[F-35A] Japanese Military Parade 2018 [English subtitles]
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[F-35A] Japanese Military Parade 2018 [English subtitles]

Parade Commander and National Flag National Defense Academy National Defense Medical College JGSDF High Technical School
(military high school) 1st Infantry Regiment
with Howa Type89 Assault Rifles 32nd Infantry Regiment with counter
guerrilla/commando warfare equipment ITT/NEC JGVS-V8
night vision device (on helmet) 1st Airborne Brigade with Type89
Assault Rifles (folding stock type) Naval Ensign (Rising Sun Flag) Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Japan Air Self-Defense Force Female Officers JGSDF Female Soldiers JMSDF Female Sailors JASDF Female Airmen Bell AH-1S “Cobra”
attack helicopters Bell UH-1J “Iroquois”
utility helicopters Sikorsky UH-60JA “Black Hawk”
utility helicopters Boeing CH-47JA “Chinook”
transport helicopters Beechcraft LR-2
liaison aircrafts ShinMaywa US-2
amphibious aircraft Lockheed P-3C “Orion”
maritime patrol aircraft Kawasaki P-1
maritime patrol aircraft Kawasaki C-2
transport aircraft Lockheed Martin/Mitsubishi F-2 “Viper Zero”
multi-role fighters McDonnell Douglas/Mitsubishi F-15J “Eagle”
interceptor fighters Lockheed Martin F-35A “Lightning II”
multi-role fighters Komatsu Type96
Wheeled Armored Personnel Carriers Komatsu Light Armoured Vehicles Thales Australia “Bushmaster”
Protected Mobility Vehicles Reserve Soldiers Military Intelligence Unit Raytheon MIM-104 “Patriot”
Surface-to-Air Missile System Toshiba Type93 Short-Range
Surface-to-Air Missiles Toshiba Type11 Short-Range
Surface-to-Air Missiles Mitsubishi Type03 Medium-Range
Surface-to-Air Missile System Mitsubishi Type87 Self-propelled
Anti-aircraft Guns Mitsubishi Type12
Surface-to-Ship Missile System Mitsubishi Type88
Surface-to-Ship Missiles Electronic Warfare Unit Kawasaki KLX250
(customized for reconnaissance) Komatsu Light Armoured Vehicles Komatsu Type87
Reconnaissance Combat Vehicles BAE Systems AAV7
Assault Amphibious Vehicles Amphibious Rapid Deployment Unit Mitsubishi Type16 Mobile Combat Vehicles Komatsu Type96
Wheeled Armored Personnel Carriers Mitsubishi Type89 Armored Combat Vehicles Motorised Infantry Unit Military Engineer Unit NBC Protection Unit Signal Unit Medical Unit Quartermaster Unit FH70 155mm Field Howitzers Mitsubishi Type99 155mm
Self-propelled Howitzers Mitsubishi Type10 Main Battle Tanks Mitsubishi Type90 Main Battle Tanks


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