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– Good morning, clan. Welcome to PIR. It’s Saturday. We’re kicking things off bright and early. Like I said yesterday, generators kick on because everyone’s starting
up their coffee makers and starting up their stoves and they’re cooking breakfast and getting all chipper
and cheery and whatnot. I just got done editing the vlog. It’s getting ready to start uploading here off my hot spot. Hopefully, the connection speeds are good because there’s a lot of people here, lot of cellphones so a lot of interference, lot of draining the towers so hopefully. We’ll see. Hopefully, it goes fast because I don’t want to
sit in here for hours. Good morning, Bryce. – Good morning. – [Clintus] How’s it going? – Good. – [Clintus] How’s your
morning going so far? – Good. – Good. It’s good. (light music) You can hear it. They’re qualifying. Racers are on the track. They do their laps. Fastest time is how they get pulled when the race starts. They’ve been doing this
since 8:30 this morning. I love it. Alright, so our buddy
Jeff here pulls out this. I’ve been talking about this for months going, hey this might be my next toy, my next thing we need to get
to just play around with. He’s got one so I get to try before I buy. My first attempt at
riding a booster board. I’ve literally never been
on one of these before. I love watching Casey Neistat’s videos. It’s amazing. So we’re going to give it a try and hopefully I won’t eat crap and die. (laughing) (wind drowns out speaker) I’ve never been a skateboarder before so it’s all been… It’s a matter of just
getting your balance. Turning is definitely hard. (laughing) – I’m just not going as fast as him. We can go faster. – Yeah, it’s just a balancing game. Same thing with the hoverboard. You got to get your balance
with that too, right? Same thing. I’ve just never been a skateboarder. Yep. Sold. Where’s my credit card? Now, what I got to have to do is I got to have Tiffany on the hoverboard recording me on the booster board while flying a drone on top of us. – [Voiceover] There you go. – It’s a trifecta of YouTube right now. Drones, hoverboards and booster boards while doing a prank. That’s the other thing. Everyone always asking me, why don’t you do more pranks? Why don’t you prank Tiffany, the kids? I’m like, I’m not a prankster. Go watch Roman Atwood. – [Voiceover] Right. – Dad, are you going to get one? – Yep. Nice. Nice, dude. Brakes, bro, brakes. Use your brakes. – Wee. – That’s why I said keep
your wheels straight, dude. So one of our favorite
things to do here at NASCAR is look at all the trailers. Camping World, Good Sam, big sponsors here at PIR and they bring out all their trailers for people to walk through. It’s kind of like a showroom floor and of course you always look at the crazy, lavish, ridiculous trailers that no one can ever afford this. but this is one of them This is an actual RV like a bus, right? Tour bus, right, for bands. Look at this place. It’s huge. I don’t know what the square footage is but look at this. Look at the price tag on this. 400 thousand dollars marked down to 301. Full on living room, kitchen, two TVs. This TV comes out behind the couch. Got a smaller one there. Two bathrooms. Two toilets. How crazy is that? Full bathroom, washer and dryer. It’s like a condo. It’s like a condo on wheels. I told Tiffany this is our
20 year plan right here. We got a couple more
trailers under our belt. We’ll get a fifth wheel, toy
haul in the back sort of thing. When we’re ready to retire,
we’ll get one of these. Tour the country. Drive around. Lunch time. And mommy’s making nachos. – Nacho time. – [Clintus] It’s kind of our
staple camping thing, right? We do Mexican the first night and then we do leftover nachos. – With all the leftovers. – [Clintus] All the leftovers. So we got chips, those things, whole bag of cheese and we’re heating up yesterday’s goop. There’s some jalapenos. Good stuff. – [Voiceover] Turn around
and look at your dad. – [Clintus] What have you got there? – Meat. – [Clintus] Meat. – [Voiceover] Dinner. – [Clintus] It’s dinner. What is it, papa? – Steak? – That is rib eyes. – [Clintus] Rib eyes. – We’re going to cut them up as steaks. – Doesn’t look very brown. – [Clinuts] Well, that’s the fat. – Oh. – [Clintus] Flip it over. – Oh, look at the blood
coming off on that. – Ew. – [Clintus] There you go. See, there’s the steaks. Papa will chop them up. – Want me to carry it? Can you handle it? Alright, take it over
to the cutting board. – [Clintus] Ooh, baby. There you go. – Just rip it off. There you go. – Ew, look at it. – [Clintus] Yep. So this is how steaks are made. Buy a slab of meat and you cut them how thick you want them. – [Sierra] Seven. – [Clintus] This is rib eye. So Sierra, how many steaks do we have? – Well, we just cut nine. – [Clintus] Yep. – And if we’re going to
put on that other one, we’re going to have another nine so we’ll have 18 total. – [Clintus] Wow, that’s a lot. – If we put that one in. – [Clintus] So we don’t need any sides. We’re just going to eat steaks for dinner. – I think they said we’re going to have mac and cheese too and some type of vegetable. – Beans. – Beans and potatoes and salad. – [Clintus] So what’s the
secret ingredient, Sierra? – Seasoning. – [Clintus] Seasoning. What kind of seasoning? – Garlic. – [Clintus] Garlic salt
and Lowery season salt. So lots of salt. – Yeah. Healthy. – [Clintus] As you saw
earlier, it’s steak night. There’s the final product. Steaks turned out mighty tasty. Just chopping one up for Tiffany here. Kids are already done eating. How’s everything, Bryce? Good? Thumbs up. Papa did good? – Mhm. – [Clintus] Dining
under the stars tonight. Well, guys, I have to admit, that booster board was amazing. Definitely going to be
picking up one of those here shortly. Just got to figure out
timing financially wise because those things are expensive. I was expecting maybe three, 400 dollars and the cheapest one is a thousand and then the premium one’s two thousand so I really got to look into what each model has and what the advantages are and what the cost benefit is. Is it worth getting the
two thousand dollar one or am I good with the thousand dollar one? Because obviously I’m not
going to buy a bunch of them. I’m going to buy one and that’s the one so I don’t know. We’ll take a look into it. See what happens. Spring break is this week so might be a good time to pick one up and have some fun. Well, guys, we’ve just
kind of been in chill mode the last few hours hanging out having a few laughs but I am beat. Super tired. Lots of walking around, running around wears you out. Hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, be sure to
give it a thumbs up. Like I said earlier, booster board in my future. I guarantee that. Tomorrow is the big race here at PIR, the V race. All the big wigs, all the ones you see on
TV will be racing tomorrow and I believe Bryce and I have a ticket. I don’t know. I didn’t pay for it. I didn’t ask for it. Someone just said, hey,
I got two extra tickets. So if that comes out, if it works out, it’ll be me and Bryce because the girls don’t really want to go so stay tuned tomorrow. Lots more hanging out here in the trailer and the campsite and like I said, most likely heading over
to the actual racetrack to watch the race. We’ll see you then. Vlog on.

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