Escape the city and beautiful camping | Camino del Norte from Santander to Santillana – Day 13

Good morning on our day 13 of our Camino de Santiago del Norte. And we are looking very sleepy right now because
we had to get up real quick and early from the camping Derby Loredo where we stayed yesterday. Because we didn’t like it at all, we have
nothing to say positive about it. It was really dirty and so we prefer to leave
it soon. So we had to cook here on the beach as you’ve
seen. Today we are cooking at the beach, very quick. Also there is a tidal wave, we hope that it
will not wash us away. Like Aladdin, the keeper of the light, the
lamp. We’ll be safer on the sand than on the rocks. Now we are going to take the ferry and cross
from Somo to Santander. And then we are planning to take the train
to station Mar, it’s approximately 20 kms from Santader. Because we want to escape the city. We are going to film it a little bit, the
port and the train station and whatever we’ll see from the train. But from our experience with Bilbao, San-Sebastian,
all these big cities is kind of bad because we don’t film very much and we don’t enjoy
walking there. So it’s better will be to skip it and to start
wherever the natural places start. Because all the big cities are looking the
same to us and we are not filming really anything. It’s lots of traffic, very stressful, similar
buildings, architecture – it’s not our priority and it’s not what we are good in. It will be the best decision for us. And our goal when we decided to do this Camino
was to get to know the natural places around it and to film it as best as we can. So that we have time, we can walk away if
we need to for the beautiful places to show you around. So our aim wasn’t to do every single kilometre
of the way but rather to enjoy the way as much as we can. So this is our plan for today, let’s get started! Lots of surf schools here all around so we
understand that it should be a great place to learn how to surf. Ferry trip was very nice with great views. It was like 15 minutes so probably the longest
ferry trip we’ve taken so far. And you get the great overview of the city. Also when we were leaving from Somo we saw
that there are two ways of doing the Camino. You can go around it, not to take the ferry
and it will be longer, it will take you 27 kms to Santander. Or you can take the shortcut by the ferry
and it will take you 6 kms by the ferry and you are in Santander already. So there are lots of alternative ways here. And now we are heading to the train station
and we’ll take a look a bit of the city. It was very quick and easy, we were lucky
that there was a train like in 10 minutes from the time we’ve got here. This is very tiny, looks like a tram. So we took off on the stop Requejada, this
is one stop more than we thought. Because on the map we see that there should
be the Camino somewhere like exactly at the train station so we should find it very quickly. Let’s see if it’s like that. So even though we moved from the city for
more than 20 kms with the help of the train but we still see lots of traffic, factories
and warehouses around us. Now we are sure that it was the best decision
for us, saying it again but that’s true. This part of Camino is terrible, the pollution
is very huge in the area. And we hope that we are out of it now. When you’re walking on the car roads with
so much traffic you feel like you walked 3 kms but really like 15 on a good route. So it exhausts you very quickly. We are about to finish our day in Santillana
de Mar. This is where we got today and we feel like
we don’t need to do more because we already did 35 kms in total. But by foot we probably did like 13 and the
rest was by ferry and by train. So we feel like it can be enough for today. Today was a bit strange, taking lots of transport. But the start of the day was nice on the beautiful
beach. Taking the ferry was an interesting experience
with beautiful view of Santander. But after that the route got tedious with
car roads, factories. And just the last part was a bit better. It was all the car road as well the same getting
through the small villages but at least it was more quiet with almost no traffic. And you get the views of the hills and the
fields so it was better. So now our plan is to find a good place to
camp in the fields. Let’s do that! So we found a really cool place today to camp
in the camping Santillana that is situated right on the Camino de Santiago. We just found it when we were out in the fields
to search for a place and there it is. And it has also the alberg but the camping
itself is great. We even checked in using our pilgrim passport
so it was a very cool experience. And they put us a stamp as well of this place. So we don’t have to worry today to fnd any
place, we just can rest here. That is great! And the facilities are ok, so we are really
happy about it. And they let us choose our place and that
is really big, you can see this is all our place. We never had such a big spot before. So sheck it out, we’ll show you around. And talking about the calluses that have for
now been walking 250 kms. We think that is not bad not really much
to show you. I have just this little pimple right here,
this is from the shoes probably. And this is the most annoying thing I have
for now. And here I have just some hardness of the
skin on the two sides. And that’s really it, nothing else. So, good feet. And you got one on the little finger, this
is kind of looking bad. And this is just appeared today. That is all, really healthy feet overall. Thank you so much for watching! If you enjoyed our video don’t forget to give
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