Fire Emblem Heroes – Picnic Genny, Lukas,Flora & Felica – Season for Picnics First Impressions [FEH]
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Fire Emblem Heroes – Picnic Genny, Lukas,Flora & Felica – Season for Picnics First Impressions [FEH]

what’s up guys I’m Phoenix masher 1 and
welcome back for some more fireman heroes and today I’m gonna be giving you
guys my first impression on this picnic banner that we’re getting tomorrow and
I’m also gonna be giving you guys my stat speculation of these so let me know
in the comments if you agree or disagree with them so the first unit we have on
this banner is flora so flora got an alt I was definitely not
expecting that I didn’t marry her in my revelations pile honestly I was I really
didn’t like floor at first but then she kind of grew on me and she also has the
same voice actress as Cordelia so she is a red dagger armor unit we didn’t really
have any kind of unit in that category the other color dagger armor that we’ve
got is Kagero Halloween kagero specifically so red color is definitely
gonna be really really helpful because there gonna be a lot of green threats
and something like arena assault arena in general and there are really powerful
green units in the game so red color is definitely pretty nice in that regard
and she’s got her preferred weapon yeah that’s right a proper dagger which is
effective on beast units so Caineghis didn’t even get his bonus week and eat
the rates yet and they already have Beast effective weapons because this is
a legend weapon and it’s on a seasonally net only few people are gonna be able to
really use this from my experience PC nets aren’t really all that hard to take
out outside of like key Negus it was really really bulky and it’s colorless
but even then like you get easily enemy face can I guess if he’s not running
something like bold fighter and I’m not really seeing too many can agus I
running bull fighter at least in tier 21 arena as of yet so the hardest part of
be seen as especially tibarn tibarn is really really powerful unit and really
really annoying in ether raids and he’s not really all that hard to take out in
fact but he’s just hard to deal with when he initiates combat on you so
that’s the problem but still having an effective weapon against beast is
definitely gonna be giving her a niche in the entire game along with her sister
of course and this weapon gives her +3 attack so she’s definitely gonna be more
oriented towards her attack and a start of combat this weapon checks the
visible resistance of flora with the enemy’s visible resistance so stuff like
Porter’s defense fresh and fury are definitely gonna be really helpful for
rocking this effect and introduces foes attack and defense by 50 percent of the
difference between their stats during the combat and this can go up to minus
eight so it’s kind of like vassals played and Giga Excalibur except for the
fact that this is a debuff instead of like a buff that the unit is gonna be
getting during the combat and this applies to two stats of the enemy which
is attack and defense and it goes up to minus eight unlike those two weapons so
this can definitely be really really powerful if you do give her enough
resistance so resistance is gonna be really important aspect with this weapon
so that you could do more damage and receive less damage and once again it
has got the same dagger effect which is the debuff and she’s got iceberg which
is of course gonna be pretty nice with her high resistance and a slot II skill
which is ether rates exclusive to actually ether rates defense
specifically so if you are defending in ether rates and if a unit has got the
skill then you get the in combat buff depending on the structures you’ve got
the defensive structures and it does not count the ornaments you could go to
ether raids place and remove option and you will see defensive structures and
you can have up to five structures there for there’s gonna be a permanent one so
it’s talking about defensive structures specifically not the ornaments and stuff
like that so if you have got five or more than five defensive structures then
you’re gonna be getting +10 to your attack and resistance if you’ve got four
defensive structures you’re gonna be getting +7 and if you have three then +4
and if you have two or less than two then they’re just gonna be getting a
measly +1 boost during the combat so this definitely incentivizes people to
build an integrated offense team if they’re gonna be using this skill to
have the defensive structures in a really hard to get spot with a map like
abandoned castle or spring breeze you know stuff like that where you could
block your defensive structures and make it really hard for the enemy to destroy
them so that you can get this buff and this can definitely be a really powerful
thing for like fladam um teams who run war
fliers you know stuff like that they can be really really bulky with this and you
can also have this on an armored stall team although I have not really seen
many armored stall teams for weeks now like with stuff like the level for
healing tower winter Erica you know full Ward armor you know stuff like that I
haven’t really seen that but you know if you want to run that kind of team then
yeah this can definitely be really helpful so till now in the game we have
got four skills which are really influential it integrates you know uh
people you’ve got your disarmed traps you’ve got this skill and also a skill
on Lucas so yeah like compared to all of these skills this one is definitely
gonna be the most powerful one but still in it is gonna be inconsistent in the
regard that if the enemy is able to destroy these structures then you’re not
gonna be getting as much of a defensive boost but there’s definitely ways of
playing around that and ways of building and eat the rights defense team so this
is mainly useful for ether aides defense so you actually cannot even use this
yourself this is just gonna be used by the AI because the thing is that you
don’t really need these kinds of skills to reach your 21 or even maintain like
top 3 K or top 1 K so I don’t know why they just keep pushing these kinds of
skills for ether raids they are really pushing ether raises the game-mode a lot
if you could notice over like past couple of months and the more they push
this game-mode down everyone’s throat people get pushed away from this
game-mode even more you know a lot of people do dislike this mode and they do
have their reasons I can definitely understand where they’re coming from
because it can definitely get really really stressful and the stakes are
insanely high compared to any other mode so I’m not really a big fan of these
kinds of ether as elusive skills so it largely depends on your team composition
but you still don’t necessarily need to pull the skill to reshare 21 or maintain
top 3 K or top 1 K and ether raids so yeah that’s my opinion on this
definitely be like better eat the rathe skill that we have caught out of before
and we have got bull fighter as a slob B skill on her so she’s definitely gonna
be slow she’s got Mars as a slot-c skill and she’s gonna
be triggering her iceberg here so she’s able to get 19 points of extra damage
with iceberg so this means that she at least has 38 resistance at base and she
doesn’t really have any kind of skill or anything which is gonna boosting her
resistance and I did calculate this attack based off on the gender ik these
green enemy mages and calculating off of their defense and I’m considering that
she’s got the minus 8 debuff on this and immediately combat so after calculating
that I think she’s gonna be having like 53 attack deterring this combat to do
this much damage to the stream age 51 damage so after you subtract everything
she ends up at 36 based attack if you remove like the 17 might dagger which
she has got and I think she’s gonna be slow we do know that she has got 38
resistance she’s got 43 HP and I think she’s gonna
be having somewhere around 31 defense so she’s definitely gonna be demon maxed
armor unit even more min/max than Halloween kagero she does have more
resistance and having more resistance is definitely gonna be really really useful
in ether rates for sure so yeah that’s flora and then we’ve got
Lucas so this altar shadows volonteer alt so I’m really excited about this so
he is he lands armored unit I mean he already is an armored unit with his
original version with the amount of defense he can reach but still and these
units don’t really look like armored units we know once again that named a
better duo you know seasonally nets and armor class you just cannot so yeah he’s
also an armored unit Lance armor and he has got this luncheon Lance Plus which
is basically she rose brighten a ganar ah haha because it has got sturdy stands
built into it but it is gonna be inactive Oh unlike hero’s weapon so he’s
in a dire need of a weapon refine because his preferred weapon is heavily
heavily outclassed here because this weapon can actually be refined for more
defense and also resistance if you want on something like this encounter
so he has got pivot in a pretty good skill for armored units and it specially
really good for ether eighths offense if you’re gonna be using an armored unit in
your offense so yeah here’s got a lotta skill which is basically an offense
version of the Flores skill but I think the defensive version for the ether
eighths defense is much better than the offensive version because this requires
you to break the enemy structures and as I said before you know many many times
like the team composition are gonna be in such a way that these kinds of
structures are gonna be behind and really hard to reach soon that key is
getting this kind of + and attack and defense buff consistently is gonna be
hard and this could probably be useful on gale-force unit but then again like
you don’t really want to overdo the attack because you might just want shot
the net instead of getting like the heavy blade cooldown twice to trigger
gale force with a sling weapon unit so yeah this is not really all that good
for offense in my opinion because it requires you to specifically go out of
your way to destroy these structures and many times you actually do not want to
destroy the enemy structures you know there’s really no need some of these
structures don’t really pose as a threat to your offense team depending on what
kind of offense team you have got so in that case you know it doesn’t really
matter much many times so in my opinion the defensive version of the skill on
floor is better and finally he’s got weary fighter he’s just gonna be
destroying this lance unit this guy is like a three star Lance night so it’s
kind of hard to help it any kind of stats but I think from what I’ve done
you know I could see his 51 HP so he has got that and I’m expecting him to have
40 base attack really low speed amazing defense kind of like its normal version
and having more resistance so you could run a fantastic Birkett Lance sat on him
and I’m really I really have this feeling that he’s gonna be a power crept
version of FV you know brave Hector is much better than Fe and pretty much
everything but I still feel like Lukas is definitely gonna be having more stats
than Fe obviously because of the BST and is this gonna be a better version of Fei
you like that’s the feeling I’m getting so that’s why I’ve got this kind of stat
spread so yeah this is something I’m expecting on him in a 40 attack
we do have Gwendolyn and Effie as a pretty good three-star Forester options
for arena so mainly people are gonna be pulling for Lucas if they really really
like him because you’re not gonna be able to Plus and merge him for arena
obviously so yeah that’s the thing about him and then we’ve got Jenny so I really
like Jenny I was when I saw Jenny I thought the last unit on this banner
would be Sonia Africa’s because in her supports with Sonia she mentions that
Sonia looks quite a lot like her mother who used to abuse Jenny so I was really
expecting that but unfortunately no Sonia alt so Jenny is here as a kaveri
healer i was really hoping that she would be some kind of maids cavalier
because now she could use these belts but another kaveri healer we did receive
quite a few of them in newer slave a team then we also had Mary Belle like
months months back and we also had brave Veronica of course which a lot of people
do pick as their free summon and she’s like the most popular picked out of
choose her lessons – we also got Bruno who’s really defensive so she’s got this
new weapon toasty skewer plus and this is a really really good supportive
weapon for ether AIDS defense for arena cheerleading you know it’s gonna be
fantastic and in general so this weapon has somewhat of a bracing stance skill
built into it which can support the allies so basically in the enemy phase
if the allies with into spaces get a tag they’d receive +3 defense and +3
resistance and that’s really amazing support to be used with enemy phase
units you want to heal them so that you can have them at full HP or be in the
quicker close range being the vengeful fighter range special fighter stuff like
that so healer is definitely gonna be a pretty nice thing with them and having
this kind of defensive support is definitely gonna be helping them a lot
she’s got physic plus she did have this on a normal version as well fire flood
bomb Plus really good for arena scoring and it does give +6 to attack and
once you set wrathful staff because she was the original wrathful sheep that we
got and defense opening so yeah we have got speed opening attack opening res
opening and defense opening so the family of this skill is complete now at
this point and she’s a fantastic support unit she can provide the defense buff
from this she can provide the resistance and attack buff from her special and she
can provide the enemy pace drive defense and drive resistance support to her
allies so really good defensive support unit she doesn’t give the speed buff so
she’s kneeling there to be paired up with a bulky unit and enemy facing it
and stuff like that who needs to have resistance attack and defense that’s
pretty much it for most of the enemy phase units so that’s Jenny we don’t
really have much to speculate or stats on we just have her HP some expecting
her to have similar stats to a normal version just having lower PST because
she’s the cavalry healer so expecting 35 attack you know 35 resistance and 20 20
defense and speed and we do see 35 HP so I’m expecting roughly this kind of stat
spread on Jenny slow healer with high attack high resistance stuff like that
Jesus astral assist last night the finally net is Felicia her voice line is
so good Felicia is also another unit that kind
of grew on me when I’ve played faiths you know everyone was really criticizing
her voice acting when faiths came out and eventually people kind of stopped
because the voice of Felicia kind of grew on them and I like it happened to
me so I don’t really see many people complaining about
Felicia’s voice actress she’s a fantastic voice actress voices cat free
asset suna and Marissa as well so she’s an axe armor unit once again a really
really saturated class we have a ton of AX armor units in the game but Felicia
brings something new to the table which is a beast effective axe you know you
couldn’t give this too hard at the same time when you release a bunch of beasts
units on the you know that was definitely not an
option giving a be slang weapon to ice tribe
members like the leash and pleura definitely makes sense they have no
connection to BC nets BC nets are so like surface level and faiths they don’t
really add much like much importance in the story outside of like one two
chapters that’s basically it Caden is pretty friendly and Keaton is
also quite friendly the only beast they know is King Garon basically but even
then he’s not an actual BC net because ice tribe really hates Garen so I guess
that’s why I don’t really know I’m just I’m just trying to make things up she’s
got this a blue squirrel in her hand so she definitely took out Mordecai yeah
you know Mordecai was released on the last banner you know having some
squirrels on his hand and now here we have got Alicia so it makes sense she
just knocked out Mordecai for no reason Wow so she’s got this legend who
happened kind of similar to Flora but of course this got sixteen night because
it’s a melee range weapon and this gives her plus three speed and once again like
Flora’s weapon it compares the visible resistance of Felicia with the enemies
visible resistance so once again Porter’s defense res fury you know stuff
like that but can increase your resistance as efening to be helpful
she gives attack and speed debuff based on 50% of the difference between their
resistance so this is attacking speed with Felicia and it was attacking
defense with flora flora is more geared towards attack and Felicia’s more geared
toward speed make sense they are kind of like that and faiths Felicia doesn’t
really hit all that hard and she has got glacis as her special so glacis is of
course really good with her high resistance speed defense bond that’s
definitely pretty useful with special fighter and I’m
speculating that she’s not gonna be having very high defense and special
fighter does make sense on a fast armored unit those kinds of units are
the best users of that or if you’re gonna run like special fighter and
quicker post you know that’s another option but I think Felicia’s more gonna
be on the speedy site because of her weapon and how she is and her normal
version and farm heroes and outs of faiths so kinda expecting her to be fast
and she’s got close guard so she’s gonna be taking out this Lance night and she
triggers her Lacy’s does a 45 damage so she’s able to do 28 extra damage with
glacis and to do that much damage she needs to have 35 resistance at face and
he doesn’t have any kind of skill which is increasing her resistance without the
I think I’m expecting on her and even though this is a four-star Lance Knight
she’s only doing 17 damage that’s definitely kind of low I mean this guy
probably has like this general enemy probably has somewhere around 35 and 38
defense so I don’t really think she’s gonna be having a very stellar attack
kinda expecting her to have 32 attack and on the lowish side having really
really high speed kind of like Valentine Ike having really had resistance I was
speculated you can see that HP and not really expecting her to have a lot of
defense so that’s why she probably has speed defense bond to kind of patch up
her defense so that’s he start spreadin I’m
expecting on talisha a speedy axe army unit we do have Amelia and form of that
and our weapon refine definitely helps with that as well but Felicia has the
weapon which is effective on BC nets and also has his weapon which can give the
in combat debuff to the enemies depending on the resistance stat
difference so that is Felicia and yeah we’re gonna be getting a new parallel
log so this banner is nothing gonna be a pass for a lot of people unless they
really really like DC nuts now I mentioned Lucas you probably do
not want to pull him for her Rena or anything like that you’re much better
off building up Wendy or and Felicia and flora do have their
niche of being be Slayers Felicia does face a lot of competition
being an axe armory net and it’s really up to you if you and I have that kind of
speedy axe armor unit are not and flora is definitely gonna be really really
powerful with her high base attack and also that weapon which gives her even
more attack and Beast effective damage is gonna be really helpful and Jenny is
another cavalry healer she’s gonna be facing a lot of competition but she has
got solid defensive support staff which definitely is pretty cool so here we can
see Leo he’s gonna be a tempest I’ll reward and we did receive his artwork as
well on the official side I believe and his art is pretty good so at least
that’s that and he’s a green dome Cavalier we literally have a lot of
those as an easy option the only one we have got as Cecilia that’s pretty much
it and she was a launch in it so really happy about them giving us a green mage
Cavalier because that’s not a very saturated class type at least for
accessible units we do have you know walls of Tricia old when Contra missed
Valentine machine stuff like that Valentine Lina but those are really rare
units so that’s why a kind of happy that Leo’s that but we’ll have to see about
the stats it looks like he has got a tutoring cooldown special probably gonna
be something like mundo glimmer reprisal I hope not or noon time so this is
definitely a lunatic map I think because Jenny has got 35 HP and here she’s got
38 HP so this is probably not the final HP up leo
he probably has like 36 HP I’m thinking so yeah that’s Leo he’s gonna be a
tempest shredder board on Sunday 21st of April and that’s my first impression and
this not speculation let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree with
them and let me know if we’re gonna be something on this banner are not and if
you enjoyed then please be sure to leave a like it helped me tremendously and
make sure to subscribe for more farm um here as content and please be sure to
hit that notification bell and click on always so that you can get updates to my
videos whenever I upload because YouTube’s up box as
bah dysfunctional as she rose brightening nada so with that being said
I’ll see you guys next time thank you so much for watching and have a great day


  • Pheonixmaster1

    So what are your thoughts on this banner and the AR Exclusive skills?
    Btw, I didn't upload Haar/Gallia Review since I graduate next month and right now I am busy with my college project so once again not sure if I'll be able to do full review of this banner tomorrow but I'll try!

  • KariXolu

    Saw Genny. Saw Mounted. Saw deer. Got hyped for Genny riding Deer. Genny wasn't riding deer.

    Also, expecting a 50/40/0/45/45 unit in the future, with a 16 Mt weapon that gives +2 to all stats, and +6 to all on both phases. And a B skill that gaurentees follow ups on both phases, as well as negating enemies.

  • Fang The Fabulous

    I'm mainly summoning for an absolute random chance at Idunn or Caineghis because the ones I summoned were both -Def.

  • Andre Salas The Messenger

    Picnic Flora;
    Mt: 14. Sæhrímnir: Effective against beast foes. Grants Atk+3. At start of combat, if unit's Res > foe's Res, reduces foe's Atk/Def by 50% of difference between stats during combat. (Calculates reduction before combat. Maximum penalty of -8.) After combat, if unit attacked, inflicts Def/Res on target and foes within 2 spaces of target through their next actions.
    [Effective against beast & grants decent Atk Buffs. Hmm… if unit's Res is greater than foe's Res, reduces foe's Atk & Def by half percentage of difference between stats during combat in calculation reduced before combat on maximum penalty of -8…. not that I understand but it's a good Inflict weapon to Debuffs foe's Atk & Def… Very unique…]

    Iceberg can be good to used to boosts damage by half the percentage of unit's Res.

    AR-D Atk/Res 3: If defending in Aether Raids, grants Atk/Res+X during combat. (Calculates X based on number of your defensive structures: > structures grants +10; 4 grants +7; 3 grants +4; <2 grants +1. (Destroyed defensive structures are not counted.)
    [Another AR skills & IDK that many people would to try this BC they never care so much & IK IS do a professional thing to encourage then for that but… I think it wouldn't help them very much so sorry IS, sooner or later, people would take some doubts or worst from their judgement & I cannot say if they're honest or not but I believe that is the case…]

    Bold Fighter can be nice to use if the unit initiates combat, grants Special cooldowm charge +1 per unit's Atk, and unit makes a follow-up attack.

    Armor March 3 is decent to help out your armored allies if the unit is adjacent to it & grants to themselves can move 1 extra space. Tho it's up to U to decide not to but to switch out.

    Picnic Lukas;
    Mt: 14. Luncheon Lance+: If foe initiates combat, grants Atk/Def+4 during combat.
    (decent weapon & it reminds me from another of unit's weapon. I mean it can help but I think other weapon like Berkut's Lance can provided for Res Buffs if there are any weapons for Def Buffs… lol)

    Pivot is a not bad skill to help the unit moves to opposite side of target ally. It's up to U. Keep it in mind.

    AR-O Atk/Res 3: If attacking in Aether Raids, grants Atk/Def+X during combat. (Calculates X based on number of foe's defensive structures: <2 structures grants +10; 3 grants +7; 4 grants +4; <5 grants +1. (Destroyed defensive structures are not counted.)
    [Much like the last unit having another AR Skills nothing I can say too long already I explain earlier.]

    Wary Fighter 3 a neat skill if the unit is half the percentage HP, unit & foe cannot make a follow-up attack.

    Picnic Genny;
    Mt: 12. Toasty Skewer+: if a foe initiates combat against an ally, grants Def/Res+3 to that ally during combat.
    (Very good supportive weapon primarily focusing on that unit granted of having Def & Res Buffs if the foe initiates combat against it.)

    Physic+ is a decent skill for staff users to restores HP = 50% of Atk. (Minimum of 8 HP.) Range = 2.

    Fireflood Balm+ is a great supportive Special when healing an ally with a staff, grants Atk/Res+6 to all allies for 1 turn.

    Wrathful Staff is an interesting skill which Calculates damage from staff like other weapons.

    Def Opening 3: At start of turn, grants Def+6 with the highest Def for 1 turn. (Excludes unit.)

    Picnic Felicia;
    Mt: 16. Eldhrímnir: Effective against beast foes. Grants Spd+3. At start of combat, if unit's Res > foe's Res, reduces foe's Atk/Spd by 50% of difference between stats during combat. (Calculates reduction before combat. Maximum penalty of -8.)
    [Like the other unit has the same ability but unique than this unit has yet the reducing foe's Atk & Spd by half percent is not bad as well which was kinda nice.]

    Glacies I did explain earlier on like the other unit has.

    Spd/Def Bond 3 is a great skill if the unit is adjacent to an ally, grants Spd/Def+5 during combat.

    Special Fighter 3 is a not bad skill so at start of combat, if unit's HP > 50%, grants Special cooldown charge+1 to and inflicts Special cooldown charge-1 on foe per attack.

    Close Guard 3 is a good skill when Allies with 2 spaces gain: if foe uses Sword, Lance, Axe, Dragonstone, or Beast Damage, grants Def/Res+4 during combat.

    Picnic Flora looks kinda hot even wearing this clothing & I agree that her VA Julie Ann Taylor grows on to people such as I for her interesting role as such like Cordelia herself.

    Picnic Lukas I guess can be Demoted into 4* but I shall see when IS comes to that & his VA Greg Chun who takes a role of Ike, always takes a liking to people such as his accent very noble. Quite popular & cool Artwork.

    Picnic Genny can be good that I guess people would want her BC of her staff for decent buff for an ally if it prefers to go on solo within 2 spaces if foe initiates combat against it. Still, she many optional base kit skills to provide her for that so it's good choice if U want for better ones. Anyway, she looks cute in her artwork so that's nice. Also, Her VA Claudia Lenz sure wants her soundly young & support her with Sonya makes an improvement of that for people having a liking of her. Oh Yes, Don't… Call her… A Sheep! 😲

    Picnic Felicia always a kitchen mayhem, ruining foods while setting up maybe for culinary classes but she's not a bad character so she apologizes a lot so U should be thanking her for serving U from the situation U R in… Very shy with a good heart. Quite Pretty clothing in the Artwork so I'm surprised. Her VA Connor Kelley makes a difference being provided in a great service to offer. While her sister Flora is independently mature & Felicia is young to learn a bit much but trying to get there.

    At 19:51 – 21:07 / Oh that's something. Picnic Leo is gonna be in anothwe Tempest Trial Reward as another of your F2P unit. His Artwork reminds me of other nations cultural clothing maybe traditional but that's just me. It's not bad. Lol

  • Salem TheDireShipper

    I’ll drink a shot for every one person saying “SKIP!” 2 shots of they add “HARD” to the “skip”

  • Cpokemon12

    Man I'm so happy for the Felicia Alt. It's been too long especially since Jakob had his so long ago (nearly 2 years). But yeah now its time to stash up some orbs for possibly a +10 Felicia

  • Armani pamyu

    i'm not gonna pull for any of these characters because i'm waiting for the legendary hero. BUT if i get flora on my free pull, then that would be the second time because the first time she came out i also got her for free

  • redkid555

    As someone who only spends money on seasonals, and since the Regal Rabbits Banner was the first Banner that I wasn’t able to get all of the units on that Banner throughout this entire game, (and I spent a lot mind you and still wasn’t satisfied) and the fact that they’re doling out 1-2 seasonals a month, I’m starting to lose interest in this game very fast. I used to spend the occasional few bucks every couple of months and I’d wind up with the units I want, and then some, but now I’m spending more than I can handle multiple times a month, and still not getting all the units I want, so I think I’m gonna put my wallet away and start joining the F2P club. On another note: this banner looks really nice, since I won’t be spending as much anymore, I’ll probably just wind up choosing 1-2 seasonal units out of the bunch from this upcoming seasonal banner on that I’ll try and go for, Flora and Lukas look like my picks for this banner…

  • lemon

    i was getting so bored with FEH but seeing Lukas getting an alt made me go crazy!! So unexpected and I’m super happy since he’s my most fave FE character ever. FEH is so unpredictable sometimes hahah

  • Ray Jams

    I'm just happy that Faye isn't part of this banner. The art on it is really good and I know I'd be tempted to summon for her if she was in it because I really like her but I need to save my orbs for Nephenee merges with that Wrath banner coming in the beginning of May. Really cool to see SoV units finally getting some love, though!

  • Atmapalazzo

    Argument for Felicia and Flora having beast effective weapons. If I'm recalling my geography of fates correctly, The Ice Tribe is located near Mount Garou, the home of the Wolfskin. Wolfskin are incredibly territorial and this would likely lead to clashes with the Ice Tribe. Also I haven't played a Tellius game in forever, but wasn't Haar indifferent to the racial tensions between Laguz and Beorc? I know Jill was super racist, as were most of the branded, but I could've sworn Haar didn't care.

  • Crystal Elemental

    Not to echo the thoughts of most everyone else, but this banner's definitely a skip for me. Which is nice. I want to save up for Legendary Eirika and Hrid next month.
    That said, I am upset with this banner for a different reason. I'm currently making my way toward AR tier 21, and Caineghis has been tremendously helpful for range-heavy teams, clearing them out like nothing thanks to Double Eir buffs. But now Flora's showing up mid-weak with her physical-based beast-slayer weapon. My Caineghis is -Defense, Flora! You couldn't wait like three days to show up and do this?! At least I still have Micaiah…

  • Parsley The Herb

    I’m definitely gonna summon in Felicia, so please wish me luck 😂 (and good luck to all summoning as well!)

  • Holly Nace

    The reason for Felicia’s and Flora’s weapons have to deal with a feast in Norse mythology. Sæhrímnir is the creature (or here we can say beasts) that is killed to be eaten. Eldhrimnir is the cauldron or cooking pot that our lovely beast friends are cooked in, and we can see that Felicia is bravely wielding her pot of stewed Mordecai.

  • Shiny_hunter_kallen

    I am pumped for Lukas and I will be attacking the Tempest Trials like a lunatic to get my husband Leo.


  • Isaiah Torok

    I actually like this banner but not enough to summon, I'm kind of torn because i want to save in case the next legendary hero is chrom or alm, but i also want to promote echoes units getting alts

  • xGracigloo

    The character choices are nice, but I really wish a new type of seasonal hadn't been made for the sake of giving us more armored units. I'm tired.

  • RaynorsRaiders5

    Conflicted on this banner I like Genny but already have every other 5* cav healers and I rarely even use cavalry to begin with

  • Choco Dough

    I love the sky arrow bridge music u used here and I'm soo happy maid twins git alts as well and ginger stud as well as the sheep

  • Fumm95

    Thanks for the first impressions! Probably not gonna seriously summon on this banner but it's always nice to here your thoughts. Looking forward to your summoning video though; as a f2p player, it's always nice to live vicariously through those!

  • JJO902

    Now we know why the wolfskin stayed on their mountain in Fates. They were afraid of the frigid retribution of the Ice Tribe.

  • NitroNuke

    RIP Shiro. I've had him pity break me 16 times now and he's still outclassed in his niche, now even including his weapon.

  • Darkus Seventeen

    Isn't this the spring banner? If not I'll be disappointed because it got more of spring vibe then bunny girls or bunny boys.

  • Spiral Gamer

    I think aside from the free summon, I'm going to put this banner on hold. Felicia and Flora are two of my favorite ladies from Fates and would like to get them, but I only have a little over 60 orbs right now and I need to save those for the Legendary Banner.

    While I am glad that Shadows of Valentia characters finally got alts, I'm not going to summon for them because they're both in a rather saturated class (yeah, Felicia is too, but I like her a lot more than Lukas and Genny).

  • Adrián Villalobos

    #Question What are your thoughts of Joker(Persona 5) in smash? And also do u have any future plans on uploading some smash videos of your plays? 😀

  • Madison McCaslin

    I am super excited for all of these units cause the theme is so nice and refreshing compared to how some of the alts have been directed towards fanservice sort of recently. My main goal is Genny though she's adorable as always!

  • Mewshrew 12

    My friend who's new to FEH is finally starting to understand IVs! I pulled a -res +spd Caineghis and he said "That's not the best type of Mufasa you can get." I'm proud of him.

  • Itai Tobias

    The moment I opened this video I had a huge smile plastered across my face. Not only you put in Pokemon music, but Pokemon BW music. PM1, you spoil me.

  • Mati Cardinale

    this is honestly my favorite seasonal banner ever in terms of theming and everything! I'm really really excited about genny and lukas and leo, everyone just looks so cute and it's completely wholesome unlike basically every other seasonal banner ever

  • Gunsandrosalina Padtwo

    Good observations on Leo He may be an interesting unit. I'm addicted to pony-healers I'm will spent a bit of time in colorless hell I suppose…and roll red secondary. I can always use the feathers I guess.

  • Z AoT

    This banner is adorable and the aesthetic is pleasant to look at. Because of all these new units, Mythic and skills focus banners my orbs have already taken a hit and I already resolved to pass even on my waifu in the upcoming Wrath banner so I don't reach into my pockets. I hope I get lucky with the free summon, but I'll cut my losses before I fall into the rabbit hole of breaking the pity rate

  • TheElBaino

    I'm really happy with this banner because it's #ezskip for me and I can save orbs B^)

    also #question if you could have your avatar of Pheonixmaster1 put in FEH as a summonable hero, what kind of unit would you be? also, Legendary, Mythic, 5 or 4 star?

  • Timothy McLean

    According to the autocaptions, you're Phoenix Masher 1, playing Fireman Heroes. I want to see that alternate universe.

  • Julio Perales

    I need your help, PM1. I just got Fallen Celica (FINALLY), and I was wondering what the optimal build for her would be? She's +Atk -Res.

  • Ashitaka1110

    I saw that amazing Genny art with the deer and was then devastated that she was riding a horse and not a deer in her sprite.

  • Rande H

    I'm def a fan of this banner. I appreciate the art and modern exuberance of each hero's ALT.
    On a sidebar: I.S. is hardcore pushing Aether Raids as of late. I'm guess I can appreciate the effort but not quite as excited about this as I am of the ALT choices.
    Also I guess the Leo – ("Low-key") Tomato King is still a thing. Lol

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