’s turn. Okay. By the way, I’m jealous of you two. You two already
got it out of the way. It was still hard. We’ve done it before you. You’re the one who put it off. What’s going on?
Why are they wet? We were going to do a makeup show but all of a sudden LJ chose them for the bucket challenge
for preventing drowsy driving. Huh? Darn it. Eunsung! Guys, do you remember Eunsung? She’s right here. Do you remember Eun Sisters? -Eunsung, say hi to them.
-Right. Hello. -Okay, Eunbin.
-Yes. -Focus on this challenge.
-Please focus. Okay.
Let’s get it over with. -Let’s go!
-Let’s go! Someone’s bringing a bucket
full of water. I think it’s more than before. Ice water?
It’s full of ice. Isn’t it too much water? Eunbin’s got a cold.
That’s why you wanted this? I tried to stop her,
but she insisted. Why? She was doing a live makeup show
while smiling and if she turns this down,
people will tear her apart. She said she’d do it. -Let’s go!
-What if she gets really sick? It’s our goddess, Eunbin’s turn. -Here we go!
-Here we go! -Here we go!
-This is the moment. -This is the moment.
-This is fun. Guys, you’ll still like me
without makeup, right? -She’s pretty.
-I’ll do it. Here we go. Bucket live! -Fans are waiting.
-I’m doing it. Stop stalling, Eunbin. -I’m really doing it.
-It looks cold. -Hurry.
-Here we go! Go, Eunbin! Excuse me. I’ll do it. I’ll do it for Eunbin. Hello, I was a member
of Eun Sisters. I’m Yoo Eunsung.
Can I do it instead? Road managers like us should be
more careful about drowsy driving. I feel really drowsy now. A bucket of ice water
will definitely wake me up. SHE WANTS TO BE ON AIR
LOL Yes, you’re right.
You got me. I’m seeking attention.
I’m really greedy. So I’m going to…
Here we go! Way to go! Here we go, one, two, three! Oh my goodness! It’s okay. I didn’t lose to fate. The last number is 16. Three more. I did it.
I sent this package to myself. -Jangmi.
-Hi, Eunsung. -Can you talk now?
-Yes. I haven’t seen you for a while,
so I wanted to see you. I need to tell you something. -I can’t believe you’re a mana…
-What is it? Well… it’s nothing serious. Well… I’m… Eunsung, the thing is… I need to tell you something. Geez. I don’t know how to bring it up. -Well…
-Jangmi, stop. -Huh?
-I don’t have any money. Even if I did,
I couldn’t lend it to you. -Eunsung.
-Please grow up. Do you think I enjoy being here? People give up on their dreams and do something that they don’t like. Please grow up, Jangmi. I guess Hyunjo told you about me. I know. I’ve given up on the project and am going home to Jinju. While I was cleaning up
the room we shared I found your journal and clothes
from when you were in “Promise 100.” I wanted to give them to you
before I left. I guess you’re busy.
I’ll send it by mail. I kind of like listening to you nag. Geez. I needed this. Yoo Eunsung! You’re so direct.
I love it. Jangmi. When I come to Seoul,
let’s meet up, Eunsung. Bye. It’s picked by a machine,
but I love the number. I have a good feeling this time. I’d love to win it.
I could buy a house. LOTTO I think I’m going
to win this time. For you, Apple Mint and Icarus
are like winning lottery. Actually, the lottery isn’t that big.
They’re better than the lottery. I didn’t win. I should stop buying these. It’s fun. I think S.O.U.L. and Sooyong
will get along just fine. What? Why don’t we let them collaborate? Who is he? What? Collaboration with Sooyong? Why are you treating me
like your younger brother? -I was born in 1997.
-You were born in May. This is messed up. Then who’s in charge of S.O.U.L.? -I’m sorry.
-Yunwoo. I hope you can keep
being my road manager -Excuse me.
-Move your car, LJ. I told you to move your car. -I’m sorry.
-I’ve been watching. The wheel of this car
is a little further in. Who’s side are you on? If you keep staying here
while lying to yourself, it can’t be good. -We can use it later.
-Are you sure? -Come on out! Now!
-He let me… I’m with them. This is my team.


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