Explore Planet Earth Big Arse Camping Chair (Throne) Review
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Explore Planet Earth Big Arse Camping Chair (Throne) Review

– G’day guys Brendan here
from Tentworld Prospect. Here to tell you all about the small planet earth big ass chair, I love this chair, it’s my
favourite in the whole store. Super comfy. Now the frame itself is made of 22 mil powder coated steel, it’s 88 wide, 88 thick and the back here is 98 centimetres high. The full height from top to tail is 168 centimetres, fantastic. What I really like about it, it’s got two cup holders as well, it’s really, really good. If you get your hands stuck, they’re big enough to get
your hands out, love that. The best thing I like about this chair is actually the real tough 600 denier, two type polyester as well, and on top of its actually a massive 200 kilogramme weight rating, so you can fit you, your dog and your missus somewhere over here, and you’ll be sweet, no worries at all. So if you want to come pick
up one of these bad boys for yourself, for one of your mates with a Napoleon complex as well, or for your subjects that need to come worship your feet, feel free to stop in and pick one up for ya.


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