Flaming DIY BMX Jam – Furze World Wonders (Ep 1)
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Flaming DIY BMX Jam – Furze World Wonders (Ep 1)

(futuristic electronic typing) – I’m Colin Furze,
inventor, former plumber, and all around
builder of things. Now, over the years I’ve put together some
pretty crazy machines, and broken a few world
records along the way. But now I’ve decided
to take a break from building stuff for myself, and I’m using my
creative influence to go out and make things
happen for other people. Well boys.
– Hey! And these builds
are pretty epic. So to help me out I’ve brought in my hand
picked team of builders for some much needed assistance. And this time we’ll be
helping out a BMX rider who’s just looking
for a place to grind. – I have 100% faith in
Colin, he’s a rider, he knows what to look for
so I trust him completely. – Get ready to shred,
this is Furze World Wonders! (crowd cheering) (whoosh) What? What is this background? Have we got no budget anymore? How on earth did this get
past the first meeting? Muppets. BMX has come a long
way over the years. Things that kids
are doing now would be considered
professional, back when I rode. Skate parks, bikes,
it’s all moving forward. So when a guy comes
to me and says he wants to take it all
back to its roots, I’m like yeah, I’m up for that! Just when I get back to him ’cause I have no
idea where I am. What is all this? Has it changed yet? No? Still the same rubbish? I give up. – Hey Colin, I’m Chijioke, I actually know you
back from whenever you used to make BMX videos. Hitting you up ’cause a
bunch of my friends and I really like building
stuff behind old buildings and kind of in alleyways
and stuff like that. A lot of our stuff gets
torn down pretty quickly. It usually lasts
about a day or so, which is kind
of sad, but I mean, the time we get to spend
riding it is totally worth it. Yeah, it’d be really
cool to have you come out and see what you
could do for us. If you’re down I’ve got a
bike with your name on it so come on out and ride
with us. Thanks, man. (upbeat music) – Now Chijioke is currently
at work and no surprise, considering he
likes BMX and bikes, he works in a bike shop. So let’s go and
see what he’s up to, and see what he’s thinking for
our do-it-yourself BMX park. Chijioke? – Hey what’s up man?
I’m in the back. -How are ya doing, boy?
-Hey man. Colin, nice to meet you, man.
– Nice to meet you, chap. – Thanks for coming in.
– It’s all good. What are doing there?
Doing a bit of work, I suppose. – Yeah, just working on a
bike for a customer right now. – Cool, right. Come on,
temporary skate parks ? You’ve got skate
parks around here, what’s the
fascination with them? – It’s fun, you get
to do what you want. You don’t have control
at a regular skate park. So I mean, like any kind
of temp spot or DIY stuff is great ’cause you get
to do whatever you want. And you know just
as well as anyone building your own stuff is
always a little bit more fun, a little bit more enjoyable, so. – What, do you mostly ride
street then, I presume? – Yeah, I mean, I
usually ride street. You know. I ride everything
if it’s in front of me, but it’s usually street
if I have the choice. (upbeat music) BMX started in
southern California, like most extreme sports. And most people know racing
because it’s in the Olympics. I ride street and whatever
comes in front of you, you ride. You have to be
really determined, you have to not be
scared of getting hurt and it’s my
favorite thing to do. Whenever you’re in
the middle of a trick it’s kind of slow motion. I feel really at home,
I feel really comfortable, I’m at my most content. I’m not concerned about
what anyone else is doing or what anyone else is saying, I’m just happy to be
on my bike and rolling. (upbeat music) I honestly don’t know
where I’d be in life if I didn’t have BMX. I’d probably be studying
to be a doctor like my dad, or something like
that, I don’t know. I’m thankful that I
do have it, though, ’cause I wouldn’t change
my life for the world. You used to ride a
little bit, right? – Yeah, I used to ride
a bit of flat land. So you know, this is a subject
I’m not so completely alien to. I smashed all my knees up and
stuff, things like that. The usual, the usual
stuff, but there we are. Where’s your weapon then,
where’s your bike? Let’s have a look. That’s something
that’s changed, eh? Here she is. Well you’ve got four pegs,
which I’m quite surprised at. – Got to have four. – Yeah, I mean, this is
a lot lighter than mine, mine weighs an absolute ton. Right, we should probably
go and have a look at the site where we’re planning to do
all our wonderful creations. But there’s a BMX in front of
me and it’s got a back brake and a back stump peg so I
just want to try something to see if I’ve still got it.
– Yeah. ‘Cause you know, you can’t
come into a bike shop, see a bike and not
try and use it. (upbeat music) – Whoa. (laughs) I wasn’t expecting that. – Yeah, the old
boy’s still got it. The old boy’s still got it. That’s not too bad, actually. (laughs) Here we go. Right. Less playing, let’s go and have a
look where we’re going. – Yeah, sounds good.
– You want to take that? Might as well bring it with you. – Yeah.
– Right, let’s go, after you. (upbeat music) So what did this
place use to be then? – I think it used to be a
soap factory, I’m pretty sure. – And what’s happening
with it now then? – Pretty sure it’s being
developed into condos, but the owner was nice enough
to let us have one last day and kind of set
something up, so. – Well I think
it’s a good space, a lot of bits we can use. We’ve got shipping containers, there’s barrels which
we can kind of use for the structure of ramps. But I think, you know,
you like your streets, you like it a bit rough.
– Yeah it’s perfect, yeah, that’s definitely
what I’m hoping for. Something a little grimy,
something a little more DIY. – Okay I know what
Chijioke is looking for and it’s got to have some edge. So we’ll make a course by
putting up a series of ramps using shipping containers. We’ll make a flat top
section to launch from. We’ll set up some
walls and some rails, and build a giant
flaming trophy to properly cap off the night. Alright I think I’ve got it. So you back to the bike shop,
I’ll go back to the workshop. – Sounds good, man.
– Chijioke, have a good day. – I have 100% faith in Colin, he’s a rider,
he knows what to look for, so I trust him completely
and it’s gonna be awesome. (upbeat music) – Right, team Furze
is hard at work clearing a whole area and moving all of the
rubbish out of the way in order to get the ramps built and everything in
its proper place. – On its side. Now, while they
work in the hot sun, I’m gonna go inside and
work with some actual fire. Now, as well as building
ramps for our DIY BMX park, I want to make this an event. And it’s not gonna be an
event without spectacle. So I’m thinking fireworks.
I like fireworks, and I’m guessing
you like fireworks too. This is my thought, I want
to keep it bike related, so I’m thinking if we make a
giant wheel of fireworks. And as a little experiment
to see if this is gonna work, this is what I’m thinking. This is gonna be
like a small portion of the bigger picture. We’re gonna put fireworks
around this wheel, set them off, and it
should spin it ’round like a Catherine wheel
and look pretty cool. And if this works
then we can do it, scale it up, and
then do loads of them. (upbeat music) And there we are. It’s all mounted
up with fireworks, I’ve just got to
put the igniters in and then we can set it off. (upbeat music) Alright, there we are. Three, two, one, go. Yeah, that is good, isn’t it? I just think we need
to do it bigger and more and then more again. Brilliant! (chuckles) That is exactly
what we want only more, more, more,
and a lot bigger. Let’s make a bigger one. (upbeat music) Oh, I just want to
build a big firework wheel. Look at that, look. Fireworks, fireworks,
fireworks, fireworks. (upbeat music)
(grunts) We’ve gotta do four of these. It’s bath night tonight I think. (upbeat music) Excellent, get them
all spinning, look. Yes, look at this! How awesome is that gonna be? Woo! Sparks flying everywhere. What an end to the
event, eh? Gosh. – Nice work, man.
– Good work, Will, good work. Right, just got to get it
back to the old soap factory. -Will?
– Yes? – Look at the size of the door.
Wha wha wha. – We didn’t think that through. – I don’t think that’s gonna
fit through there, is it? (upbeat music) I love the idea of
a BMX flash jam, but we’re gonna need
a lot of people. So I’ve sent Chijioke to gather
up as many riders as he can. – Working with younger
riders is always awesome ’cause it’s really cool to see
how kids have progressed since you know, 10 years ago. Ben, Jonathan and Dylan, they’re better than
a lot of people my age. These guys are the future
of the sport and yeah, it was cool to kinda show
them a little bit about being a little bit more street, but they definitely had a
handle on everything already and they, I don’t think
they really needed my help. (upbeat music) A wall ride is a
pretty scary maneuver and I definitely wasn’t
doing them at you know, 12, 13 years old. – When I learn new tricks I
just really feel hyped up and I feel a bit
of a fear, obviously, but I really try to
believe myself and just trust myself to do it. – The key to not
wiping out is, I mean, there’s no key, you’re gonna wipe out. – Yeah! – Yeeow! – Like if you fall like,
people want you to get back up. They don’t want
you to stay down, they want you to go
back and land the trick. -That was awesome, man. – We all just try to
learn tricks together and motivate each other.
You don’t ever like, put each other
down or anything. – BMX is one of those sports
that is perceived as like, a tough guy sport, but at the same
time it’s one of the most supportive groups of people
I’ve ever been around. Whether it’s just learning
how to hop for the first time or doing a 20 stair rail, people are gonna be there
giving you encouragement and letting you know
that you can do it. There’s not really many other
things that I’ve experienced that are just as
supportive as that and it’s an awesome
thing to be a part of. -Yeah, dude. That was so clean.
– So clean. – I like that… – That was awesome, man.
– Thank you. (whoosh) – Now, as well as a
park, I promised fire. So I’ve had an idea. When Chijioke comes
and grinds along here, I want to make him
so he makes sparks, lights a fuel and creates fire. And for this, I’ve got Matt. A Team Furze pyro dude. Yes, what Matt’s gonna do, we’re gonna put a spark
generator in Chijioke’s peg so as he hops up here, we’ll fire it off remotely, sparks are gonna fly out,
fuel is gonna light up, he’s gonna feel
like a super hero. So then, first we
should test is a bit of fuel, what have we got Matt? – I have some beautiful
camping fuel for you here, it’s gonna give you some
nice bright orange flames, it’s gonna look fantastic. I have one of these
spark producers. It is eight feet long,
burns for eight seconds, lots of time to make sure that we’ve got sparks
splashing into the fuel. – Alright let’s give it a test. -You’ve got the burn.
-Yup. If you want to spray
some fuel down there. We could try and write his
name in it, couldn’t we? Right so he’s coming up, and….pops on. (sparks hissing) Right, well the sparks
will light the fuel, however we need to adjust
possibly where the fuel is and also test this
on an actual bike. Here we go. Right, let’s stick it in there,
stick it anywhere you want. And then Matt
can push his button and fire it off automatically. What a brilliant idea, Colin.
Thank you. Alright, that’s done. Will!
Here he comes. Right Will, we’ve got your
bike, it’s all rigged up. So I’m thinking, if you
can tilt it down slightly, when you get on it,
that’ll help us out a lot. Okay I’ll set the fuel
then, you’ve got the burn. You get psyched. (laughing)
Psyche up for the rail run. Right, let’s stick a
load of it down here. Oh yeah. We’ll do a couple of little
extra bits, ’cause you know, I’m confident the old
boy’s gonna nail it. Put a bit under here, as well. Just in case. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I’ll keep this.
Right, go for it. Alright, here we go,
come on, light, light! Look! Eh?! Chijioke’s gonna be
like, “What’s happening? “I’ve set the park on fire!” I think he’ll enjoy that. Maybe get the rail
on fire, as well. Yes, now we’re talking! That’s what we need to
happen, proper carnage. Excellent. Brilliant.
(whoosh) (upbeat music) With daylight fading fast, Team Furze is
erecting the frame that will hold our flaming
trophy. -I have one close by. And now, it’s time to light
it and see what happens. Or, see if it spins
like it’s supposed to. Looking good, is
it looking good? – It looks amazing.
– Looks amazing. – Pretty smooth, it doesn’t
take a lot to spin it. – No, I like it.
– It might work. – Okay next thing
we need to find out is can it power itself? So we’re gonna
get the pyro guys to strap some thrusters
to it and see if it will start from a stand still so I don’t have
to get next to it and give it a helping hand. We wired up?
– Ready to go. – Right, do you want
to pass me the– – Sorry.
– Welcome. – Welcome the pyro guy.
– Force of habit. System is armed.
– System is armed. Right, let’s see if
this thing works. Come on, fingers crossed. Come on camera man, move
quick, move quick, move quick. Right here we are,
three, two, one, go. (sparks hissing) Come on, come on!
Come on, come on! It’s kind of working. It just wants a
little bit of a– go on! (sparks hissing) Just needs a little
bit of assistance. I love that smell,
that smell is awesome. Right, let’s get it
fully loaded for tonight and I think we’re about there. Cheers, boy.
– Here we go. (upbeat music) – Honestly, I think I’m
gonna see something on fire, I’m really hoping. Some sparks, some wild like
ramp setups and stuff like that. I’m kind of hoping that
it’ll kind of blow me away and I think it will. – It’s finished! Yes, what was once a demolition
site is now a BMX park! Right, let’s give
you a bit of a tour. So we’ve got the start ramp,
they’ll come down here, they’ll come belting down here and then they’ll
go up to this one. And this has been made from
an old lorry container. To do various tricks,
flip off around there. So after they’ve chosen
which direction they can come down here, up to this ramp. We built this up against
a ship container, you know, try to use
what’s around here. We put a bit of
plywood on the top of it just in case they
want to get on the top. And then down here we’ve
got various other things. We’ve got this little
transition caked in here if they want to get some
angles and stuff off there. Got a little flat
bank, a little grind top. Various grind rails over here. And of course, the grand
finale of the night will be lighting up a
giant firework wheel! Right, let’s have a jam. (upbeat music) (shouting) Come on. Come on boys, come on. Here we are! For our latest
Furze World Wonder, we have a DIY flash BMX park! (cheering) Here we are, we built
this all for you. We’re gonna have a jam, we’re gonna have a little
bit of a competition. The winner is gonna be
celebrating in style, but we’re gonna
start with fire and we’re gonna end with fire. So we’re gonna start this
off like proper awesome. Chijioke, just grind that
rail and we can get going. – Sounds good.
– Hit it, hit it hard! (cheering) (sparks hissing) Yeah!
(shouting) Yes! That’s how you start a BMX jam. – I’m amazed at what
he pulled off in such a short amount of time. I had expectations, but they
were completely blown away. It’s got that DIY vibe, but you don’t usually
get to deal with fire and riding at the same time.
– Woo! -Yeah, Bill. (crowd cheers) – What Colin built is amazing. It’s kind of surreal
because it’s unique and it’s something that’s
not gonna be recreated. Definitely a rad experience. – Drew’s unbelievable. He’s one of the top
riders in the world so it’s definitely a treat
to see him destroy this thing, and show people what can be
possible on a DIY setup. (upbeat music)
(cheering) – Judging a contest is usually
a pretty difficult thing just ’cause there’s so
many different styles and so many
different skill levels. One of the youngest
kids is seven and then there’s older guys
like me, I’m pushing 30, and everyone in between. We’re just looking for people
using a lot of the course, how high people go, what kind of difficulty
of tricks they do, how consistent they are.
– Yeah! – Drew, obviously,
he’s a pro rider. So given that he’s the best,
but like, you know, that’s not what this is
all about, sort of thing. – Yeah, yeah. I mean all
the kids are killing it. Yeah! It’s amazing, everybody’s
doing awesome. (cheering) – It’s a lot crazier than
I thought it would be. I thought it would just
be a couple little ramps, but it turned out
to be really sick. – What is he 14?
– 14, yeah. – I think he’s a
good combination. He’s young but he’s also got… When you told me he was
14 I was like whoa, I thought he was a
lot older than that. (laughing)
– Here we go Sarah! – I wish I didn’t slip
my foot on the bar spin, but I was still happy with how
I rode and landing that trick. (cheering) (cheering) (cheering) – It’s an art form, everyone’s
got their own creative avenue. You’ve got to really give
it all you got because it’s only here for
a short period of time so you’ve got to really get super creative
and just go for it. – Every time I see
Travis I’m so blown away, the things he does
so effortlessly. He’s got that classic
west coast surfer style where everything just seems
super smooth and slick. (cheering)
– Yes Trav! – Whoa!
(cheering) – Come over here, we’ll
announce the winner. Let’s get over to the fire
wheel. This way, this way! (cheering) Excellent, thank you. You
made this event fantastic. Everyone was riding with
great enthusiasm and it’s just been a
blast watching you all. Now me and Chijioke have
been talking and discussing about who’s won this. We’ve come to a conclusion
so take it away. – First of all let’s give a
round of applause for Colin, he did amazing, course is great. Everyone rode awesome, you guys are a
real treat to watch. Dylan come on up. – Yes! (applause)
-Awesome. – At the end of the day Dylan
was really, really killing it. He was using
a lot of the course, he was doing a lot of tail ups
and a lot of air variations, which is awesome. – Now your prize, a little
bit different than normal, you’re gonna get to give a
countdown to set this thing off. – I’m normally a pretty
competitive person. Like, I compete around
the world and stuff, but to be honest, my main
feeling was just being surprised because there’s a lot of
good people that came out. – Give us a countdown. – Three, two, one!
– Go! – Yeah!
(cheering) – It’s just a sea of fire! – I didn’t expect
anything as big as it was. – Dylan won! Coughed a little
bit of soot out, but everybody really
loved the spectacle. – Yeah! Alright, let’s ride
the bikes a bit more. Thank you very much, everybody. – Yeah!
– He can ride! – Whenever you ride
something that… that is kind of a one time thing it kind of kicks
you into gear and makes you try things that
you normally wouldn’t. I saw my life flash before
my eyes a couple times, but I mean, it’s kind of one
of those things where comfort kind of gets
kicked out the door and you kind of push
it a little bit more just ’cause you know that you only have a
finite amount of time. And I feel like it was
kind of one of those BMX bucket list things that
I was able to cross off, so thanks to Colin for that ’cause it was definitely
a dream come true. – What a fantastic night. The fireworks have been great,
the riding’s been great, but unfortunately this
has all got to come down. Tomorrow it’s gonna
be a building site and they’re gonna
be building flats. So guys, guys you’re
gonna have to stop riding. We got to take it down. Guys, stop, stop. Not happening, is it? See you next time on
Furze World Wonders. (upbeat music) BMX! Furze…World…Wonders.


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