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FRM FBI ASSISTANT DIRECTOR REVEALED THIS disgraced former FBI director james comey
continued to try to deflect blame for his conduct and their constant
consequences blasting Republicans and president Trump testifying for nearly six hours before
House lawmakers so another day of Hillary Clinton’s emails and
the steel dossier this while the President of the United States is lying about the FBI
attacking the FBI and attacking the rule of law in this country
how does that make any sense at all Republicans used to understand that the actions of a president
matter the words of a president matter the rule of law
matters and the truth matters well joining us now James Kallstrom former
assistant director of the FBI served nearly 30 years with the bureau Jim it’s great to
have you with us though it used to matter who ran the FBI I your sense of
what is going on in the FBI and its leadership still and the the performance of this dis priest former FBI agent Comey
is just I don’t know I guess if you know you looked at a picture of someone who was a narcissist
either of Jim Comey’s that would be the picture you’d
have in the book you know the guy is just out of his mind the notion that the FBI reputation
has been soiled not because of him but because of other things
I mean it’s because of him and beats because of the other five or six or ten or twelve
whatever the number is people around him the McCabe’s of the world
the structure the world the pages of the world in all the rest of these people everyone who was associated with him
has been sullied and soiled and disgraced whether they’ve been fired or whether
they’ve been resigned he’s an educated nin wit I mean and he promoted people of his ilk
around him I guess so he wouldn’t feel the you know
you know he’d feel like he was still going to be the Imperial wizard you know the guy
is just out of mine quite frankly but he’s done criminally
the the federal violations he’s put himself into and then the
bureau you know he has zero support now in the FBI he carried out an investigation against the president United
States for nearly a year before there was a special counsel it’s unclear to anyone right
now why how he got away with it and why there
was not some check because as far as we know no other FBI director in history has done
that he got away with it because he was a lieutenant in Obama’s
Intel on me now he was a lieutenant in the Army with others Brennan at all klappa at
all you know this whole conspiracy first off the stop Trump
right and then if he by some miracle was elected you know to make his administration worthless no I I think back
every time we talk about the intelligence apparatus of the Obama administration unleashed
on this president I can recall vividly when the president
said that he was being wiretapped and the National left-wing media mocked him said no
ridiculous no evidence blah blah blah it turns out it was
worse than wiretapped it was a prayer it was persecution it was
surveillance it was spies within his own Oregon his campaign organization there was nothing
that they didn’t resort to to try to destroy this man as a candidate
and then as a president and you look at these timelines you know meetings
at the White House with Obama or in just a few of the people he goes to New York to brief
the President on certain things he stays behind you know and
he miss characters you know the actual love steeled dog you know the
steel document then he lets CNN of course ahead of time know that he was going to do
that right then he signals okay it’s okay CNN you got the hook you
can you can do your show I mean the whole thing is just it’s disgraceful is he totally
disgraceful and what he did to General Michael Flynn is it is just disgusting
and tomorrow I will there be a sentencing and for what sentencing
him for what what they did the general Flynn is just an absolute total outrage the American
people should be outraged you know what they did with him
they bankrupted him you know they made him sell his house they didn’t made him do all
kinds of things over nothing what was it grudges and then they announced
today that they’re going after his two business partners right is
foreign lobbyists I hope judge Sullivan throws the case out I hope he chastises everybody
involved in this witch-hunt I mean they were out of control what they did to him they were in violation of the Constitution
they’re in violation of the privacy regulations the unmasking so we
haven’t even talked about that and in that I know in your view that’s a bigger scandal
than any of all of hundreds of hundreds of unmasking that have not the
evidence of whether your mother administration have not seen the light of day yet you know
who knows what the number is maybe it’s a thousand but it was
all part of this scheme that was hatched in the White House with the nash national security
team and guys alike call me I mean now Congressman darrell
Issa House Judiciary Committee member who was not in the room today but has been receiving
updates from his colleagues on that committee who were in the
room and he joins me now congressman Issa what did you think about what you’ve heard
about today and about about commis comments in the hallway to reporters
well I think the hallways says it all what former director Comey just
did was mock Miranda he literally said oh we should have told him he had a right that’s
laughable you know literally trying to roll back a Supreme Court
decision that has been the law of the land for decades that he his entire career was
an expectation when somebody was a target would be bad enough but let’s
talk about what he really did he fails to tell the president when he’s the president-elect that in fact they’re already
doing this investigation he then interviews the national security adviser right after
he becomes a national security adviser in the White House
traps him into a lie because they’ve already they’ve already recorded his conversation
with the Russian ambassador so now what they’re doing is three
days later he sits there with President Trump president Donald Trump his boss and he and
president Trump asks about comb were asked about Flynn and what
does Comey do he doesn’t tell him that he’s got the goods on his national security adviser
who has lied to the vice president now if you forget about all
the criminal stuff and everything else he had an obligation to let the
president know that he had a national security adviser that was now a risk but if he had
done the job properly when he had unmasked Flynn to begin with he would
have gone to the president with that and this would never have happened it was clear he
was always part of the insurance policy his goal was to entrap not
just general Flynn but the president and he thinks he’s done it
I hear everything you’re saying you know you just said that he sort of wanted to cast aside
Miranda rights when he talked to Michael Flynn but then you said cast aside all of the criminal stuff and and James
Comey saying we can’t do that he lied to FBI agents and he lied about meeting with kis
lyac and he didn’t tell the truth about talking about sanctions with
kis lyac and to call me that is what matters more than anything you see but that’s not
what matters at the moment that he unmasked general Flynn
talking to a foreign agent he owed the president an explanation unless he was trying to entrap
the president-elect if you will remember this is the Obama
administration getting the goods the insurance policy if you will on the President creating
a crime where there was no crime ultimately the the discussion
with general Flynn wasn’t a crime then are charging him with that
the lying to the vice president although wrong might not have been a crime but call me withholding
this from the president when directly asked is in fact the kind of
a thing that causes you to know that he was not only never loyal to the
president but he was even before Donald Trump was president he was already part of souring
the presidency by not giving him things that he needed to know for example not now that
you have his national security for example I think both
things can be true both things are true that that he should not have misled the vice president
he should have said I did I did talk to Kazak about the sanctions
and here’s what we talked about here’s why I felt like it was okay obviously I can’t
do anything about the sanctions now but we talked about what might
happen in the future it’s part of the transition all of that as you go through but your point
about the fact that why he would not do one of two things
tell the president look this is what we have on this transcript of this conversation you
need to know about this with your national security adviser and why when they had flynn in the room in the
Situation Room talking to him why didn’t they slide that transcript in front of him and
say look general Flynn we have your transcripts because he says
during the conversation you already know what I said I would imagine because as a former
head of an intelligence agency he knew they probably had those conversations well he certainly
should have known and quite frankly he should have
known to go in with white House Counsel because that was a responsibility should have had
but Comey and the FBI carefully tricked him ornmaybe
used his ego against him but tricked him into not doing it again though then FBI director
Comey had every reason to prevent general Flynn from being
the National Security Advisor if he thought he had done wrong instead what he did was
he let him become the National Security Advisor failed to answer
the president’s questions as he was trapping him into a criminal charge
and then squeezing him to try to get something against the president’s the reality is this
investigation long before there was a special investigator
with Muller was really about Comey going after the president and you know when you consider
that the IG has held four director essentially accountable for wrongdoing
what we’re seeing again is an out of the control corrupt and I repeat that corrupt FBI director who was on a mission
and forgot that his number one mission was to protect national security
which is not always about getting a charge on somebody it is often about stopping a crime
from happening he made no effort to stop a crime from happening
and that is probably the best reason in the world that what the President Trump did in
firing Comey was the right thing and should have been done on day one
congressman darrell Issa thank you very much good to have you this tonight very exciting
breaking news president Trump made a decision on his chief of staff at least temporarily
just tweeting this out moments ago I’m pleased to announce
that Mick Mulvaney director of the Office of Management and Budget will be named acting
White House chief of staff acting notice that word replacing General
John Kelly who has served our country with distinction McDonagh nout standing job while
in the administration I look forward to working with him in this
new capacity as we continue to make America great again John will be staying until the
end of the year he is a great Patriot and I want to personally thank him
for his service now I should mention Mick Mulvaney has two very important
jobs one he’s the head of OMB in Office of Management and Budget he deals with that three and a half trillion dollar monstrosity
known as our national budget the other thing he does is handle the
the Bureau of consumer financial affairs this is the bureau that was started by Liz Warren
and in in itself is a bureaucratic monstrosity by some
accounts but he handles both of these organizations he’s done so pretty well so gang what do you
think about moving him over to chief of staff first off
what he was running monstrosity as being nice look I like the guy I love his interviews
he knows his stuff I just have one simple message to the man discipline the White House
needs discipline it needs better consistent messaging
and good luck he’s known as the axe man he’s all about cutting government spending he
has a his personality is always what gets me he seems so upbeat so i’m curious how he’s
gonna drive home a hard message control everything and then
still have that smile will he have that smile when he eventually is done as a chief of stagger
and then who replaces him at OMB OMB or the other organization the
Bureau of financial affairs go ahead Danielle yeah yeah I’m curious to see what what I would
have loved to a seen Elizabeth Warren’s reaction to this appoint
my son I don’t want to I don’t want to be a debbie downer for a minute
but we have to recall of a big survey came out yesterday that showed that forty eight
point six of chief financial officers in this country believe we’re
going into recession in 2019 what better person to have as your right-hand man then Nick Mulvaney
has a deep understanding experience prior to going
into government he had experience in in business and real estate you want somebody who has
who has a great foundation understands the economy understands
how businesses work if the US economy is truly heading into a showdown
so I’ll say something else kind about him he also has experience in electoral politics
actually more than the president has and that’s not that’s a
good thing in in this role but we need to keep in mind the president has chewed up and
spit out all anyone in this job before and he will do the same thing to Mick
Mulvaney I would say Mick Mulvaney is the patriot for taking on this assignment well
there’s another Patriot that we’re gonna bring on right now a guy
who works Wars Chad Bertram who’s the senior Capitol Hill producer guy who knows everything
about what goes on inside the beltway his name Chad had been put forward by a number of different people but everybody thought
he’s so indispensable where he is with the OMB end with the Liz Warren monstrosity as
they keep calling it I mean how can he be replaced I’ve been getting
some very subtle hand signals for for some time now that he might be
in the offing to be the chief of staff now going to be the acting chief of staff he knows
Capitol Hill he a strong relation with the house freedom caucus the arch-conservative
group up here on Capitol Hill which he helped found when
he was a Republican congressman from South Carolina and you know this is key you know
if we’re going to go into this potential government shutdown a weekmfrom
now having someone as conservative as Nick Mulvaney or for just tied with it who’s tied
with the Creed amuck Asst that could spark a shutdown right there if
he’s whispering in the president’s ear yeah this is this is this is something that that
folks on the laughter and people who are opposed to
the wall certainly won’t like but he does know his way around Capitol Hill which is
something that the president is definitely going to need I wanted on the
shutdown I’ve gone through the past going back to the 70s the most that’s where I think
21 days was the most the average is one to three days do you have a
feel on whether in the back channels things are coming together
to where they can get something done if there is a shutdown it’ll end very quickly well we got a little bit of a tip
this afternoon that there might be some behind the scenes negotiating on a two-week interim
spending bill to get them through Christmas get them through the
new year when the Democrats takem over the House of Representatives on January 3rd this
would go to January 4th but that seems to be dead in the water first
of all there was one top democratic aide who said to me well that
means that President Trump loses twice he doesn’t get as well in December and
he’s certainly not going to get it in January you’re right about the length of
these government shutdowns we’ve never quite had a government shutdown with a new Congress
coming in we have had them over the holidays though in 1995 December
into early 1996 they had a partial government shutdown there was a series
of three in this big standoff between President Clinton and then House
Speaker Newt Gingrich but each time they had one of those shutdowns they opened up a little
more of the government they pass some appropriations bills so this could
be a similar model to what we saw in late 95 and he said what do you make
of the messaging of this shutdown you know we had one back in January and if
you ask me the Republicans messaged and owns that that shutdown very effectively but this
time the president wants to take credit for it instead of blaming the Democrats that in
their messaging what do you make of that well you know a few weeks ago President Trump said the
house incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and if she needs the votes I can help her
out well after that meeting at the White House on Tuesday guess what he helped her
out if there was any question among Democrats that she didn’t have the juice to be Speaker
of the House after that meeting she picked up the extra votesmthere
but let me just let me just throw in a couple of things to be contrarian here one is that
markets have actually done pretty well the last three government
shutdowns markets have reacted positively during the the duration of the shutdown the
last time the mark was up three percent the other thing is that there was a big shutdown recently
that happened just before a midterm election and even though
Republicans had been targeted as responsible for the shutdown they won that election so
the argument can be made that the shutdown might not be
political kryptonite right right and sometimes you know we’re at the furthest point away
right now from the next election you know you know we are 23
months so if you’re gonna have a shutdown who remembers you reference the shutdown in
2013 over defunding Obamacare well guess what the
Republicans won control of the Senate okay and but here’s here’s the key thing I wonder
what the optics are going to look like you know if the government is shut down and the
president has said I’m gonna take the mantle you can imagine the
political cartoonists you know the Grinch who stole Christmas you know a heart two sizes
too small all of the different narratives that play into into the
holidays there the Democrats will eat that up especially since the president when I saw
them in the lunch area not to Gary contrarian to that I think
the voters who support President Trump that I think he’s fine with this because he’s carrying
through on a campaign promise that he shouted at Israel
he’s gonna build that wall and if he can’t and whatever that means by the way because
one billion dollars five billion dollars who cares I just don’t think
his voters are gonna blame him for that and you’re right and that’s and that’s an interesting
point you know I talked to one very senior conservative
congressman yesterday who said you know he’s always going to be stuck in the 40s so he
probably doesn’t care here’s the flip side of that there
have been a lot of Republicans in the House of Representatives who have said that they
didn’t think that the GOP got the message of the midterm election losing control of
the House of Representative this type of issue and that
kind of braggadocio and confrontational politics that
works in red america but in you know the suburban districts especially with female voters the
wall that doesn’t work and that’s why they think that they are
whistling past the graveyard in the post-mortem of what happened in the midterm elections
especially among House Republican Chad what if we get a deal
right for a wall and something for daca and dreamers does that get us with both sides
want can they agree to that I specifically asked I specifically asked House
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that a week and a half ago and I put it put
the question what if you got you know a daca deal a permanent bonafide deal for some degree
of wall money and she was in fact she said absolutely not I think she
believes she has the upper hand here at that point she said these issues are not connected
and especially since the president you know took claim you know
there’s no reason for her to deal you know you one might wonder how much this does hamstrung
her in early January when they get control of the House of
Representatives I asked Pelosi that yesterday and she said well how long would this shut
go to shut down go on would it go on forever and that’s why
some people think maybe there’s this back-channel effort to put out this fire pretty quickly
and at least have an interim spending bill to avoid a shutdown at Christmas just five
days to go as leland points out and President Trump
says he’d be proud to shut down the government over funding for the border
wall his pic though for acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney is the guy who led the push
for a two and a half weeks shutdown over Obamacare in 2013 here
to weigh in on this is my 18 political panel Doug Schoen Democratic campaign consultant
and Fox News contributor and David Avella the chairman
of go pack and a GOP strategist all right gentlemen let’s talk about Mick Mulvaney first
so Doug I’ll go to you Democrats seem to be saying that the Mulvaney
pick makes a governmentshutdown likelier but I can’t figure out
why that’s the case because he’s not going to come into office until the end of the year


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    He should have already been in prison.Its in one that these dems are not already in prison.This is America.Who would ever think that America would become so shameful as to let people go like all these people who are committing crimes.I dont believe that America should be a Country that would ever let people out of prison just because they are rich or a democrat.Im ashamed of this Country.Our God in heaven is not going to be pleased with a Country that is letting the criminals go free and the poor have to go to prison.This is wrong .

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