Family Camping
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Family Camping

You know, when you’re getting ready for camping,
it’s a lot of work. Getting all your stuff together…This morning I was kind of stressed
out about getting all my stuff together to come out here, but it’s always worth it. Once
you get out, you get the tent set up and you realize, like it seems like it’s going to
be a lot of work to set up camp, but it’s really not that much work. The tent goes up
quicker than you think it’s going to. Everything else is just kind of fun. To put everything
together and build the fire. I enjoy doing that, so it’s never as much work as you think
it’s going to be. “Okay here we go. Are you ready?” My favorite part is waking up in the
morning and just being outside. You wake up and you, you’re outside. And you sit around
the campfire in the morning and you have coffee. That’s my favorite part. Ya! We always try
to camp by rivers and it’s a very calming peaceful sound. It connects you with nature.
So I think when you’re outside as a family you just don’t have the same distractions
that you have at home, so you can spend more time together. And, you know, just being out
in the sunshine and listening to the river roll by, um, it’s just, there’s just something
about it, I don’t know what it is. Just doing fun things during the day and then once it
starts getting dark you can cuddle up to the fire and share some stories and just have
a good time. When I think back about my own childhood, all of my greatest memories all
happened outside. Camping with my grandparents, riding my bike with my dad, now that I’m a
father, I’m trying to give those same kinds of experiences to my children. I started camping
in my early 20’s. I mean, that definitely catapulted me into loving camping. I’ve been
doing it ever since. Now as a father of two daughters, it’s a great activity. Something
that’s inexpensive. It’s a lot of fun. We all enjoy the time that we spend out here.
You know, we go lots of different places. Tonight we’re camping by the river, sometimes
we’re on lakes, sometimes we’re at the sand dunes, the mountains…It’s just fun to experience
nature as a family. When it’s time to clean up and pack up everything to head home, the
fun feels like it’s over, but I find myself thinking about the camping trip. You just
have so many fun memories as a family, or from just being outside that, you know, all
week long you think back to the things that you did. It’s just a cycle of being out here
and creating memories and then getting back home and planning so that you can create more.


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