Essential Survival Gear Must Have Items – New Prepper Needs
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Essential Survival Gear Must Have Items – New Prepper Needs

essential survival gear must haves items top 10 emergency new prepper needs essential gear survival preppers need hi it’s AlaskaGranny there are essential survival gear
items that you need for survival I like to break it down into simple categories of emergency equipment
you need water and a way to filter and purify your water you need some food that’s for
grab-and-go that you can open and eat on the trail in order to cook food you need
some kind of a stove you can start with a simple emergency stove work your way
up to a camping stove you can always cook food outdoors on your barbecue
grill think of a way to have the food that you need and some way to prepare it
make sure you have some kind of a shelter and a way to stay warm do you
have a tent do you have an emergency bivy bivvy bag how about a survival
emergency blanket do
you have a warm jacket some gloves and sturdy shoes maybe some hand warmers in
an emergency situation think about what you would probably need so that you
could keep yourself warm and dry next you’re going to need some kind of light
have some flashlights headlamps extra batteries candles ways to start a fire
oil lamps lamp oil matches lighters fire strikers think of the different ways and circumstances where
you may need some light then you need communication think about something like
a eton scorpion wind up emergency flashlight emergency radio one that you can wind up one that takes batteries one that’s also
solar powered charge you can use it to listen to what’s going on it has a weather band
radio it can also be a way to charge your cell phone so that you can keep in
contact with those that mean the most while you’re thinking of communication
make sure you have a contact list of everyone you would need to get in
contact with and their emergency numbers emergency contact list a hard copy on a piece of paper because
if the computer isn’t working the internet is down your phone’s not
working you need to be able to have something
you can rely on so that you can get ahold of the people that you need to get
some first aid supplies buy a kit that’s already put together or you can make up
a first aid kit of your own head to the drugstore the grocery store or the Dollar Tree
and load up on the simple basic first aid supplies that you need from bandages to ointments to
cotton balls to any over-the-counter medicines and anything that’s specific
to your family’s needs make sure if you take prescription drugs that you have
some of those available to you and a hard copy also of your prescriptions so
that in an emergency you could get a refill if you needed to stock up on basic
hygiene supplies nobody wants to ever be without toilet paper but you may also
want to make sure you have things like hairbrushes toothbrushes soap and lotion
things that you use on a regular basis that you don’t want to be without make
sure you have some hygiene supplies emergency survival tools you need at least a multi-tool and
a knife be prepared in an emergency situation to take care of simple tasks with the tools that you
have on hand gather some simple hand tools know how
to use them think about what might be missing in your collection of tools and add to
them as you learn more about being prepared for a real emergency situation you’re going to need a sturdy
backpack if you have to bug out or leave for any reason in an emergency you want
to have a grab-and-go ready to go bug out bag emergency 72 hour kit already prepared think about the
components from water and a way to filter it food a way to prepare it
shelter and warmth lights first-aid communication hygiene and tools think
about the basic areas of your everyday life and the things that keep your life
running smoothly those are the things that you need to have on hand so that no
matter what comes along you can face it you can deal with it you can keep going
and you can figure out what to do next because you have the basic emergency supplies the things to get
you through the immediate time the present time so that you can deal going
forward with the future learn more at please
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  • Steve F

    While I realize that it isn't "PC"….but my advise would also be to make sure that you have a "firearm" of some kind in a "Survival situation….whether it be a simple .22 (very useful for potting small game) or a larger bore/caliber for protection against large two and four legged predators….!!
    If I lived in Alaska I would likely go with a .45-70 Lever action rifle….or no less than a .357 Magnum handgun (Preferably a .460 S&W or larger)..!!!

  • Sidney Mathious

    I have most of those items, but do need a tent to sleep in, but know how to survive in the wild without one. Like I said in one of your videos I am more or less ready to survive in the wild due to the training I received from my grandfather, and the Air Force.

  • Robert Winkler

    Good basic advice. Wet Wipes are TP and cleansing wipes. Also, include small bottles of salt, pepper, and other spices to jazz up those boring meals.

  • Darnel W

    I live in NYC. And i was wondering do you think us city folk also need this? Do you think the time is approaching where we will all need these things?

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