Fast-Pitch Tent Showdown – Black Wolf Turbos, Oztent RVs, Coleman Instant Ups & more
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Fast-Pitch Tent Showdown – Black Wolf Turbos, Oztent RVs, Coleman Instant Ups & more

– Hey folks, we’ve got a
range of our most popular quick pitch touring tents
setup behind me here today, starting from the
lightweight and affordable right through to the heavy duty canvas. I’m gonna take you for a walk
through, let’s check ’em out. ♪ Hit it ♪ (upbeat music) Hey folks Ben from Snowys here. Today, the Brownhill Creek Caravan Park, a beautiful sunny day. This is a great spot if you
want to base yourself somewhere to check out the Adelaide hills, it’s in Adelaide’s leafy eastern suburbs. I’ve got that awesome
showdown here for you today between Coleman, Black Wolf, and Oztent. These are all touring tents or camping and touring tent set up behind me here. They all have a quick pitch
frame feature of some form and they all sleep
around about four people. It’s about 240 centimetres by 240 centimetres in sleeping space. We’ll start at this end
with our most affordable and lightweight option which
is the Coleman Instant Up Silver series and this is
the four person version. This weighs in at about
12 kilos so just over and it’s made with 150 denier polyester. The floor is a crinkly top
type material or a polyethylene and the frame is a 20
millimetre steel frame. It’s probably better
served for general camping, but you can use it for
a lightweight touring so that means you just need to be aware that it’s not as durable
as the canvas tents that you’ll see the end of this video. As we move on there’s another
tent that sits in between here that we haven’t got setup today and that’s the OZtrail fast frame series. Shares similar materials to the
tent we’ve just talked about to my right here, but it
does have an upgraded floor with 150 denier polyester
floor and it also has an awning that has a
few more features on it. You can add side walls and front panels and it comes with a
slightly heavier weight at around about 15 kilos
as well, just over. Moving on from that is
the Coleman Instant Up Gold four person tent. Now there’s a number of
tents in the Gold range. This one sleeps four people, now slightly heavier in
weight than the Silver series at about 15 kilos, it’s
got better quality fabrics. It’s a 75 denier polyester, lesser denier but it’s
a much nicer fabric. It’s got a Poly-Oxford floor, which doesn’t have that crinkly feel. It’s got a PVC coating so
it’s much heavier duty floor, but it does have the same frame at about a 20 millimetre steel quick pitch frame. You do get extra poles
with this tent here, so you can set this front awning up as a three pole awning with a peak in it. You can do the same thing
with a removable awning. The features on the
side of the tent there, that can actually be removed completely and placed on the other side of the tent. Moving on from this tent
there is another tent that kind of sits in between
this one and the next one, which is called the Coleman
Darkroom series in tents. It also comes in a four person, very similar almost
identical to this tent here, apart from the fact
that the fabric has got what’s known as a darkroom
coating on the back, which blocks out most of the light and the vestibule on the
front here is much larger. There’s a brow pole that comes out here, it gives you much more living space in the front of the tent. Much like the next tent
in our series here, which has got a larger
vestibule at the front here. Now the Darkroom I just talked about, the Coleman Darkroom weighs
in at about 15 to 16 kilos. As we come up to the Black
Wolf Turbo 240 X-Lite LF here, our weight drops back
down to about 14 kilos but we do get a bit of extra
durability out of that. It’s made with 150 denier
polyester exterior. The floor is a nice heavy-duty
500 denier Poly-Oxford floor and the frame is a combination
of a 23 millimetre aluminium upright pole and some composite
poles in the roof section, which gives it a nice small pack size. There’s a unique awning,
a unique vestibule at the front here where we’ve
got access on this side. You can also access it on the other side and we can also set this front door up as an awning out the front here similar to the Coleman tents we just looked at. So this is quite a good
balance between general camping while offering a lot of the
durability you might need for full drive touring. Now moving on from there
we get up to the Black Wolf core range of Turbo tents. Now these guys are available in both light and canvas material. Same tent, different materials. At about 19 to 24 kilos for
the 240 version I’ve got here, but there is a whole range of options in the Turbo tent series. The lightweight materials
are 150 denier polyester with a 500 denier floor, but the canvas which I’ve got set up here is a 230 GSM ripstop poly cotton canvas with a 600 denier floor. So they’re nice and durable
and the frame is also a 23 or a 25 millimetre aluminium frame. So these guys are made more for touring. They’re a much heavier duty tent. You’ve also got a lot
of options for these, add-ons, sidewalls, front panels, extender awnings that
you can put at the front so you’re really opening up your options when you get to the Turbo tent range. Going on from there
there’s a couple more tents that’s sitting between here that we haven’t got set up today. The first one being the Oztent Oxley. Very similar to the Turbo
tent, similar in weights, both canvas and light
materials are available in the Oxley tents as well and they set up in a similar manner. Slightly different mechanism
in the way the pole or the frame sets up, but even the frame is a similar size aluminium. The awning out the front too, you can attach side panels to
that to enclose that space. The one big benefit of the Oxley is they have a heavy duty PVC floor, which adds a little bit of weight but adds a whole lot more durability. Next one I’m from that,
also not set up today is the Explorer Planet
Earth Speedy Earth Tent. It’s a lesser known tent that
offers a lot of living space, but it is quite bulky and
weighs in at about 26 kilos. Made from a canvas material as well, also with a heavy-duty PVC floor. Probably a good tent for long-term stays if that’s what you tend to do
rather than a touring tent. And moving on from here is what I think is the ultimate touring
tent for full drivers. This is the Oztent RV tent. Now this was the quickest
tent to set up today. It’s got a really quick
pitch frame feature and you can have a whole
thing set up, pegs and poles and everything in under
five minutes I reckon. Also made with canvas, it’s
an 8-ounce ripstop canvas and it has a nice heavy-duty PVC floor and it’s an extruded
aluminium frame inside there. Weighs in at about 23 kilos. You can also get accessories for this so you can enclose this front room and you can set this up as
a peaked awning if you like, there’s a lot of options
that you can add on to your Oztent RV tent. Now this is a single skin tent. The only single skin tent apart
from the Speedy Earth tent that we’ve seen in the range here. So you can get condensation
issues inside the tent, but there is an accessory
called the Oztent Fly that you can add to it
to mitigate those issues. There’s one other tent I’m
going to mention in the range and that is the Oztent RX series tents. Almost identical to the RV
tent we see behind us here. There’s an RX-4 and a RX-5. They’re made with a
slightly different material a mod con canvas, which is a synthetic. The benefits of the RX
series is it comes with all the accessories you
need to fully enclose this front room here with a
zip in floor, zip on sidewalls, it also has a nice big
skylight for the main tent. There’s a few extra features. Downside is the whole tent
weighs about 35 kilos, so potentially a little
bit heavy for touring, but it’s great once again
for long stay camping. Now the one thing I
haven’t talked about so far is the pack size of all these tents, which is an important consideration depending on what vehicle
you’ve got and also if you’re trying to keep the
weight of your vehicle down. Although the Oztent was my
favourite tents in the range you can see that it does pack up to a very long package here. It’s about two metres long
so you’re going to need a roof rack or a trailer
to transport that. This and the Black Wolf bags are made of a much heavier duty material
than the Coleman ones in front and the Black Wolf ones
here are much shorter, but they are quite sort of round and fat when they’re packed up
and they’re going to be much easier to fit in the boot
of an SUV or a station waggon. And moving up to the Coleman
Instant Up series here, much more compact, lighter weight bags. They’re going to fit in
smaller cars much easier. Now we’ve got an
instruction on setup as well as walkthrough videos for all of the tents you can see set up behind me here today, so jump on our website and check ’em all out. You’ll also find them there
at our lowest prices every day and we’ll deliver just about
anywhere in Australia for free. If you thought the video is
useful subscribe to my channel, we’ll send you all of our
latest and greatest information. Tell us which of these tents
that you reckon is the best, could be something different
than what’s in the video. Let us know down in the comments below. Thanks for watching guys. We’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)


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