Explore Planet Earth Zulu Deluxe Compact Camping Chair Demonstration & Review
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Explore Planet Earth Zulu Deluxe Compact Camping Chair Demonstration & Review

– G’day campers, Brett from
Tentworld in Toowoomba. Today I have with me the
Explorer Planet Earth Zulu Deluxe chair which is a lightweight
chair suited for hiking and backpacking but can be used
for general camping as well. Comes in this small bag which
means it is very compactable so it’s overall length of 52cm, a height of 14cm and then a width of 14cm as well. The bag
itself comes with these loops which you can attach to your
backpack as well as handles on either side as well as a main zip. Let’s get stuck in to some
of the main features of this chair and see if you like it. Now that I’ve unpacked the
main components of the bag which is the frame and then
the seat itself, let’s go ahead and start connecting the frame up. So when it comes out of the
bag it does look a little bit messy, but that’s OK. What
Explorer Planet Earth have done is that they’ve actually made
it a lot easier. The poles actually got bungee cord
through them so what they do is actually pull into place
and into their relevant, the sockets, so fairly
straightforward. So I’ll get started on that and we’ll
roll out the seat and then rig it all up. There you have it, that’s
the whole frame all up and ready to go, now let’s
get the seat ready and put it all together. So roll it out, make sure
you’ve got it the right way up, the cushion at the top obviously,
as well as the writing. Pretty much what you have to
remember is that you have to pretty much line up these
holes, they’re at the top or the inserts at the top to
these pole ends here. So there’s two at the
top and then there’s two down the bottom. So just pull them into place,
I’ll get this one started, then on this side, and come around to the front here. So straight up. The overall height of
the chair itself is 90cm, you have a width of 52cm and a depth of 35cm. The reason for the additional
height compared to your normal Zulu chair is to
provide further upper back, neck and head support with
the cushion at the top here. Provides a very comfortable
chair with this 600 denier polyester fabric as well as
the mesh inserts on the side. This just keeps things cool as well. The frame itself is 13mm steel frame, and it comes in at 2.3kg and is a very comfortable chair to sit in. And there you have it, that’s
the chair all set up ready to go so it’s very quick. One thing I must highlight
is that these chairs do sit fairly close to the
ground, as you can see I’m kneeling down, so just be mindful when you’re looking at
chairs and your physical capability of getting
in and out of chairs. A couple of the other
features that I wanted to fill you in on, that they do
have a weight rating of 130kg, just something to keep in
mind. They do come with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. So if you’d like to find any
further information about this chair or other hiking
chairs or camping chairs, please go across to our website which is www.tentworld.com.au or you can go into one of our local stores and talk to our friendly staff. Or thirdly, you can go
across to our YouTube website and have a look at some
of our other chairs that we’ve got on. Cheers, bye.


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