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European wasp picnic | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

European wasps are a declared pest in WA, and we don’t want them sharing our picnics here. They’re black and yellow bee-shaped insects
– and look for the black antennae. European wasps are insect predators and scavengers. They’re unique among wasps because they’re
attracted to sweet foods and proteins, as seen here with this one tearing of a chunk of meat, see the black feelers. In area of the world where they’ve established,
including the eastern states of Australia, you have to watch your food and drinks at
outdoor events such as picnics, BBQ’s or even just feeding your pets outside. Here in WA, we’ve been battling this wasp for 40 years since the 1st nest turned up in 1977. If they ever established here, quite possibly,
outdoor events like this could be a thing of the past. If you ever notice wasps with black feelers
like this, or wasps going for meat products, please call the Department of Agriculture and Food. They’re the world’s worst social wasp
pest, and we do not want them here

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  • Carol Schneider

    Those wasps have been in western New York for years. They get into honey bee hives, steal the honey and kill all the bees.

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