EPE Speedy Earth Tent – How to setup
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EPE Speedy Earth Tent – How to setup

Hi and welcome to Explore Planet Earth.
Today we’re taking a look at our Speedy 6 Earth Tent. We’re going to go through the
setup and pack up of this tent. It’s quite easy to do on your own but today I’ve
brought along a mate to make it even easier. So first thing, ensure you’ve got a
nice level campground and then we’ll proceed to get the tent all set up. Here
we have the tent as it came out of its bag. We’re just going to unroll it
backwards and bring the frame over. From there, we bring out the sides to create a U shape. While you’re at that point, peg out the two back pegs. And then proceed with the carry handle
to pull the tent over. At this point here, we want to peg the front out and then
we proceed to pull the aluminium frame up, starting at the back. Pull it up until it
clicks into position and then we move to the front and do the same thing there. Bring your awning out, and lastly, using the fibreglass poles,
you move inside the tent to pop the roof up. So now we take the fibreglass poles
and we put them into the little pockets on the roof. forming a cross, and then move back into the middle, push them up, create the dome and tie them off.

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  • LauDuKai

    from the thumb nail i was wondering if water would pool on the roof… but those roof support poles look like they will fail in high wind and invert with some force. possibly smacking someone on the head.

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