Fifth Wheel Hitching | Reese M5 Review | Changing Lanes!
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Fifth Wheel Hitching | Reese M5 Review | Changing Lanes!


  • Dan Huhn

    Chad and Tara this is one of the best hookup video I’ve seen on YouTube. Thanks for showing people the correct way to hook up.
    I really enjoy following your videos very informative.

  • EricHarmon67

    I have the same breakaway switch, but I’ve been connecting to my hitch. Is there any danger of the breakaway switch pulling free if you make a tight turn?

  • Outdoor-ish

    We have y’alls checklist as a note on our phones but lately haven’t been using it as much. Good reminder to slow down and take our time packing up 👍🏻

  • Steve

    It's also a good idea to turn off your truck when your getting in and out hitching up. I've forgotten to put in park before and the whole rig moved.

  • J AB

    Thank you both for all of the extremely well done and informational videos on 5th Wheel operation. You certainly are leaders in the industry and have prepared many on how to safely operate the rig. Your way of highlighting issues that others may have had might be due to your or other RVers fubars, but your intelligent way of teaching is a plus. Take care and travel safely.
    Joe from Leander Texas

  • AnotherMarcOnThePage

    Great info. It is getting closer for us to start or journey and having an overview for hooking up is great. Our build will be done in 5 months.

  • European Tour

    So nice to hear that you say about the drag test. ! Seen many a trailer go sailing on its own down the road

    Always do a drag test and always lift the trailer as banging under trailer , so that “ if “ king pin not locked properly, the trailer will only fall 3 or 4 inches ( commercial trailer ) it is possible to drop trailer on its nose if legs wound up fully ! Yes I did do that. 😂😂😂😂.

  • Everything RV by Pat

    I am a definite advocate for using a goose ball hitch. That said, I really do like this Reese hitch better than most I have seen. We use a checklist too and I highly recommend that anyone else pulling a 5th wheel have one too. It only takes a minute of distraction to get off your game and that's when something bad happens. Great instructional video!!!
    Thanks for sharing,

  • Rick Madison

    My stock brake release pin has come out several times on turns once going into gas station took a few min to figure why trailer was locked up so be ware that bungle isn't too short or you might find yourself locked up on a right or left turn…

  • Gary Kwiatkowski

    I had my Class A License back in the day for a number of years. The number one instruction to hook up a trailer was the pull test. The old saying in driving a tractor trailer was to test before getting underway. Apparently the pull test is the same with a fifth wheel RV. I really love you guys and seeing more and more of your video's , make my day.. THANKS FOR BEING YOU! Chad you are a great instructor & Cara, a great student…….

  • crispy83

    Not sure if someone mentioned this yet, but you should apply the parking brake before putting it in park, that way no weight is allowed to transfer to the transmission.

  • Ken Hughes

    Great video, really enjoy you channel. I have my first fifth wheel after 4 travel trailers and the dealer talked me into the Anderson you showed on your video. So far it's been great with no problems, but time will tell.
    Here is a little tip from a 40 plus year truck driver. If you get a bind and can't pull the release handle, back up tight against the hitch and set the parking brake and then try to pull it.
    I really don't think taking the weight off the hitch has any affect on unhitching. Keep up the good work

  • Michael Laky

    Great videos! I noticed you carry three extra fuel containers. Do you travel with them "full" of gas and diesel? Do you ever run into trouble getting fuel with a big trailer as you travel cross country?
    I also noticed the truck rim with no tire, please explain this. We are just starting our own adventures in our 380flr. Thanks! Safe travels!

  • Annamay Beekman

    Thank you so much for this video. I will be selling my little travel trailerJune and buying my first 5th wheel.And I am a little nervous about hitching and unhitching my 5th wheel at first by my self. I will use check lists and go slow. I just got my truck and it has the same things on my dash board as You. Iused to drive 40' busses ……I believe in going slow to make sure things are done right that way no accidents

  • Eat Sleep RV Repeat

    We were like wait Tara got taller! No wait Chad got shorter! We don't have a 5th wheel but this was super interesting.
    Lou & Angie💚❤

  • Dale P

    Hey Chad, when I had my rig with the wireless air, I would just hit the up fitter switch and shut that system off when un-hitching. So when that weight comes off the truck the sensor doesn't see the pressure lowering in the bags and keep trying to re-fill them. Then when un-hitched Id set the PSI to 5 for the bags. When hitching back up, id wait till we were all hitched up and then fill the bags back up. 35 to 40 psi seemed to be the magic.

    Thanks for the idea on the coiled breakaway cable, mine always bugged me!

  • Bird Man

    Wow nice video incredibly accurate and complete, should save quite a few people a lot of embarrassment and unnecessary insurance claims. 👊👍😎

  • Johnny Lightning

    Hey, what the heck, free's good, actually great. I bet your friends said bad words when that trailer dropped. As for checklists, pilots that have been flying for 40 years use them. Ya think there's a reason for this?? Keep the good stuff coming guys.

  • Will talks

    One thing that I’d like to mention with your light check. I travel alone more often then not. What I do is hit the emergency flashers and that turns everything on including both turn signals. Also good call on the pull test with landing gear down, I’ll be adding that step.

  • Dan Harris

    Have a r e sidewinder hitch and had a wedge failure and almost a catastrophic accident.luckily with 40 years of experience towing trailers I was able to come to a stop with out a accident or rollover. Did quite a bit of damage to the fifth wheel and the rear of the pickup. Reese didn't hardly do squat. Since there was no injuries the only thing I could actually sue for is our deductible on our insurance. By the time I would hire attorneys and so forth it wouldn't be worth it. I will never buy a Reese product again.

  • Mountain Dave

    Anyone every had an issue with the Andersson hitch? Cheaper, lighter, can't drop a rig on your truck. I've only had it a for a few pulls and curious why I don't see more on the road.

  • hilton ray

    We have the Anderson hitch it works great, I take my hitch out after every trip so I didn't want to have a heavy hitch. Our toyhauler only weighs around 14k when loaded so it's well within the limit. Is your tool box also an auxiliary fuel tank?

  • Red Berry

    He double disked it on the kingpin that’s why it didn’t lock ( sorry Tom) my new hitch states no more than a 3/16 disk on kingpin or it may not lock

  • Arthur Sloate

    One of the advantages to the Reese GooseBox is that the pull test is not necessary. It is quite obvious that the GooseBox is on the ball.

  • Jim Wojcik

    One thing I added to my checklist is to turn my airbag compressor off before I unhitch. That way when I raise the rig the truck doesn't keep coming up. I have it wired to one of my upfitter switches.

  • Larry S

    Another great video. I concur on the pull test. I drove truck in the Army for a good many years and was prepared with CDL to do as a civilian when I retired. Did need to, but if I remember correctly that pull test was part of the CDL exam.

  • Lois Ryan

    I was noticing that you stand on the tire to reach the lever. Since I am not as tall, I use a 2 foot aluminum step ladder to lock and unlock the hitch. This makes it much easier on my back.

  • John Rinehart

    Thanks for the advice about the breakaway cable. I try to have spares and backups for most everything, but that is one I did not think about.

  • pukwudjivc

    When adjusting the height of the hitch and pin-box, clearance is important over the bed, but also how level the trailer is, right?

  • pukwudjivc

    What amazed me about Tom and Cheri's crush, was there might have been a scratch in the paint on the trailer, but no other apparent damage. Amazing.

  • Julius Olguin

    When securing your motorcycle“ Lucille “ do you just use ratchet straps or do you have a front wheel chalk system? Maybe a video idea 💡


    I personally don’t use Reese 5er hitch. After researching we decided to go with the B&W 5th wheel slider in a Ford F-250 for our 2019 Jayco NorthPoint 377 RLBH. I also like the fact that you can leave the jaws open and back under and they close. Great video with lots to keep your checks in order!

  • Mark Jung

    GM, Chrysler! My take-away from this video is never get behind a 5th wheel on the highway. You both are very smart, but thinking about everyone else out there pulling one of these … sweet, fancy Moses!

    I've never done a "pull test" and have never had a problem in my class-B. 🙂


    Fifth-wheel hitching??? 😂😂😂😂
    Fifth wheel coupling!!
    In this case, words matter!
    I wouldn't buy something from a manufacturer that says hitching, when coupling is recommended!

  • Shel Ribelin

    Great video guys! Always very informative as usual. Love your check lists too. Thanks for sharing and I love the new hitch. Love your channel as well. Safe Travels

  • Bazz

    Good job guys!! After 30+ years of driving tractor trailers (Big Rigs), ALWAYS, ALWAYS ALWAYS do a pull (tug) test, no arguments just do it.

  • Will Brown

    Nice thing about the Andersen Ultimate Aluminum hitch is I don't have to do a pull test. I know many don't like this hitch but I have had it 5 years with no issues. I love that it weighs only 35 pounds and I can easily get it in and out of my truck when I need the bed. I do like these puck systems but my 2015 doesn't have that option.

  • Kathleen Back

    Hi Chad and Tara, do you have a video on how to use the trailer brake while you are driving? I thought they were only to be used for driving in the mountains.

  • Rene lambert

    Thanks, we SO appreciate your safety and maintance videos. We left Fiesta Key on 2/14. It would have been nice to meet you in person. I did our pull test for the first time when we left. #41ftSolitude

  • Robert Coe

    What are your thoughts on the Andersen ultimate 5th wheel hitch. It's seems to have good reviews and since I'm only a weekend warrior I like the thought of easy removal.

  • Edward Knight

    On a lorry quite often the landing legs are able to be on the ground. But I totally agree with you regarding your legs I would lift them slightly to prevent damage.

  • Lynn Pappas

    This is a great video. It was detailed and to the point on all that is needed to hitch and unhitch. I think the more someone watches this video the more at ease they will become in doing it themselves. Great job. I was checking out the Reese M5 27K on the Reese Website. The only one that I could pull up was denoted as for a GMC/Chevy. Would you happen to have the model number for the unit you have. Maybe I could find it with that. Thanks guys..

  • TheATVSuperStore

    Great video. Question of topic. We too have a small dog that loves to sit on the arm rest of our F350. Where did you get yours? Thanks Thor

  • Steve Lange

    In 2015 when I upgraded to my Raptor toy hauler (17,000lb) I first went for the Anderson hitch, mainly for the low weight and ease of installation. The hitch shop also claimed it would solve my short box turning issue too. That was a lie. I saw all the videos on the Anderson site about how much weight it could take. I installed the gooseneck pin to receive it, hauled my new unit home and packed up for our first trip. Two miles from home a deer ran in front and I had to hit the brakes hard. For the next few miles I heard and felt more clunking noise from the rear. Upon checking the hitch I had found that it bent from the heavy forward load. The Anderson frame base that sat on the truck bed now had a rocker shape to it. It held in place and no damage to truck or RV. I went back to the hitch shop and they took the Anderson back and I had a Curt 24K fifth wheel installed. Don't know if Anderson has addressed this forward force issue.
    Thanks Chad and Tara for great videos. I've purchased a lot of the products you've recommended. To paraphrase Jack Nicholson "You make me want to be a better RVer"

  • Proceeding Onward in America POA vlog

    Thank you for sharing this. We might be switching to a 5th wheel for our next rig and this will help us for when or if we do!

  • The Camper House

    Good how to video. Something that people who pull all the time don't think about sharing. We have to Reese Goosebox for our Solitude and love having the extra bed space. Our rig GVWR is only around 16k and I went with the 20k for peace of mind so I understand not wanting a 20k when that is also your max gvwr.

  • Bill Thorsby

    Wow, what a pain in the A**. I have a fifth wheel with a goose neck adapter using the Anderson hitch rated at 27,000. The Anderson hitch is designed for short beds and you never have to wonder if my hitch will slide off. Since you like to test different things i'd reach out to Anderson and do a review, you will pleasantly surprised.
    Enjoyed the videos, have fun in the keys.

  • Mike Bailey

    Jest found your channel. I'd like to ask u if u do alot of boondocking? Wandering how hard it is with such a big fifth wheel? Thanks Mike Bailey

  • Joanie Minton

    Hi, I was watching some of your reviews and have been enjoying seeing your travels….You've been to a place that I thought was really cool… name a few…..We've been to Key West a lot and one trip, went to the Dry Tortugas (Fort Jefferson national park)…beautiful place, isn't it….grew up in the Smokey Mountains, Blount County, TN side, just at the base of Chilhowee Mountain….Learned to practice drive on "The Dragon", years before it was ever called the Dragon, my Dad didn't know I was taking my car up there, a lot…. LOL….We live in N. AL. currently….hope to start traveling more in our National Class A, MoHo, soon. Just thinking that we've been to alot of same places…….Have a great time, yourselves…..

  • Macc Dogg

    Hello I don't know if someone commented already but, I noticed you laid the power cord down on the bed of your truck once you plugged it in. I drive 18-wheelers and we're not allowed to have them rub and I've also been informed that they don't like that in RVs also. So what I do is put two loops and a zip tie on my power cord so it's suspended in mid-air as it's plugged into the bed. Course on the big rigs we have a spring system that keeps him suspended, but I've get found one for an RV. Hope this helps out it keep doing what you doing love the videos.

  • Maarten A

    Thanks for making this video Chad and Tara! I am switching from a conventional trailer to a 5th wheel in two months and I’m a little freaked out about the hitching. I’ve watched several videos to get the skinny on how to do it and this video has been the best of them all! Love the part about the tug-test. Thanks!

  • Anthony O.

    Love my Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Hitch, I use it with my Montana, and 2016 F350 SB Crew PSD with no issues, Jason from Andersen is very helpful, but I have had their Travel Trailer Anti Sway Hitch so I have had great experience with all their hitch products.

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