Exploring Kyrgyzstan by Bicycle – Part 2/3
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Exploring Kyrgyzstan by Bicycle – Part 2/3

Good morning That’s today plan Pitched the outer tent at the water For some shade Just went swimming wich was nice Here we will Relax until midday And then cycle 30km Or something like that It was a really nice day so far A bit cloudy now No rain so far, maybe later Swimming, good food, relaxing We want to cycle a bit, maybe 30km There is the next Small lake We’ll see if we find a nice campingspot there Is here a waterpump? We need water Just inside the houses Not outside? You got water? Yes, cold fresh water You want some? Yes! You also have companions? Exactly Slow progress Quite windy today again But unfortunately headwinds Yesterday we were lucky With backwind Today fighting the headwinds Ok We have 16km, we want 14km more We’ll make it somehow We made it for today We gave up This is our campingspot 3 hours cycling and proud of our 23km Now we earned it to stop Hopefully tomorrow The wind will be better Next day Wind seems to come from the right direction Let’s see how long And how far we can get They don’t have 92 Only 80? Yeah At this gastation only 80 octan petrol Not so good But he said, maybe at the next gasstation They have at least 92 Let’s see if they have 92 You have 92 octan petrol? Yes We need half a liter Olga is looking around in this city Here are everywhere markets Trying to buy some stuff They have lots of veggies here Will be for some time the last stop For the next 3 days or so Where you can do some good shopping i would say It will get Smaller and more remote So we stock up here My change Nice, looks good 120 Som With the change With the melon?
With the melon! 120 Som is 1,5€ A cauliflower Bellpepper, tomatos Greens and a big watermelon 1,5€, awesome 1kg rice 1kg buckwheat 1kg oats Curry 2 Kosanaki It’s sunflowerseeds with sugar More sunflowerseeds Nice For boring times Helva 1 can corn and 1 can tomato paste Nice, what did you spend there? I spend 370 som 370 is… 320 is 4€ Around 4,5€ Nice, now we leave the city And make lunch Not bad A little stream, we can cool down our feet Nice in the shade Nice Now we have the melon So delicious I think the melons from spain last year are loosing against this, huh? Yes We had to sugar them Yeah Awesome Best quality Amazing, this is our todays campingspot Super nice Look, here is sea ​​buckthorn Not ripe yet, or? Quite sour for sure We can make sea ​​buckthorn water Tastes quite good With water as a drink might be good, rich in vitamin C Tastes like sea ​​buckthorn It’s sea ​​buckthorn. Mhh Awesome It’s a mountain stream, it’s icecold Today we made something Very special We first boiled rice and put it in a container And then veggies Onions Carrots Bell pepper And on the market we bought a nice… Cauliflower, how it’s on german? Cauliflower! (Blumenkohl) I couldn’t remember the word And all with curry Morning Just having coffee I will write diary, then we pack Then we move on Today we have a mountain stage I think About 50km And 650 or 700m in height Maybe more We’ll see Might be tough Son Kol The next stop for us Also a lake The second most liked lake In Kyrgyzstan, after Yssyk Köl 50km But in between A pass, i think 3200m Now we are on about 2000m I don’t know, maybe 2300m So 1000 to climb Tomorrow We want to reach it That means Today Maybe 25 or 30km Depends how steep it will be We’ll see We are in a small village now Do some shopping This is how it looks All the sellers Here is a small Store Olga is inside Maybe we get a cold drink And maybe if we are lucky a melon for lunch We’ll see Waited for the rain to stop Yeah, it just rained a bit Now it looks better We’ll see Let’s go Our todays campingspot In the mountains, at a stream I look a bit wild We made good effort today Almost 45km About 800m in height It’s now 15km to the pass Tomorrow Around 700m in height And then downhill to the Son Kol And In total i think it’s 50km tomorrow And then we camp there Today here Over there somewehere Must be the pass, but here we have to go We are here Over there is the road Behind it Zick zack uphill And there is the pass I stay here and record you how you climb it What do you think? I’m a super cycling women! We already made a bit Around 7km to the pass We made more than the half since morning 15km total, 8 we have Quite steep sometimes But Beautiful too Flowers flourishing Colorfull, green Really Amazing Fantastic It’s rainig a bit Or a bit heavier actually Over there is the pass 4km Now it’s also hailing Now it’s stopping Blue sky again 10 minutes Good We made it Almost It hailed twice Hurted a bit Almost done, over there is the pass 6 hours later we made it 15km uphill Now the lake is in front if us We really made it to the top There is the lake You see it? Yes 6 hours 802m in height On 15,5km In total on 3280m At the lake are everywehere the yurt camps With the cattle Over there is the lake, we are a bit away now We go there now Then we hopefully get closer again Crazy landscapes and with the yurts, or? Yeah. Looks awesome Done for today We made it There is the lake, Son kol Over there Further, further There we go tomorrow There must be the next pass And today We came from there Somewhere there, yes Can’t see it now exactly Yeah, somewhere Somewhere there Sick day, really exhausting Really steep That was tough But of course Big reward now And all the way, it was so beautifull Also, yeah, the uphill We recorded so much The battery died, we put a new one Now, when im saying this You already saw it, we edited it You saw it, just amazing But Now we are done, pitch the tent and dinner


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