Extravagant Picnic

Howdy, partner! Good day to you! Abort! Abort! God help us! Steady, steady… Piece of piss Stop the freaking car, Heavy! Very well! It was long trip Move your arse, sputnik! This is a good location for the campground! Everyone’s here! Heavy, Medic, Pretty Lady, Merasmus Screw you! Miss Pauling Let’s dance like a girls with passion for Russian tea, Scottish dress and American painis! Because today is a full moon What the heck? I will go fishing Seduce me I built that Well… that was idiotic This is a good location for the fishing! O yeah! Holly freaking fruit c**p! This is mine now! Comeon! Wave goodbye to you c**p, chucklehead! Damnit! What? Attack! I tired of looking Get a job! Is nice! Magnificent! I am back, ladies! Very nice Something is different Is nice! Well… Soldier… I think Spy is moist *speaking in baguette* My big bewbz make me ded, again! Must think about sensible nuts! This is not a c***k that is proof that Medic hate America You look like precious sandwich, and i’m afraid you suck! Come, we must collect money! Got you! Soldier! Where is my Heavy Weapons Guy? What? This campground is c**p! I will burn it! Oh yeah! Ha! How you like that? Ah… piss! Incoming! Hands up! All right! That is bloody beautiful! Damnit! Ready to meet sharpy? The end All will take pizza!

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