Flames from every hole – another barrel stove kit
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Flames from every hole – another barrel stove kit

(music playing) Going to leave just a little bit of room then can just put some holes in here for… another another vent if we need it. Even though you cut the inside out of this
you will still need to cut a slot or something for this screw to slide back and forth. That’s why it’s not moving right now. I’m eyeballing it on here I don’t care about
measurements or centering it. As long as it looks pretty close… we’re good. It doesn’t have to be squared or anything (music playing) Now I just need a bunch of holes drilled
do you want to drill those? What? Now I just need a whole bunch of holes drilled. Yeah I’ll drill them… 1/4 you think? Just a second let me get this. Alright now just put your bolts in. You don’t need to crank them down real tight
or anything its just gonna hold the door on. I think a lot of the reviews said they strip
out the bolts, they are worthless, and whatever, well that is probably because they are trying to crank them down and there is no need for it. We will probably use the drill and drill them down just a little bit with a wrench just to get them snug. So they will actually engage the locks on
the back of the nuts but there is no reason but probably could get by with hand tightening
if you want to. That will save you from stripping out the
cheap nuts. Then again this is just a shop stove. It is not something you put in your living
room to… talk about with the guests coming over. “Oh look at your fancy antique stove you have”. If you put it at your home use at your own
risk because your just waiting for a fire to happen. (more music playing) Alright, now just got to do the chimney. For us I’m gonna put this on face the wall
that way yea this side is good. Now another thing to watch out for is barrels
with ribs here it will make it a little bit harder for this to sit flat. I think the amount of space that is there
will be just fine for us. The inside of it looks like it is pretty flush
so that little gap hopefully won’t matter. If it does I’ll get some of that chimney sealant stuff for the flue pipes. If we had a little a little hammer and dolly.. yea, like that thing on the side of my dad’s the other thing you could do is get a piece
of that fiberglass door seal and put a piece of that around if you wanted to press down
for these ridges. The place we got our barrels they were $12
and I actually saw some in the stack that were smooth all three areas but it didn’t dawn on me until we got the kit and laid it on here. So anyway, if you haven’t bought your barrel yet look for one that is smooth in the back or on the bottom away from door at least one
of these ares is smooth. Cause you don’t want your chimney right in the middle that defeats the purpose you want the air to flow through the whole fire. (music again) Those pieces just break right off. Make sure you are over the hole. There we go. Hey our Chinese stove needs to look nice. There now we got four good holes. It was just the casting kind of bled in or whatever. You just tap them out and it will give you more air. I left a small space right here, small space
right here at the bottom. Some people on their reviews said they don’t get enough air flow. Not sure if it is how the chimney is set up
or what with their system but I left a little bit of space just in case we need to put another plate down here or something to add some more air. We will wait and see for now it is done. We are just going to take it out and burn
him off then we will paint him. I will put another video up after we get it
all painted and installed and stuff. It is gonna take the place of… I know our shop is junky right now but we
have to sort. It is going to take the place of that little
mini stove over there if you can see him. That is one of those $69 Amazon specials. It is really designed for a wall tent. A cheap version of a wall tent stove but it
doesn’t do anything. It did keep it warm while you are standing
over there if you were cold or whatever but other than that… that was it. There it is. burning all the paint off. I can feel the heat right here actually. So in a shop and this is a little bit of a breeze today but I can feel the heat off of there from right here. I am standing about one step behind those rings. So it is a good 6 to 8 feet away right now. That is pretty good to be able to feel the
heat outside from that. Anyway once all that burns off I will probably come out here and stoke some more on there in a minute. Might even through the old leaf blower on
there and get it really hot for a minute. The more it burns off the easier it will be
to scuff down with a scotch bright and paint.


  • Rob Beene

    I just bought one of these kits and picked up my barrels today. I went ahead and got the double kit and two barrels. Im curious to what you are going to paint them with. I plan to put mine together this weekend if I can make time.

  • Rob Beene

    I stopped by and had a look at what they have. I found one paint that looked like it was focusing on the rusty grill market to withstand up to 1200 F. Next to that was some that was designed for engine exhaust and 2000 F. Which are you using and are you using any of the primers they sell?

    I am in south Alabama so no it hasn't gotten very cold here yet either, but that's when we get ready for it right?

    Thanks for your input. I really don't want to look at two big rusty barrels year round.

  • hillbilly

    don't forget to put brick in and line the bottom and sides , barrel will last forever, another good idea I use when building these stoves for folks,,build a stand 2 feet up and attach barrel, us old folks can't bend down to the ground, this makes loading wood a WHOLE lot easier

  • ColtDeltaElite10mm

    Those stove kits at sooo awesome!!!!! Sadly, here in communist liberal California, they are illegal for any retailer to sell to us "subjects." So, one day I'll have my brother in Arizona send me one!!!! Cali government hates any open flame stove, BBQ, campfire or whatever. They say the smoke is harmful!!! Whatever!!!!!! BBQ's and campfire are not illegal here….yet. But they will be eventually. <><

  • ColtDeltaElite10mm

    I forgot to mention, in order to get around Cali's restrictions and since I'm a welder, I convert old propane or air compressor tanks into nice wood burning stoves!!! Hahahaha, California can suck down all of my wonderful black sooty smoke!!! <><

  • Murciegalo Mamon

    good thing ur doing projects the that young sasquatch. he needs to hold that hammer like a real man. not like a hillary supporter

  • Nate Meek

    you need to put a baffle inside the stove under the chimney.. you won't use as much wood and you won't have a chimney fire

  • Mark Perry

    Sponsored by crocks. HAHA I wear mine all the time. Thanks for the video, I need to heat my shop and I think these barrel stoves are my ticket.

  • The Notorious Angler

    Gasket in door missing ….gasket between barrel and door frame missing …use stainless steel nuts lock washers and bolts .

  • Gadgetman Michael

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    763-220-9712. You guys can do this too!
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  • Abo Jad Kurdi

    You did a good job man. I have a question… why you did not place the door up higher than you did to give more room for the ashes and to prevent it from coming out when you open the door?

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