Fallout 76 Base Building – The Auto XP Farm Base (fallout 76 Workshops)
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Fallout 76 Base Building – The Auto XP Farm Base (fallout 76 Workshops)

hi guys welcome back to another fallout
76 video now if you haven’t already joined the discord below with quite a
strong following 76 community building up helping each other playing with each
other and showing each other where to go to get the best loot and best resources
no today’s base is a bit different because this is gonna help you get XP
quite fast and throughout the game it involves taking over workshops now why
does this work because waves continuously come while shall they are
and this base will just cut them up for you now this is a basic base of done
very simple it’s just to give you a concept an idea of how to do it as we
progress further and the game because I’m still quite a little level because I
went from Xbox to PC and back to Xbox no back to PC because the retailer but I
bought my order from didn’t send it in time so you all have to get a workshop
area first or a high populated area where you can build that’s all though
your turrets to take out any AI any area constantly as the wave through I
recommend using the workshop cuz you can use extractors there as well let’s say
this is a very simple concept we have done it not to tentacle at all in and we
can do it I’ve just done it so you’ve got all the necessary things that you
need your workbench is your stash box copper turrets just keep coming back
when the waves come and just fire through them to build it as extremely
simple as I said and I’ll take you through that as well now as you can see
the turrets are focusing on the protection box something I bought it
won’t pick up for some reason but as you move your workshops to higher areas and
face supermutants the XP will only be more so if you’re a solo play out trying
to expeed because groups do get an easier running nests because they share
the XP that’s you’re sure they’re gonna help
but if you’re a grip and a high-end area we are fighting high-end
legendary mutants or girls this will help know just being in mind
they will focus the turrets so repair them as you go along
but now actually hear about this simple structure and I recommend build nests in
the junkyard just east of vault 76 start off there if you start in the game or
style probably level 15 this will be the first point
you want to start really so guys to build it is very simple all we’re going
to do is make a cross with foundations now I said this is a very simple way of
doing this you can play on this and find set this is just the main concept itself
but silent low level start with a low ambition and the base cuz you’re not
gonna bail all resources at the very start or a low level you don’t be
wasting all your junk when you can be making weapons etc so just make sure you
don’t go too big too fast like you do at any base so is what way or planning
zactly what you have and belton from there now you can see I’m just building
a central core this can be a room if you want when you put your stairs on you may
have to take the wall away again like I had to here you can see it
doesn’t click because the floor has to click to the stairs just take that wall
that’s underneath the stairs we put your floor in place then from there put your
wall back and there’s just a way followed does it could be glitchy eight
times just be a worth it now once you put that box secure the middle room you
can do what you want with that I don’t use it for less I just kept it there for
follow yes no from there you oughta put your floors
and because you Peter central floor then you can know put floors all the way
around it’s just easier to do it from the bottom it’s easy just to snap them
all and and just it just walks a lot quicker no because of it the citizen
place account but a full floor so started using these half floors and just
rotating them around so make like a little walkway around the stairs
themself now these all have flaws are growing especially the ones that are see
through the mesh really good but it works well with this because you can
just go up the stairs you can defend from up there you can get good view as
well now when you come up you’re going to want to put with a floor all the way
around what you’ve just put down you can put fill floors or you can put little
squares and just have corner peak spots it’s completely up to you this is what
it looks like with the fill floors I won’t be keeping these I’ll be taking
them back off and putting the small square ends and instead which you’ll see
in a second this is because I want the tourist tool to look down as well
whereas after certain at the before to each end over it’s gonna
restrict a view of what it can actually see so you can see no putting a little
flaws into one section and that’s n piece this gives it that nice little
corner piece mentioning where the tire can now see down the side of it as well
very important because you want the toilet to be his fate if it is possible
so I’ll take these ones away and I’ve put a full one here so I’ll take this
away and put a small square back in place now from here it’s very simple
the roofs can be a bit glitchy however just be away from you’re gonna take the
slanted roof pieces the corner pieces put these in place
that’s all allow you to put the slanted roofs now the reason why I’ve done this
is because I want to be able to get to an area where I can doctor cover and fo
Nick to make a munition I’ll do anything else to my surprise I’ve got an area
where I can craft and get back at the finish railway that’s the only reason
why I’ve used us I think it’s very effective I didn’t put any front the
back of me but you could put a wall up but I want you to have a good view
because they’re all going to be coming towards it anyway and they’re gonna
probably focus the toilets so when you put the rough pieces in place you can
see a nose starts to close you up a little bit so it starts to potentially
quite well all you have to worry about is that back
area behind you so you’ve taken away three points or the area what people can
actually attack you on yeah you can attack you know toilets you can see here
as I was doing this we started getting attacked by AI straightaway the toilets
was deployed and it started firing at the I know this is what was meaning well
it doesn’t have to just be a workshop if you get an open area you can use these
if you know there’s a lot of passing a ie cuz II refresh come back all the time
so it’s worthwhile use it and that in sense as well so don’t think it’s just
limited to the workshops and though you’re gonna blueprint nice very simple
to do it altered a little bit we can put in the whole structure off very quickly
so you don’t have to go through every single piece again like you did before
is very quick and smooth note though that sense of peace it’s up to you what
you do I feel is a good idea to all your what benches in this area you may not
have them all that’s fine you may a stash box in this area and whatever
bench you have actually got know your company’s underneath there of pieces you
can only push them up as far as you can they can be a bit annoying at times to
move around just build a foot push them back as far as you can get them that’s
all what create a working space for you to stand in between them all and use
them all alternatively if you’re struggling my foot and just been a bit
glitchy just jump on top of them and you command and just use it that way instead
just look down on them oh it’s no big deal to be fair no you see I managed to
get a lot the what benches and beta that’s why I’ve got them how you get
these what benches you just carry out tasks that’s all we do nothing else no
obviously you want stash box I start my notes inside because I’ll
just use it as and when I need it and that is that it’s so simple and that’s
we’ll just farm ax p with a ir they’re very useful
easy way to do it no as i said this is a very simple concept when i wait to show
you is one a way to get out a lot quicker then what it dead because as I
said the retail I bought my into the game off off didn’t get out in time so
I’m a day behind them walk my schedule is gonna be no this is very effective in
many ways but if you take the workshops over try and have something like that
seven place I would try and get high tier workshops as soon as you can really
but don’t go too far and go to an area where the e is we above what you are
because all what’s gonna happen then as you’re just gonna get caught up and a
whole lot of mess you can go of so make sure you pick a workshop that has an e I
just about ten above where your actual level is say you stand a good chance of
activating back as well cuz if you do take out the toilets you’re gonna have
to fade back as well just bear that in mind now there try and get some more
Bell concepts I’ve got quite a lot coming out I’m not going to go for the
local rule player B C’s that I’ve seen popping up everyone knows where to put a
picture and whisper that’s that and the next thing we were going to try and do
different concepts all time we will do specific best builds
however we will not be doing very drop-down local colleges it’s not what
we’re going to do when you’re trained do things that are gonna help you progress
and make life and quality life better with unfollow 76 like shops traps pieces
like this and all different manners of beating the game basically no as I said
before joined escort I actively play with the guys in desk or talk to them
all the time it’s not a desk or where you just go out and talk amongst
yourselves I’m quite active in there as well we do giveaways everyday for
different Steam games were also doing out and giveaways every weekend there we
will be streaming quite a lot of 476 NOK straight away because we all get as much
content as we can to get be teased out as soon as we can but the streams will
only be two three hours usually starts with 10 o’clock UK time that’s p.m. so
if you’re around look out for it in the community tab or underscore that will be
put in there every day we’re going to stream so guys that as the HP base very
simple I’d love to see what you guys come up with I’d love to see hear the
stories of you actually using it and how it’s helped you progress or if you found
a feeling like that by all means come and tell me as well because then we can
look at it again and progress it better so guys that is it for today thanks
joining in I’ll catch you in the next one


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