Explore Maui in a Rental Camper Van | Van Life Hawaii Part 1
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Explore Maui in a Rental Camper Van | Van Life Hawaii Part 1

This week we get a taste of van life on
Maui by exploring the island in a camper van. We enjoy free camping on the beach,
sea turtle watching, gorgeous sunsets and I make a cup of coffee. Got our van.
This is exciting. Sean from camper van Hawaii who rents Hymers on this island along with a
few other vans invited us to come out and getting a taste for van life on the
So we have a couple beach towels up here. There are some bath towels, stuff like that. Couple spices, salt and pepper up here. There a whole cookware set, an instant pot. Kait will love
that. You know a coffee maker I feel like we’re home but not quite Slight differences.
Yeah it’s weird having
a microwave and a shorter van. actually I don’t really notice it that
much but I really like this. And I love that there are three camper vans here
and all three are being rented today uh-huh
it’s it’s a popular place for it. I liked checking out the other one
what was it called?
Oh that’s the VW euro Camper I like the way they set that one
mm-hmm I do too are you renting this one out today too
yeah this one’s going out the same time you guys are. We are really excited
about this because there are six designated camping spots across the
island there are various places where we can go out to the beach park on the sand
just enjoy the island in a van and I’m really excited about this.
Well, and this camper’s fully stocked there are spices up in here. Yes, everything.
We’ve got fully stocked drawers down here. More stuff. There’s my water kettle.
Ready to go.
There’s even a toaster! I was checking out the back earlier. There are camping chairs, a little cooler so Sean really has these things set up for
It’s like all the comforts of home. Camper van life in Hawaii.
Yes ma’am.
I’m so excited! Are we going to fit? I think so…go slowly. You made it! I’m not gonna lie I was slightly nervous Well, he said it would fit in this one. Well the sign said 8 feet 6 inches max first order of business pick up some
local Maui brewing beer. So two things we absolutely wanted to pack our, little nite ize cellphone holder so I can mount the iPhone and use our GPS and then our
dash cam just in case anything happened we have it on record and it’s easier
that way All set.
We’ve got a full tank of gas
where do you want to go? Let’s see what kind of trouble we can get in to.
Do you want to grab the book that Sean showed us? Sure. Check out all the different
campgrounds and see where we want to head. Let’s do it! that was a good dinner.
very good dinner
mm-hmm It is starting to get dark so I say we go
find a place to camp.
Sounds good And apparently car camping is very popular Maui
yeah Vans are a bit new though. we parked this van and people started coming up to us asking us like what is that. I will say
with some of the tight parking lots we’ve encountered having the shorter
chassis Promaster is quite nice good morning. gonna make some coffee? Absolutely. So before we left I ground a bag of coffee, brought my cup, my pour over and a stack of filters. I have to say if we can rent a camper van in every
country, place we go to this is definitely the way to travel. It’s like
checking into a hotel on wheels. That’s absolutely what it is I say let’s take this head down on
the beach and go for a walk How’s this for a backyard?
pretty awesome So my love what do you think of your first night? Awesome. Love Maui, love waking up right next to the ocean. It’s nice. When I woke up I opened the back shade
and I looked out and you were doing your chi gong. Is that what you call it?
Part of my morning habit stacking trying to win the morning so I can win the day.
Well, I win the day by having coffee.
We have very different processes. Should we go for a walk?
I say we do looks, like a nice beach Awesome to hang out with Aaron for a bit.
Got some good local tips, some
restaurant spots we’re actually whale watching a little
bit. he was pointing out some whales that were breaching and tail slapping. it’s
got really excited about our trip here on Maui.
And we got a good lunch spot recommendation.
That we did. We got a few of them. Before we get on the road I say we unpack.
yeah I agree
I keep digging me into the suitcase for stuff and I’d rather just toss it in
Gonna put your stuff away? Yes. This is everything I brought for ten days plus
what I’m wearing. I like that you still have your lay on.
it smells so good
it does I wish I could stay fresh for ten days
I’m gonna have to figure out a way brought my scruba in case we need to
do laundry.
okay, and did you put all my stuff in there?
I did all your stuff is in here and look at all the room! this is what it would be like if we didn’t
full time in a van. all right off to get some lunch?
let’s do it so Aaron suggested we come to this
place to try the seared Ahi sandwich I got to do it, I love my sandwiches and
what’s funny is his wife is in New Orleans right now and I told him to tell
her to make sure to get that fried bologna sandwich I had the tuna is extremely tender and what I
love so much about this is there’s avacado mixed with some like a pesto sauce
really good. small sandwich but really filling very satisfying.
yes ma’am. Do you want to go look at sea turtles? I’ll go look at sea turtles with you I got to see sea turtles! They are so cool! There is even a baby sea turtle that
popped up and swam around. I could spend the entire afternoon here. I definitely
feel like my trip to Maui is complete now that I’ve seen sea turtles. So we didn’t make it very far today but I feel like we saw a lot. And I have to say one of the most interesting
experiences for me was going onto beach swimming in the ocean and diving under
and being able to listen to the humpback whales. the sound was non-stop it was
like a giant whale party going on down there and it is breeding season so it’s
probably what was going on. Alright so here’s my suggestion for tonight. Let’s drive back down to where we were last night find a camping spot and then tomorrow we can go stock up with food and other
things and maybe see some other parts of the island.
sounds good. I’ve really enjoyed West Maui. I can’t wait to see the rest of it.
me neither home sweet home another great camping spot I say we sleep with the doors open this evening. We can put the little bug screen down. should be a nice sunset Next time, we continue our island
adventure in the camper van, spot some humpback whales and hit the road to Hana. Thank you guys so much for watching. If
you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up, subscribe if you haven’t
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more cool content. We’ll see ya next time, bye!


  • Terry Keiper

    Saw an old Big Time RV TV episode showing you guys shopping for an RV to ship to Europe! We were so surprised to see you on this TV show! I'm guessing your plans changed? Love you guys and your channel! You were one of the first YouTube channels we found when we started learning about the RV lifestyle. We're about 1.5 years into it now and loving it in our 2017 Leisure Travel Van Murphy Bed. We part-timers from middle TN. Hope to see you someday…

  • Judy, Judy, Judy

    Kait, I suggested to another RVer that she get a IP for cooking because they are so easy & so clean. Another viewer sent me back a comment saying they use too much solar & the woman would be running down her batteries all the time with the IP. I'm not thinking the IPs take that much electricity (solar)….DO THEY? Please let me know if you have time please Kait! Thank you ….LOL Judie Another couple from the US main land is over there in Maui….Living Zeal…driving a redone tour bus….maybe you will see them?

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    I have been to Maui many times and just LOVE this video. Recognize so much. Love Leodas for lunch too. What a great idea to tour Maui by Camper Van. Look forward to more!

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    I've been to the other islands but not Maui….love what I'm seeing!! We could try out van life too…..so exciting!! Definitely adding this to my bucket list!! Thanks for sharing!!

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    Renting a van on Maui is now on my to-do list- it's like a mobile all inclusive resort, but with one rather mediocre chef. Thanks for the inspiration you two!

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    Awesome lifestyle, sleeping on your own bed with the ocean as your backyard, I wish I can have that experience. You guys are so lucky. Wishing you all the best! Thanks for Sharing your video, I really enjoy it.

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    Hi…. thanks for sharing. Enjoyed your vids and looking forward even though am not a RV camper but hopefully I want to experience it one day

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    My wife and I are really interested in renting the van that you guys had for two weeks in September.

    Her concerns are about places to spend the night. It would be a great way for us to experience The RV Lifestyle!



  • W Carl Hepker

    My wife and I went to Oahu Hawaii for our first anniversary. We were planning on going to Kauai Hawaii for our fiftieth anniversary. When we got to our forty-fifth anniversary, we asked why wait, let us go now. So we went and had a wonderfully great time! At forty-seven and a half years, she developed brain cancer and in three months she died. I am extremely glad we went ahead at forty-five years instead of waiting and then never getting to go together. Of course, none of us knows how long we have left, but it sure is important to do the things we really want to do before the unexpected precludes out getting to fulfill our dreams!!! Glad you guys have done that, and are doing that!!!

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    Aloha from Kauai;
    Maui is fun but for true beauty in a much more laid back environment you should come visit us in Kauai!
    We just missed you at Pomona this year you went the day we let the rain keep us away. We did leave with a new home though!
    You might of seen it at sportsmobile, the 2017 Ford Transit Quigley 4×4 350 hd high roof. We just picked it up 2 weeks ago and are having a ball getting to know the Beast ( my wife named it). It’s 22’2”! The Beast draws a crowd every where we go. I love having 4×4 and the high roof allows me to stand with no problems at 6’3” that’s a blessing. We hope you come and visit as we still have a house as well for now, plenty of room. 🙂
    Glad to see you made it to the islands now it’s time to come to the Garden Island.
    If not now when?
    Good luck on your search for a new home.
    Cindy and Larry Aloha

  • J. Patrick Moore

    How totally interesting to be in Hawaii in a campervan! Check out Groupon to see if there are activities that you'd like to do, I've done that on a past Hawaiian trip and it was great.

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    I was BLOWN over after having seen the VW WESTFALIA units in the USA, but you can bet those were petrol engines,,rather than diesel, as those are not allowed in USA, , not clean diesels.
    From Maplewood NJ

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    Btw, how have you liked using the Scrubba? On the fence because of mixed reviews

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    Many thanks.

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