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Debby you’re so crazy. Pick whatever you want, okay. oh I know. Yeah Slut massacre five Kung-fu boobie fight Kitten killers one, two, and three. It’s her birthday. Ahhh Every Game store ever Why do we sell iPods and old cameras and other weird electronic stuff in a game store Well we realized we can make a lot more money on top of the games we actually sell Yo, what’s this game called? That sir is a blender Does it have multiplayer? Yeah Every horribly used game ever. Hey there. I’m looking to sell my mint-condition copy of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time What? I’ll give you two bucks for it Ugh, fine. Haha Can I buy that from you now? Um, yeah, that’ll be $5,000. $5,000?
Uh huh. okay One, two Hi there, I’d like to use 22000 rewards points to get $1 and 20 cents off this new game Alright just the game today. Yeah, and please don’t try to sell me anything extra. I don’t want to warranty or insurance I just want the game. You got it muchacho, but do you want to buy the downloadable content for the game? How does that even work? Well you buy this card here Which has a code on the back that you enter online once you get home in order to get the downloadable Content. Can’t I just downloaded it at home, and not have to come all the way out here for it. Well Yeah, but then you wouldn’t get this sweet card. I mean is it any cheaper here No. Do I get any extra content for buying it here? Yeah no. Are game stores becoming irrelevant? Because people can just download their games at home and not come all the way out here and talk to annoying people like you Yeah. What is a power-up cart leave me alone? How can I help you? Oh um can I speak with a different employee? Why? I just want to talk with someone that at least has a little bit of knowledge about video games so Trust me sir, I have a lot of video game knowledge Who makes Assassin’s Creed? Ubisoft. Okay in Ocarina of Time who’s the sage of Light Raru Okay in hearthstone Who’s the only meaning that can be executed with full house? The spell bender token. Okay, I guess I guess you do have enough knowledge to help me. That’s great So what can I help you with? Oh um do you have the new Call of Duty game? If your disk is scratched just put some water and some toilet paper on it This is it this is what we’re here for, this is what we do releasing new games to a lovely community. And it feels so good! All right here we go it’s midnight Wait wait where you guys going? We’ve got the game here oh? Ohhh we already downloaded it online What? Then what are you guys doing here? Oh well I mean for the community. You know the social interaction. I mean plus It’s the only time I get to use my camping gear and the only nights my mom lets me stay out past 10:00, so anyway, see ya Oh god I Come here for the culture. Oh my god, is that it can’t be *gasp* customer approaching Welcome to Game Place How can we help you today? You got a bathroom I could use? Actually, we don’t. Oh man. We really need to get a bathroom. Yeah, where do you guys go? The pet store next door. Every game store ever Well, I really love that game timesing video if you want to watch every shopper ever hit that box on the left And if you want to watch every Apple store ever click that box on the right Courtney’s eating a cookie as I speak wait what do you mean.. Okay, that’s the last bite so she’s not sharing


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