Fire Starters From Dryer Sheets and Lint- Free Fire Starters To Make- DIY Survival Gear
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Fire Starters From Dryer Sheets and Lint- Free Fire Starters To Make- DIY Survival Gear

how to make fire starters from dryer sheets make fire starters from dryer lint hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you do as much laundry as I do you will have a lot of dryer lint how to make fire starters tips to keep your dryer safe and running better the lint that builds up in your dryer can cause a house fire make sure you always clean the lint trap in your dryer while you are cleaning the lint from your dryer turn the lint into something useful with dryer lint and fabric softener dryer
sheets you can make fire starters to use in an emergency before I use dryer sheets I take a stack and cut them in half I never use more than a half of a dryer sheet because
this adequate for the laundry job anyway
then when I and anything and they come out like this and they’re just the right
size so I’ll take a wad of dryer lint and
roll it up now take string any string will do and just tie it around either end and make a little packet doesn’t really matter how long the
string if just so you can get it around and Tie it easily then I have a old kleenex box I mark it with fire starters and as
I assemble the fire starters I put them inside and store them whenever I want
one fire starter I can just go and pull one out for nothing things you are normally
throwing away now you have something to use to start a
fire in an emergency or bug out situation work great for campfires fire pits watch how easy these are to light so you can see how well the dryer lint and a dryer sheet can start an amazing fire and that’s
why you save dryer lint and fabric sheets to make fire starters use what you have to make what you need learn more at please subscribe
to the AlaskaGranny channel


  • Buddy Shoe

    I'm an ultra-light Backpacker I've been making these for years. I remember getting caught in some real bad weather in Canada having to ditch into a small cave with everything soaking wet all I had were these..
    . gathered some sticks pulled two of these out of my kit and had a fire for the evening pretty much saved my ass.

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