Exped Megamat 10 (Single & Duo) Sleeping Mat
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Exped Megamat 10 (Single & Duo) Sleeping Mat

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, Tara here
from Snowys Outdoors. Today I have Exped
MegaMats single and duos. And if you’re anything like me and love your comforts of
your home bed while camping, this is the mat for you. But unlike some other mats, they also pack down nice and small. We’ll bring the bags
together here for you. We have our single, being 79 long, 25 by 25 centimetres, and weighing in at 2.4 kilogrammes. Our duo, 70 long by 30-30, it’s just a little bit thicker, and weighing 4.4 kilos. Now we’re gonna show you
how to inflate the single. I’m just gonna move this one away. We’ll bring in the single with our clip. Simply unroll pulling out our single mat, getting also our pump. Simple roll. Coming over to our inflate valve. Now Exped have got a great technology where it sits flush with our sides. We pop it up. (air hisses) And you can hear the air
starting to go in already. So when these mats are new, we do recommend about one to two days to inflate to its full strength. If it is a seasoned mat,
it’s about 10 to 15 minutes. So when you first get to your campsite, pop it in your tent, get
on with your guide ropes, come back, and you should be good to go. Now that we’ve left it for our
10 minutes in the campsite, the pump that comes inside your bag can add in that little bit of firmness to bring it up to the desired level. Attach this to your inflate valve and we simply push down, (air hissing) let it fill with air. So we can pump it to your ideal firmness. Once you’re done with that, you just unclip it and
then close the valve. Now if you do find that it is too firm while you’re sleeping, a simple way is to open
up the inflate valve and letting a little bit of air out. Now this is a one-way valve, but if we just press it, (air hisses) you can hear that air coming out. That way you can sleep
for the rest of the night. Now that we’ve inflated our single mat, we’re now gonna talk about the features that come with our Exped MegaMats. First, starting with our fabric. With our top being made from the 50D nylon and being a velvety texture, and our base insides
being from 75D polyester, with the inside material
made out of open cell PU foam and both mats being an incredible
10 centimetre thickness and an R-value of 9.5. Now we’re gonna talk about the size and dimensions of our both Exped MegaMats. Both being 197 centimetres long with our single being 77
and our duo being 130. (chuckles) giving away my height. Coming down here to this FlatValve technology by Exped, we have easy indication of inflate, deflate valves making it easy for inflation, deflation, and adjustment. Exped also coming in both
colours green and red with its five-year warranty. That’s it for the features
on our Exped MegaMats. Now we’re gonna show you how to deflate and pack up our single mat. First of all, get that
bag ready next to us. And we’re gonna open the deflate valve. (air hisses) As you can hear, the
air comes straight out. Okay, we first fold, let all that excess air
out as much as you can. (air hissing) And again, sometimes if needed,
especially with the double. (air hissing) And now we’re gonna go into a roll. Start from the base
directing to the valve. Use your knees to make it easier. (air hissing) Now sometimes if you are in a hurry, luckily Exped’s bag is big enough to pop it in just like this. But if we give it a second roll, you’re gonna get all that excess air out. If you close your deflate valve and we do a quick nother
roll to about 80%. As you can see here, got
all of this excess air. Open the deflate valve again. (air hissing) And that gets all that excess air out. (air hissing) If we just close our valve
off before we pack it, it’s gonna ensure stays a nice size. Seeing as we got our bag ready earlier, it’s ready to be packed. Open it up, it’s an easy transition in. Seeing as Exped have designed this great bag that opens at the top, we can pack and roll. We bring our clips around to the centre doubling as a strap for easy transport. So that’s it for today
on the Exped MegaMats. We can find these in-store or online at www.snowys.com.au where we offer fast, free delivery for most of Australia. Till next time. (smooth music)


  • quedecree

    The little plastic 'peanut' thingo that's attached to the inflate valve – I haven't read anything about it, but I do use it to prop open the inflate valve flap a little to speed up inflation – it feels like it's designed for this. Do you know if it is?

  • swagging sisters

    These are great in your swag in place of a foam swag mattress👌, soooo comfy. Re deflating we just open the deflate valve, do the fold into three, lie with bodyweight on it pushing majority of air out, then unfold and just roll it up once and you're done. It only needs the one roll, not sure why two was needed in the vid (not enough air pushed out in the fold part)? One roll gets all the air out perfectly.

  • David Merington

    I have the older version of this with the smaller deflate valve and the other bag. Awesome mat. Tips for anyone when deflating just do a double fold in rough thirds and lay on top till 90% of air is out and then do single roll fit in bag every time. Alot easier that way.

  • Jan Sveen

    I've had a lot of exped mats, all of them let the air out. You fall asleep on a firm mattress, you wake up on a spongy kind of soft mattress. Not good. And all them were expensive, even the extreme expedition mattress with single tubes.

  • James Swanson

    How come they never show anybody laying on these pads? Lotta talk about centimeters and how they inflate like that supposed to be some kind of surprised.

  • jed turner

    bought 1 ,2 weeks ago, wow better than u think , better than my bed , infact im useing it as my bed. the fact you can make it how soft or firm makes it perfect. i used to sell top beds i know my stuff , for the money bargan

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