Explore Planet Earth Zulu Compact & Lightweight Camping Chair Review
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Explore Planet Earth Zulu Compact & Lightweight Camping Chair Review

– Good day campers. Brett from Tentworld in Toowoomba. Today I’ve got the opportunity to show you the Explore Planet Earth Zulu chair. Now this is a great little camping chair. Very lightweight, compactable, sturdy and it’s also fairly stylish. Right now let’s rig this chair up. So, what I’ve got in front of me now is I’ve taken out the seat itself and then the frame and this is just the bag itself. So, as you can see, the frame itself looks pretty ugly, but what I’ve actually done is each of these poles has bungee cords through it. So it all connects in through the certain sockets that they’re meant to go to. So, very easy. So I’ll go ahead and rig this all up now. And then we’ll go into actually putting the seat cover onto it. So it’s very easy. Like that. I’m getting these ones ready. Like that. You’ll notice that these have got some plastic footing on here so just keep that in mind and just make sure all the poles are in nice and tight. Push them in and this centre pole here. Soon as it get into place, then all we have to do roll out your seat, and then pretty much make sure you got it up the right way on the reverse side you’ve got two sockets at the top and then two on the bottom and then just line them up with the corresponding poles and she’s ready to go. So the overall height of this chair is 65cm. You have a width of 52cm and a depth of 35cm. A total weight coming in at 1.8kg. Still very light. Compacts down into this small little bag. So, some of the other features of this is that it has a 13mm steel frame which is very sturdy and is very comfortable with this polyester and mesh seat itself. So the polyester itself is 600 denier polyester and very comfortable when you sit into it. There you go folks. So that’s the chair all rigged up ready to go. Another couple of things that I wanted to mention to you was that these chairs come with a 12 month warranty they have a weight rating of a 130kg, but if you’ve like to find further information out on this Zulu chair, please go across to our website which is www.tentworld.au otherwise you can go into one of our stores and talk to our friendly staff or the third option is you can go across to YouTube and check out some of our other chairs that we’ve got. And I’ll catch you later. Cheers. Bye.

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