Every #Mom On Summer Vacation Ever – #Funny
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Every #Mom On Summer Vacation Ever – #Funny

Kids this is gonna be the best vacation
ever! Ever!! Leave her alone! Well, It’s not my fault you didn’t eat breakfast. Stop
fighting! Stop the car. We gotta get a picture. Stop
fighting! Would you leave each other alone! If you don’t stop fighting we’re
gonna pull this car over and you will hold hands until you can get along. Stop fighting. We are in public! Who cares who pushes the button? You can push it up the next time. Stop fighting! Stop fighting! Stop fighting! No,
I’m not buying you that. Picture Picture No. I get a picture. You lost your charger!? That’s the third charger this trip! Isn’t this fun? Hey! I get a picture. You’re bored! Do you know how much money I spent on
this trip and your bored?! Would you leave her alone! Leave him alone! Leave me alone!!! You don’t like the
taste of the water? Picture! I need a picture! Are they fighting? Is that our
kids fighting down the hall? I can hear them fighting. I have been trying to make this trip special for everyone and nobody appreciates it! Nobody appreciates me!!! Maybe we should just act like they’re not our kids. Who thought this trip was a good idea?

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