Firsts: Our First Time Camping
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Firsts: Our First Time Camping

where I live is extremely busy and
really loud I live on a main street where there this morning rush hour traffic I
can smell exhaust I can hear people walking their dogs and you’re in the city
you just kind of lose touch of just things like everything is very routine I love hiking and just being outdoors so
we wanted to get out of Chicago and spend more time relaxing in nature I’m Chanel Tate and this is the story
of my first camping trip usually when I wake up in the morning
first thing I do unfortunately is check my phone and that just being in the RV not
really having like that Wi-Fi accessible to you it’s just like okay I realize
where I am let me just put my phone down and just remember where I am and relax when I go hiking I feel free it’s something about being around trees are
so alive and the air is so clean and crisp you know the rain smelled different the ground was cool everything on the ground was its own little world we both love to cook but cooking over a campfire was a whole
new level I brought the entire cabinet of
seasonings with me I think that the highlight of this trip
was our fishing moment it was probably one of the last things that we
thought about doing oh my god oh my god that is a piece of log [laughing] are we going to keep it? put it on the grill y’all shut up I caught a tree I’ve never been kayaking before but
Brittany had it takes vulnerability to step outside of your comfort zone but
the payoff is incredible moments like these with my sister is
really really memorable like you want to live life that way you know live to
make memories and that’s what this trip has been about for me

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