Faux Camping: Packing for a 10 Day Summer Trip

Hey, welcome back to my channel today, I am going to pack for an entire week with you in front of the camera So if you’re interested in seeing what in the world it is that I take when I’m leaving my house for an entire 7 days actually like 9 or 10 days then stick around I Have this gigantic lovely suitcase passed down to me by a friend. It is huge if it’s so much stuff So I start with a set of neatly folded clothes these are a stack of t-shirts that I keep in my closet specifically for this camp trip that I make every year and I pretty much never wear t-shirts. So there they literally just exist for this trip. So I start with that. I’ve also got these pink slippers that I wear only at camp it’s like just for camp week as why those exist and then Packing extension cords and towels and other stuff like that that you need when you are sleeping in a cabin on a bunk with a bunch of girls Next I pack sheets my flip flops and a coffee mug that I can use in the mornings and then also a Special music moleskin notebook that my best friend bought me for my birthday this year because this is a music camp So that’s definitely required equipment and then I’m also going to be in Austin the weekend Beforehand for a work conference. So that’s why there’s a backpack off to the side I’m having to pack things that I will need for the weekend beforehand there and then I packed a sleeping bag But I ended up changing my mind on that one. So Here’s my bathroom bag now that’s pretty much all the bathroom stuff that I own if you’re interested in that look at my minimalist video where I like went through all my bathroom stuff and downsized into that bag and then this is the point at which I packed my towels my pillows and I ditched the sleeping bag in favor of The ever more practical black mamba, which is my nickname for this gigantic black blanket Which kept me warm all week. So happy Thank you so much for making it to the end of this video If you liked this video give it a like if you liked me Give me a subscribe and then go find Lane on fire on Facebook on Instagram on Twitter. I’m everywhere, baby

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