First Time Hammock Camping — DD SuperLight Frontline Hammock

this week we are back in the wild again
trying to set up a hammock camp for the first time so stay tuned to see how it
goes hi everybody this is Andreas from off-grid Sweden if you haven’t been here
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content now back to the topic of this video we are back in wild again if you
are just interesting in seeing the hammock go up for the first time just
skip forward to 1 minute and 30 seconds into the video it’s really nice to be
out in the woods again it starts getting cold in the mornings it’s about 5
degrees Celsius when I decided to take a break and sit down by this beautiful
Lake I’m in a national park and usually there are a lot of people here but being
out early this morning was a good decision I didn’t meet a single person
in the woods for the whole day let’s go and find a good spot to set up the
hammock for the first time I’m really excited about it I walked for a while to a smaller lake
deeper in the forest I’m not going to do an overnight at this time but this would
be a beautiful spot to stay in the things I put together is a hammock
and on the blanket and a tarp from Dede the hammock is a DD superlight from line
hammock it comes with tree huggers it’s these
straps they go around the tree and are wide enough so they don’t hurt the trees
they are really easy to set up I put them up a little bit too high this first
time it’s better to have them at head height the hammocks comes with carabiners that
just click in to the end of the tree huggers on each end of the hammock there are
strings attached and they have Whoopie slings on them it’s hard to explain a
Whoopie sling it’s when you thread the string through itself and when you
compress it it loosens and if you pull it it tightens on the hammock
I got snake skins they are really handy they keep the hammock protected when I
take it up and down against dirt and rain the snake skins are easy to just
slide off the hammock when you are ready to use it next I attach the bungee cords
that are attached to the bug netting this is to hold the bug net up and
create space in the hammock you also got these rods that slides into
these sleeps on the bug net to spread it apart time for test you this hammock is really comfortable this time I won’t put on there on the
blanket but it’s really easy to hang under the hammock and insulates you from
below next we start putting up the four by
four metre tarp from dee dee it’s a multicam tarp usually you put the tarp
up first but I did it the other way around so you can see what I’m doing we
start by attaching the ridgeline to the tree with a special knot that I don’t
know the name of you cross the lines and you do two loops around the main line on
the inside and one on the outside then you can easily tighten or loosen it but
on the tension it really bites you I’ve treaded the line through the middle
loop on the tarp then I do the same kind of knot on the other tree and tighten
line on the end of the tarp I tie a project
knot this knot will bite on the tension but can easily be adjusted I feel that I
will do a separate video on just doing all different knots you you then something happens with the camera
and I didn’t get any video when I ran two lines on the front of the top and
two on the back they were just para chords that I
attached to the nearest tree time to lie down for a while to take a
break and test out the setup I’m very pleased with this hammock and the setup
went rather well it needs some small adjustments but it’s
so comfortable to lie here in it if you got any suggestions please leave them
down in the comments and if you got any questions just write them there too and
I will answer them all to take it down and pack it was really
simple no difficult knots to loosen it took about five minutes to pack
everything after this little break I continued
through the forest looking for mushrooms I didn’t found so much of them but
enough to take home and dry and add on to the others that I found the previous
week that’s it for this episode talk to you
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