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Alright gang, who’s ready for the family trip of a life time? YEAH! Let’s go! Whooo! Hey! Ey! Ah! Ahhh! Ahhh! [Screaming] Okay… Let’s go… Are we there yet? AIDAN! DON’T YOU EVEN START WITH THAT CR*P!!! Every family vacation ever We did it! We finally made it on our dream vacation to Tokyo! Now I finally get to experience that amazing lifestyle and culture! Scuba diving on the beach, city tours, shops, a spa…! I’m so excited. What do you wanna do first? Sweet, ‘Big Bang Theory’ reruns in Japanese. Evry fmly vacashn Oh dear, my bladder hasn’t been so full in my entire life! Damn, I gotta take a whiz! Oh, my penis is crying! Wait. But… isn’t there just one bathroom? Ahh! Ahhhh! Whoah! AHHHHHH! Oh, this is so wrong! Vacation ♫ The word’s out of love ♫ ♫ I’m so freaking lonely ♫ ♫ The man that I love ♫ ♫ is twelve ♫ Are we there yet? Ahh! You say that one more time —
I swear to God! Uuuugh! Mom, you said it was my turn to play with the auxiliary cord Alright. Here you go. Thank you! Are we there yet? Ugh, my Gameboy is out of batteries. Okay, time for sunscreen! Ughhhh! Nahh Uuuhhh Uh! Ahhhhhhh! Our international friends would call it a “holiday”. Oh no!!! What’s wrong, sweetheart? Mom, my phone’s dead! Oh! Well, it looks like you have to put it down for a while and enjoy the world around you. Ahhh! Ohh!! Beautiful isn’t it? What’s that? Oh, that’s a tree, sweety, that’s a tree. Oh…! Oh, what’s that? Oh, that’s the sky. Ohhh! Ah! I need to show the world this place. My followers, they need to know where I’ve been. Well, your phone’s dead, silly. But…How will I show them where I’ve been, what I’ve seen?! Well, you just gotta tell ’em yourself that. Tell them… Interesting…! Hey, let’s pick up this hitchhiker! Okay… Now that I’ve gotten you out of that silly hotel room let us indulge in the culinary capital of the world! What do you guys want? We want McDonald’s! What? Are you kidding me? Foreign food is gross. Plus, it’s McRib season! How can you say that?! We’ve been… I have been slaving to get this vacation across the world! You know what? No! We’re gonna try some exotic Japanese food and we’re gonna like it! Here you are, madam. Looks great…! BUHHH!!! So… Who wants a McRib? Punch Buggy! So we finally made it, took pictures for ten minutes… What are we supposed to do now? Well… Let’s go home, gang! Are we there yet? Wait!!! You too…? Yeah… Every family vacation ever Hey guys, thanks so much for watching! To watch bloopers from this video and this… So what… Jesus, Keith, what… Come on, guys, let’s do it again! … click on that box to the left! And to watch “Every High School Ever” click on that box to the right! Do you wanna date me? Check ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Different sexual orientation’ or ‘You’re like a brother to me’. If you’re on touch screen device, all the links are down below… Haha, alright…! See you later, you… gorgeous people! That’s right, I called you ‘gorgeous’! Deal with it!


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