Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location – Part 1
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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location – Part 1

[Unknown Male Voice] There’s no doubting what you’ve achieved on a technical level. these are clearly state of the art. There are just certain… design choices that were made for these robots… that we don’t fully understand. We were hoping that you could shed some light on those. [Mr. Afton] She can dance… she can sing… She’s equipped with a built-in helium tank for inflating balloons right at her finger tips… She can take song requests… she can even dispense ice cream. [First Male Voice] With all due respect, those aren’t the design choices we were curious about, Mr. Afton. *Main Menu Song (Gradual Liquidation) plays.* [Mark] Mr. Afton? Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to Five Nights at Freddy’s Now we’re in a Sister Location. Which means that we’re not in a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, and that introduction was interesting because we just got introduced to two new characters we’ve never heard from before or at least that’s what I’m assuming because that definitely wasn’t Phone Guy and the other guy, Mr. Afton… seems to be the designer of, at least, these animatronics. Now, in my mind, I’m wondering if this guy designed ALL the animatronics But I’m not 100% sure about that because these guys are definitely– ew– Definitely, from a fundamental standpoint, different than the previous animatronics So, honestly who knows! We don’t know anything at this point. So Im’ma stop theorizing… I’m gonna stop assuming anything about this game, because I don’t know a damn thing, and we’re gonna get right into the meat of this story, right now. So-uh-I wanna thank Scott for uh giving me early access to- [Little Girl Voice] Daddy? Why won’t you let me play with her? *Faint Garbled Noise* [Mark] Did you hear words there? [Robotic Male Voice] Welcome to the first day to your exciting new career! [Mark] Hi! [Robotic Male Voice] Whether you were approached at a job fair, read our ad in ‘Screws, Bolts, and Hairpins’, or if this is the result of a dare, we welcome you. I will be your personal guide to help you get started. I’m a model 5 of the Handyman’s Robotics and Unit Repair System, but you can call me Hand Unit. [Mark, whispering] Hand Unit?
[Hand Unit] Your new career promises challenge, intrigue, and endless janitorial opportunities. *Sudden Loud Click*
Please enter your name as seen above. [Mark] Jesus!
*Loud Click*
[Hand Unit] Please enter your name as seen [Hand Unit] above the keypad. [Mark] Oh, okay! [Hand Unit] This cannot be changed later, so please be careful! [Mark] Wait, is my name Mike? Do I have to enter that name? I mean- okay, wait a minute. Mike, as in Mike Schmidt?! Because, Mike Schmidt was the first guy from the first Five Nights at Freddy’s and I’m not 100% sure that was that… I dunno if I can hit this. HE-BEHP! I think I got it! M, A– Beeh! No, no… Oh… where’s R– I can’t read this– HA! Ahhh… HA! Aw, shit. [Hand Unit] It seems that you had some trouble with the keypad. [Mark] No. [Hand Unit] I see what you were trying to type, and I will autocorrect it for you One moment. Welcome, “Eggs Benedict”. [Mark] What the -laughs- I, I’m not
*Laughing* I- I’m not- I’m not Benedict Cumberbatch I’m not Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m me! I’m Markiplier! Thanks for…entering my name correctly– *Loud Beep*
..Oh, Jesus What the hell is going on here? Oh, that’s so weird. Ohhh, what is this? Where am I? *Dull button beep* Hello? *Button beeping* Is someone gonna let me outta here? Am I actually going–
*Elevator Stops* *Cheery jingle plays* (Yelling) Ohh! Ah! This is cool! Oh, this is really cool. Now Scott, when he–when he gave me the key, he said that this game was going to be very diff– [Hand Unit] You can now open the elevator, using that bright, red, and obvious button. [Mark] Oh! [Hand Unit] Let’s get to work.
[Mark] Okay. Alright then. HA-BOINK. *Door Opens* Oh boy. Why is it all ‘danger’? Why is it ‘danger’? (Laughing) Wh-Why are going in the ‘danger’? I don’t wanna crawl down there. Okay, let’s crawl down there. [Hand Unit] Allow me to fill this somewhat frightening silence with some light-hearted banter. Due to the massive success and, even more so, the unfortunate closing of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, it was clear that the stage was set, *Thumping from the vents*
[Hand Unit] no pun intended, for another contender in children’s entertainment. Unlike most entertainment venues, our robotic entertainers are rented out for private parties during the day. And it’s your job to get the robots back in proper, working order before the following morning. You are now in the primary control module. It’s actually a crawl space between the two front show rooms. Now, let’s get started with your daily tasks. View the window to your left. [Mark] Uh. [Hand Unit] This is the Ballora Gallery Party Room and Dance Studio, encouraging kids to get fit and enjoy pizza. Let’s turn on the light and see if Ballora is on stage. Press the blue button on the elevated keypad to your left. [Mark] I’m trying, man. *Low buzzing*
Oh. Where’s Ballora? [Hand Unit] Uh-oh. It looks like Ballora doesn’t feel like dancing. [Mark] Oh-ho-ho… [Hand Unit] Let’s give her some motivation. Press the red button now to administer a controlled shock. Maybe that will put the spring back in her step. [Mark] What?! Why am I gonna make them mad?! Why do I want Dancey-Pants to be mad at me?! (Right, Mark!!) *Loud electrical shock*
[Mark] Aw, geez. Ballora-
[Hand Unit] Let’s check the light again. [Mark] I don’t wanna. Why are you making me do this? *click* Oh, it’s broken. Oh. Ohh! Now she’s dancing! [Hand Unit] Excellent. Ballora is feeling like her old self again and will be ready to perform again tomorrow. [Mark] Ohhhh. [Hand Unit] Now, view the window to your right. [Mark] Oh, okay. [Hand Unit] This is the Funtime Auditorium, where Funtime Foxy encourages kids to play and share. Try the light. Let’s see what Funtime Foxy is up to. [Mark] Uh–again. I don’t know if I want to. If I know anything about angering ANY animatronic, it’s that Foxy is a big ol’ bag of dicks, (Haha, too funny, Mark!) *Low buzzing*
and hates me. Ah jeez. [Hand Unit] Looks like Funtime Foxy is taking the day off. Let’s motivate Funtime Foxy with a controlled shock. [Mark] Ah. Nothing like a good bit of electro-motivation to get the day started. Ha-BOOSKIE!
*Loud electrical shock*
Oh, jeez. Maybe it’s like Futurama, and they really like this stuff. *Low buzzing*
Uh-oh. Uh-oh. [Hand Unit] Let’s try another controlled shock. [Mark] Mmm- How ’bout we don’t? How ’bout we don’t? How ’bout we give him a nice cupcake and everyone goes along with their day? *Loud electrical shock* *Low creaking* Eee! *Low buzzing*
Oh, God! [Hand Unit] Looks like Funtime Foxey is in perfect working order.
[Mark] Hell yeah. [Hand Unit] Great job! In front of you is another vent shaft. Crawl through it to reach the Circus Gallery Control Module. [Mark] I don’t want to! Why are you making me crawl?! It was–uh–it was–everyone else was supposed to crawl through the vents to kill ME! And they’re gonna do that. I’ve a funny feeling… Ohh- Why can I look around here? Oh. Why do I need to crawl faster?! Eeeeuh. (Groaning) Euugh! [Female Computer Voice] Motion Trigger: Circus Gallery Vent. [Mark, yelling] Uwaah! Is that me or is that something else?! If that’s something else, I’m fucked. If that’s me, uh… Okay. *Metallic clanging noise*
[Hand Unit] On the other side of the glass–
[Mark] Oh, god–
[Hand Unit] is Circus Baby’s Auditorium. Let’s check the light and see what Baby is up to. [Mark] Maybe we don’t! Maybe I should quit this horrible job! I mean, I’m literally being talked to by an artificial intelligence. What era is this in? It’s like steampunk or electro-punk technology here. Boink.
*Low buzzing*
Oho. She’s not there. [Hand Unit] Looks like a few of the lights are out, but we can fix that later. Let’s encourage Baby to cheer up with a controlled shock. (Mark groans) *Loud electrical shock*
[Mark] Eugh! Something tells me angering Baby might be the worst decision. *Low buzzing*
Not yet! [Hand Unit] Let’s try another controlled shock. [Mark] Uh– Le-let’s do that thing. Oh, there’s a lot – there’s a lot of beepers and boopers over here! I’m gonna beep and bonk my way to Beeptown. (Mark…) I can’t click on your nose. You’re– you look like you’re dead Balloon Boy over ther- That is definitely 100% Balloon Boy over there. Hee-DOOSKIE! *Loud electrical shock* Nice! Okay… *Loud buzzing* Uh-oh.
*Loud buzzing* *Low buzzing* [Hand Unit] Let’s try another controlled shock. [Mark] Why– why can’t YOU do this? Why does it have to be a physical button, that way you can place the blame on ME? *Loud electrical shock* *Low buzzing* Uh-oh.
*Low buzzing* *Low buzzing* [Hand Unit] Great job, Circus Baby! We knew we could count on you. [Mark] Wh– I– [Hand Unit] That concludes your duties for your first night on the job. We don’t want you to leave overwhelmed. Otherwise, you might not come back. Please leave using the vent behind you and we’ll see you again tomorrow. [Mark] Wh-I didn’t see Baby?! *Low buzzing* I don’t see her!
*Low buzzing* *low buzzing* *Button click* *Low buzzing* Where is she?
*Low buzzing* *Low buzzing* Uh– Maybe– maybe I’m just gonna– Maybe I’m gonna forget about this and go back. Alright. Goodbye. Oh, man. This is so weird. Alright. Let’s skedaddle on out of here so I– *Loud metallic thud* *Repeated metallic banging*
(Screaming) Augh! *Repeated banging*
[Female Computer Voice] Motion Trigger: *Footsteps*
Circus Gallery Vent *Footsteps* [Mark, groaning] Eeugh!
*Footsteps* *upbeat music*
*Happy Music* Heyyy! Heeeeyyyy! He-huh! Uugh! What the fuck was that?! (Baby trying to destroy you) *Upbeat music continues* Oh, boy!
*Music fades out* Enjoy some time at home! Where– hah– Ha– My nightmares will consume my dreams! [TV announcer] Another day, another dramatic entry in the lives of Vlad and his distressed mistress. Where will they go? What will they do? All of that and more, happening now. [Vlad] Clara, I tell you: The baby isn’t mine. *Crunch*
[Vlad] Clara, I tell you: The baby isn’t mine. [Vlad] Clara, I tell you: The baby isn’t mine. [Clara] Count, I tell you that it is. (Mark laughs)
[Clara] Count, I tell you that it is. (Mark laughs)
You’re the only vampire I’ve ever loved. You’re the only vampire I’ve ever loved. And the baby turns his bottles into powdered milk! [Vlad] That doesn’t mean anything! [Clara] He sleeps on the ceiling fan! [Vlad] Upright, or upside down? [Clara] What does it matter? You need to be part of your son’s life! [Vlad] I’m an old man, Clara. I can’t be a father. [Clara] Well then, at least pay your child support, you deadbeat! [TV announcer] Will Vlad and his distressed mistress find common ground? Tune in next time! *Static* [Mark] Wha- I am– I am so unbelievably, utterly confused right now. But then again, this is what… This is what Scott said. This game was gonna– [Little Girl] Daddy, you let the other children go see her! Why won’t you let me go? [Mark] I dunno… Maybe your daddy doesn’t want you to go near- [Hand Unit] Welcome back for another night of intellectual stimulation, [Mark] Hi. [Hand Unit] pivotal career choices, and self-reflection on past mistakes. We’re committed to creating a unique and fulfilling work experience. [Mark] Uh-huh. [Hand Unit] One part of that commitment is ensuring that you don’t get tired of the voice that you’re hearing right now. [Mark] Oh. *Click*
[Hand Unit] Using the keypad below, please select a new companion voice. [Hand Unit] Using the keypad below, please select a new companion voice. [Mark] Bu–what? [Hand Unit] For male, press one. For female, press two. For text only, press three. For other options, press four. [Mark, yelling] THERE’S NO NUMBERS! I CAN’T PUT ANY NUMBERS IN HERE!! How in the fuck do you exp- Alright, fine. Boop. [Hand Unit] It seems that you had some trouble with the keypad. I see what you were trying to type,
[Mark, sarcastically] Oh, thank you. [Hand Unit] and I will autocorrect it for you.
[Mark] Oh, cool. [Hand Unit] Thank you for choosing “Angsty Teen”. [Mark] Oh, boy. Oh no. Am I gonna get an angsty teen here? Are you gonna turn into an angsty teen, bruh? You gonna give me some angst? You gonna be my-my online Darkiplier persona? Oh g- *Loud buzzing* Eugh. *Echoing footsteps* Sh-should I-should I be worried about that? I can’t remember if that happened last time I was here. Ah, jeez. Aw, man. This is so weird. I can see the reflection of everything behind me.
[Loud thud] [Chipper tune begins to play] Oh boy! Night Two! We’re already PLOWING through this game! I can’t wait to see how we get through this! Okay, ha-booshkey. Oh. [Angsty Teen] The elevator’s stopped. *Chipper tune ends*
You know the routine…
(Mark laughs) You can get out now, or whatever.
(Mark laughs) [Mark] Or wh-
[Angsty Teen] Stay here if you want. [Mark] Really? Can I stay here? What’ll happen if I stay here? Hello? Hello, hello? Oh, hi! Okay. Alright. Goodbye! *Doors clang* Oh, boy. Here we go…
(Impersonating Mario) Here we go… Oh, boy. [Angsty Teen] So… Funny story. A dead body was found in this vent once. M’kay. So… not that funny. But… it’s a story. (Mark laughs) [Mark] Ah, yeah. That’s a great story. Well, not a great story but, yep, it’s a story alright. Was it my dead body? Are you reporting from the future? Because I’m pretty sure I’m gonna die here. *Creaking* [Angsty Teen] Okay, let’s start with your nightly chores… You should check on Ballora and make sure she’s on her stage, but… Whatever. [Mark, muttering] Oh, whatever. *Loud buzzing* Okay.
*Loud buzzing* Oh. Hi.
*Low buzzing* [Angsty Teen] Huh. I guess Ballora has better things to do. (Sardonically) Let’s zap her. [Mark] Yeah. [Angsty Teen] That should be fun. [Mark] Yeah, it should be fun. *Loud electrical shocking* Ballora? [Angsty Teen] (Unrecognizably distorted) Argumentative. [Mark] What the fuck?
[Angsty Teen] (Distorted) Standards. (Distorted) Elevation. (Distortion continues) Passive. (Distortion continues) Heights. [Mark] Okay? I’m still not okay with those things in the-in the distance, blinking rapidly. I have no idea what those are. [Angsty Teen] Let’s check on Funtime Foxy. Make sure he’s ready for showtime tomorrow. [Mark] Wait, was that (the sound) like, a voice thing? Wh-we didn’t even check on Ballora! *Low buzzing* *Loud buzzing*
Why is Foxy in the shadows? Why is Foxy in the shadows? [Angsty Teen] (Garbled Electronic Voice) Great– (Same sound clip replayed) Great– (Same sound clip replayed again) Great– [Mark, yelling] AH, I don’t like that! [Original Hand Unit Voice] There seems to have been a problem with the voice synthesizer. Default settings have been restored. Please proceed through the vent ahead of you to Circus Baby’s Auditorium. [Mark] Uhhh… But I didn’t give Foxy a shock! Also, I just noticed there’s a vent down by Foxy, and a vent down by Ballora. When the hell are you gonna make me go in those places because that’s don’t–that’s–I don’t want to do that. I would rather do anything but that. Oh, jeez. Oh, god. I’m fine. I’m a brave boy. I’m a brave– [Female Computer Voice] Motion Trigger: Circus Gallery Vent. [Mark] Okay, so there’s always…. OH! So this is the Circus Gallery Vent. Then you got the Foxy Vent, then you got the Ballora Vent. [Hand Unit] Circus Baby had a busy day today! Let’s check the light, and make sure she’s in proper working order. [Mark] Okay. Ha-boop. *Low buzzing* Still don’t see her.
*Low buzzing* *Low buzzing* [Hand Unit] Oh, Circus Baby, we aren’t here to play Hide and Seek. Let’s encourage Baby to come out of hiding with a controlled shock. [Mark] Hey! Babehh! (Yelling) BABEHHH! BABY, COME OUT! BABY COME BACK!!!! (Quietly) Uh-oh. [Hand Unit] Let’s try another controlled shock. [Mark] Bu-eh. Bu– (laughs) but–er–it didn’t work. Babehh! It didn’t work on Babehhh. *Distorted button buzz* Hoh boy. Eh, Baby. [Hand Unit] There seems to be a power malfunction that is affecting our ability to properly motivate Baby. [Mark] Uh-huh. [Hand Unit] Please standby while I reboot the system. [Mark] I don’t wanna standby. [Hand Unit] I will be offline momentarily during this process. [Mark] No! [Hand Unit] Various other systems may be offline as well, such as security doors, vent locks, and oxygen. [Mark] Don’t leave me.
[Hand Unit] Various other systems may be offline as well, such as security doors, vent locks, and oxygen. [Hand Unit] Various other systems may be offline as well, such as security doors, vent locks, and oxygen. Commencing System Restart. [Mark] HOW ‘BOUT NO?!?! [Female Computer Voice] Motion Trigger: Entryway Vent. [Mark] Uh-oh. Uh. [Female Computer Voice] Funtime Auditorium Maintenance Vent opened. Ballora Gallery Maintenance Vent opened. *Movement sounds* *Movement sounds continue* [Circus Baby] I don’t recognize you. You are new. I remember this… scenario… however. [Ghost Girl] It’s a strange thing to want to do… To come here.
It’s a strange thing to want to do… To come here… I’m curious what events would lead a person to want to spend their nights… in a place like this… Willingly… Maybe curiosity? Maybe ignorance. There is a space under the desk. Someone before you crafted it into a hiding place, and it worked for him. I recommend that you hurry though. You will be safe there. [Mark] Oh. [Circus Baby]
Just try not to make eye contact. It will be over soon. They will lose interest. [Mark] whoooOOOOOOoooo?
WHO?! What are we talking about?! Yeah, yeah. I know I’m under the desk. What did that mean? “Grab here”? What is tha-*metallic clang* oh. Uh. Eeh. Eeh. Eeeennnh. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
*Grunting noises with some crying at the end* Geh. Uuhehehe. Okay? What did that do? Oh. That was… ha-a-ard to do. Eh. Okay. I’m fully closed. *Heavy footsteps* (Yelling) HI! Who’s out there?!
*Heavy footsteps* Who wants to face me?!
*Heavy footsteps grow closer* *Continue to grow closer* In a battle to the death…
*Continue to grow closer* I’m literally cornered right now! [Bidybab] Hello in there… *Metallic scraping* [Mark] Babeh? *Metallic scraping* Baby? [Bidybab, whispering] Someone is inside. [Mark] No. That’s a lie. [Bidybab 2, whispering] Is it the same person? [Mark] Um–yeah–I’m different– *Hollow metallic clang* *Metallic scraping* *Hollow metallic clang* *Short quick tapping* *Tap* *Tap* *Tap tap* *Tap* *Tap* [Mark] Hi? How are you? [Bidybab] Knock, knock.
[Mark] No. *metallic scraping*
*Weird noises, Mark screaming* (Screams in surprise)
*Metallic scraping as the door slides open* *Metallic scraping* (Shrieking) AAHHH!
*Metallic scraping continues* *Metallic scraping continues* (Screaming) NOOO! OH GOD! AH!
*Metallic scraping continues* WHAT DO I DO!? (Screams) MY GOD!
*Metallic scraping continues* *Metallic scraping continues* (Screaming) AUGH!
*Metallic scraping continues* (Mark laugh/cries nervously)
*Metallic scraping continues* Close it, close it!
*Scraping sounds continue* *More scraping* Holy shit!
*Metallic scraping* *Metallic scraping* No! *Metallic scraping* NO!
*Metallic scraping stops* Oh, my God. [Bidybab] We always find a way inside. [Mark] No? *Metallic scraping begins again* Geh! Eh! Eh! Oh, God! It’s not working! (Yells)
*Metallic scraping continues* Eeeeeee! (Screaming shrilly) AAAH!
*Thumping sounds* Aaah! (Yelling) I’M TRYING, GUYS! I’M TRYING!
*Metallic scraping continues* *Bidybab shrieks loudly*
[Mark] AH! (Screaming) FUCKING FUCK!
*Loud static* *Static dies down* (Mark pants heavily) Game over? (Laughing) What was I supposed to do? I was trying! I was really trying! Oh, God! That was horrifying! I had to fight for my life! Auugh! (Laughing) I had to really pull on the son of a bitch! Oh, jeez. How?! How can you do- Oh, I’m under the desk AGAIN?! Oh, fuck this. Oh, fuck. So, like, *Metallic scraping begins* Ohhhh, okay. So, my problem was I was pulling away too far.
(Metallic scraping stops) What I needed to do was I needed to keep my, my–my little mouse hand on it and like keep it there.
*heavy footsteps* *Heavy footsteps* *Hollow metallic clang* That was good though. Oh, man. I like this. This is good. That was legitimately terrifying. It was so stress inducing
*Footsteps grow closer* [Bidybab] Hello in there… [Mark] Shut the fuck up– Ohhh! Hey! You still there? Hi. Okay. So you– Oh! [Bidybab, whispering] Someone is inside… [Mark] No! You don’t know that! You don’t kno– [Bidybab 2, whispering] Is it the same person? [Mark] Oh, that’s so weird. That’s so weird. NONONO! NO-
*Metallic scraping begins* Ah-Ah-Uh-uh. Uh-uh. Uh-uh. Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh– Aaaaaaah, no! *Metallic scraping continues* Aaah, no! *Metallic scraping continues* ‘Kay, I just gotta click and hold on it. There we go. That’s much better. *Scraping stops*
So, like an idiot I was under the desk, just kinda like, (In a silly voice) “Oh! Oh no! Oh, it’s slipping away from me! I’m such a FOOL!” And then they killed me and ate my brains. *Metallic scraping begins again*
So what’s interesting is, the– the voice on the intercom after the power shut down was not Baby, because I believe THIS is Baby. Oh, jeez. C’mon! I’m pulling really hard! *Metallic scraping continues* Ahhhh!!
*Metallic scraping continues* Oh, jeez. I’m pullin’ as– Okay, there we go. Thi–this is Baby, whispering to me, because I remember from the trailer– [Bidybab] She’s watching us. [Mark] He’s watching us? [Baby] We have to leave now.
[Baby] We have to leave now. [Mark] Who’s watching us? [Bidybab 2] We’ll see you again soon! *Hollow metallic clang* [Mark] Okay.
*Retreating metallic scraping* Bye?
*Distant clang* Who’s watching you? Who’s watching y– [Circus Baby] When your ‘guide’ comes back online, he is going to tell you that he was unsuccessful. That you must restart the system manually. He will then tell you to crawl through Ballora Gallery as fast as you can to reach the breaker room. If you follow his instructions, you will die. [Mark] Oh. [Circus Baby] Ballora will not return to her stage anymore. She will catch you. [Mark] Oh. [Circus Baby] The power will be restored shortly. When you crawl through Ballora Gallery, go slowly. She cannot see you and can only listen for your movement. When you hear her music become louder, she is growing near. Listening for you. Wait. And be still… [Mark] Okay. [Hand Unit] Thank you for your patience. It seems the power system cannot be restarted automatically. You will need to restart the power system manually. Please return to the primary control module. [Mark] Okay. Imma do that. Imma do that thing. I’m gonna ju– I’m gonna go there. Okay, here we gooo. Going to the Ballora. Going to see Dancey-Pants. We’re gonna have a good ol’ time. Dead. [Female Computer Voice] Motion trigger: Circus Gallery vent. [Mark] Dancing up a storm. Ohh, jeez! This game! Okay. Let’s do this. [Hand Unit] You will now be required to crawl through the Ballora Gallery, using the vent to your left, to reach the breaker room. It is recommended that you stay low to the ground and reach the other side as fast as possible as to not disturb Ballora. [Mark] Mmm. [Hand Unit] I will deactivate myself momentarily, as to not create an auditory disturbance. [Mark] Wh–wha- [Hand Unit] Deactivating. [Mark] Nooooo. Okay, bye. Alright, so, apparently, if I go through this super fast, I’ll die. Let’s go through this super– [Female Computer Voice] Ballora maintenance vent opened. [Mark] Oh. Why can’t I see anything? *Footsteps* *Distant music on right*
*Footsteps* *distant music on right*
*footsteps* (Mark gasps) *Music shifts to left, remaining distant* *Music fades away* *Footsteps* *distant music on left*
*footsteps* *Distant music on left* *twinkling music of Ballora*
*distant music on left* *Music gets closer on left* *Music fades away* *quick, loud footsteps*
*twinkling music of Ballora* *Music fades away* *Footsteps* *Distant music on left*
*Quick, loud footsteps* *Music shifts to right, remaining distant*
*Footsteps starting and stopping* *music fades away*
*footsteps* *twinkling music of Ballora*
*close music on right* *Music fades away* *Quick, loud footsteps* [Hand Unit, loudly] It seems you are taking a long time. Please proceed as quickly and quietly as possible. *Quick, loud footsteps* *Distant music on right*
*Quick, loud footsteps* *Music fades away* *Quick, loud footsteps* *Close music on right*
*Footsteps stop* [Mark, groaning] Ohh!
*Music shifts to left* *Close music on left* That is closer than I previously suspected you to be! *Music fades away* *quick, loud footsteps*
*twinkling music of Ballora* *Close music on left* *Music shifts to right* *Close music on right *Music fades away* *Quick, loud footsteps* *Close music on right* *Music shifts to left* *Close music on left* (Whispering) Go away. Go away.
*Close music on left* (Slowly saying it louder) Go away. Go away. Go away.
*Music slowly fades away* *Music slowly fades away* *Quick, loud footsteps* *Close music on left*
*Quick, loud footsteps* *Close music on left* (Strained voice) I’m right there! I’m right there!
*Close music on left* *Music fades away* *Quick, loud footsteps* *Door click*
*Close music on left* (Yelling) Haaa!
*Close music on left* *Close music on left* Aah! [Female Computer Voice] Motion trigger: breaker room. [Hand Unit] You may now interface with the breaker control box. Using the interface may disrupt nearby electronics.
[Hand Unit] You may now interface with the breaker control box. [Mark, gasping] Huah-huah-huah-huah– [Hand Unit] Using the interface may disrupt nearby electronics. [Mark] HUUUUUUUUUH!!!! [Hand Unit] If you feel you are in danger, feel free to disconnect the interface temporarily, until it is safe to reconnect. *Mark makes distressed noises throughout*
[Hand Unit] If you feel you are in danger, feel free to disconnect the interface temporarily- [Mark] Uuhhhh! [Hand Unit] -until it is safe to reconnect. [Mark] UUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!
*Mark sounds* ‘Mascot Response Audio’? [Bon Bon] Calm down and go back to sleep! No one is here! [Funtime Freddy] Hahahaha! Well, hello again! [Mark] Who the fuck is THAT!? WhatamIdoing? WhatamIdoing? OHHH! OOOHHHH GOD NO!!! OH GOD NO! HOW BIG IS THIS PLACE?! “Restart”? *Faint shifting noise*
*Buttons beep lightly* AHH, DANGER LEVEL MAXIMUM! [Bon Bon] Go back to your stage! Everything is okay. [Mark] HADADA-DADADA EVERYTHING IS OKAY– Fuck. *Faint shifting sound* *Funtime Freddy moves* *Background noises*
[Funtime Freddy(?)] C’mon Bon! Let’s go say ‘Hi’ to our friend [Bon Bon] Everything is okay! Let’s go back to sleep! [Mark] WhadoIdo? I don’t know what to do! OH GOD! Oh fuck! I thought-I thought he got elevated so- HE DID! *Shifting noise* He is elevated! He is. Okay. Jesus! ‘M never gonna-I ju-I just gotta hold it, right? Right? *Electronic beeping* Okay! *Electronic beeping* *Faint shifting sounds* [Funtime Freddy] I know you’re over there somewhere! [Mark] Auf!
[Funtime Freddy] I know you’re over there somewhere! [Funtime Freddy] I know you’re over there somewhere! [Bon Bon] I think it was just a mouse! *Shifting noises*
*Electronic beeping* *Shifting noises stop*
*Electronic beeping* *Beeping continues* *Shifting noises*
*Beeping continues* *”Error” beeps* *Steady beeping continues* (Mark shouts and screams)
*Funtime Freddy screeches* *Loud static* *Static dies down* [Mark, spluttering] FFFffffffff… (Panting) (Panting continues) [Hand Unit] You will now be required to crawl through the Ballora Gallery, using the vent to your left, to reach the breaker room. Deactivating. [Mark] Auh. Okay. I think that’s all for this episode. Um… I made a lot of progress. But this is… …really cool. Like I can’t deny… it’s different. It’s definitely different, but it’s got elements… …of a lot of different things here and the-I’ll like… Wh-what’s really interesting here is, I haven’t explored the entirety of the game yet. There’s still another section and apparently, according to the map, there’s like… …TEN other sections out there and MORE vents to crawl through. And, like, so many things to worry about. This is legitimately AMAZING, what has been accomplished here. And I love it. It’s really good! And MY GOD! I know-ah jeez-I didn’t think it was Freddy that was gonna get me! Augh. I thought-I didn’t know WHO was talking there. Like, who the fuck was that? And who was the mascot?! Was that little Bonnie on the puppet stand? That was ‘Oh there’s no one in here!’ I have no idea. But my God. This is amazing. So, I’m gonna get–uh-more videos out of this as soon as I can. Uh.. But we made good progress here! It’s just so… FASCINATING! It’s so fascinating what’s going on here. I wanna know so much more about it, so we will find it out very soon. Thank you again, everybody, so much for watching. Lemme know what you think of this down in the comments below. And, as always, I will see you in the next video. BYE-BYE! UHHHHHHHH!! UAH!! *Outro music*


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