Feature: 2019 Mitsubishi Strada GT 4WD AT
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Feature: 2019 Mitsubishi Strada GT 4WD AT

Hello, this is Niky Tamayo for Top Gear Philippines
and we’re here with the brand-new 2019 Mitsubishi Strada. Now, the Strada is a nameplate that’s familiar
to most people. It’s been around in one form or another for
the last few decades. The last Strada, though, was a sea change
for the brand. It introduced the DI-D direct-injection engine,
the legendary 4D56-T 2.5-liter engine with over 170hp. It was really fast. And it had futuristic styling, car-like driving
dynamics, and luxurious interior appointments. Now, when they introduced the new model in
2015, there were high expectations for the truck. They took a more evolutionary approach to
the styling—it looked a lot like the old truck despite being completely different. Which isn’t a bad thing, but people were hoping
for something a little more macho. And for those people, this car is it—the
2019 Strada. Now, under the hood we have the same 2.4-liter
MIVEC direct-injection engine as in the pre-facelift Strada, but there’s nothing wrong with that
engine. Here it’s been re-tuned for a little more
power, a little more oomph—it’s up to 178 horsepower. And it feels real strong, real linear, real
progressive. Not like the old 2.5 DI-D. I love that engine
but the boost was really erratic. This one, very smooth, very progressive, and
if it’s anything like the Montero, fuel economy should be pretty good. Attached to the engine and new transmission is
a Super Select four-wheel-drive system, which actually now comes with multiple modes. It’s got modes for mud, gravel, snow, and
rocks. Not that you’ll ever go in the snow and
you don’t wanna take your brand-new pickup in the rocks. It actually adjusts the working of the powertrain,
drivetrain, and the brakes to help you in any off-road condition you could ever imagine
tackling. Now, Mitsubishi has also spruced things up
on the inside. They’ve renewed the interior, they’ve
added some nice contrast-stitched leather seats, contrast-stitched leather on the center
console, on the door panels, some carbon fiber accents here and there. And a nice new touchscreen system with, of
course, Bluetooth and iPod for those of you who are still actually using your iPods. You can attach your iPod to the Mitsubishi
Strada. Aside from all of that, it gets some new toys
like the Forward Collision Mitigation System–the big camera you can see here in front of the
rearview mirror. And the Ultrasonic Misacceleration Mitigation
System which stops you from having low-speed accidents in parking lots. Aside from that, you have cross-traffic alert,
braking assist, and all the safety features you expect from a modern car. Stuff that’s required in Europe but not
yet in Asia. But as soon as we do require them in Asia,
Mitsubishi has them. Now, it’s not only the toys that set the
Strada apart from previous Stradas. It’s also in the way it drives. We have a new six-speed automatic. Nothing was wrong with the old five-speed
automatic, but the six-speed is smooth, quick. It gives you pep when you need it and you’re
never in the wrong gear. Aside from that, the ride has been improved
a little bit. They have thicker and bigger diameter rear
dampers. Now, if they’re tuned the same, it should
have little to no effect but they’ve tuned it to give a little more give in the back. The bigger diameter and the bigger oil reservoir
should make it more consistent over time. As you go over a rough road, the oil sort
of heats up and the dampers go all soft. It doesn’t ride as well at the end of a
long trip as it did at the start. With a bigger damper reservoir, it should
last longer off-road. Now, to drive this new Strada is pretty nice. The steering is much like the Montero Sport,
which in my opinion has the best steering in its class right now. The Strada is exactly the same. The steering is very positive, it’s got decent
feel for a pickup truck. And with the big 18-inch split-spoke alloy
wheels and the big 265mm wide tires, there’s a lot of grip and good turn-in bite. The 18-inch wheels don’t make that much
of an impact on the ride. It’s a bit firmer than you’d expect coming
from 16- or 17-inch wheels, but nothing bad. I expect, like the Montero Sport, this car
will be very great to drive on twisty mountain roads, canyon roads, or whatever suits your
fancy. In the end, the Strada is a welcome new addition
to the growing pickup wars of 2019, what with pickups having less tax than everything else
on the road. With that, more people are going to get into
these things. The Strada, with its macho looks, the great
interior, the great driving dynamics, and all the safety toys you could ask for. Even some you didn’t ask for but you probably
actually need. The Strada has something for everyone. This thing is a winner and we can’t wait
to see more of them on the road. So for Top Gear Philippines, this has been
Niky Tamayo with the new Mitsubishi Strada, signing out.


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