Flat Pack Table for Camping | CNC Not Required
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Flat Pack Table for Camping | CNC Not Required

(Louis fumbling around like a fool) (Rewinding to a better time) (Laura unpacking the table like a normal person ) Hi
We’re Laura and Louis And today, we’re going to make a camping table We started by measuring a square, 40 by 40 centimeters We drew in some fun angles, to make the legs We cut it down using a circular saw and a straight edge We used a jigsaw to cut out the rough shape It looked like a boomerang! Now we’re cutting slots for the legs to interlock We used a sander to get the final shape After approximately 47 hours of sanding, the legs finally fit! Don’t forget to subscribe 🙂 Then we cut a notch, 2.5 centimeters down from the top (This was an afterthought, we should have measured these notches before we cut out the legs…) This got approved by Quality Control The table top measures 40 by 60 centimeters We found the center and marked the dimensions for the cut out We drilled a hole in the center so we can use a jigsaw to cut out the shape (We did lots of sanding and filing) Look at us! We were so happy back then We masked off some areas with painter’s tape Then spray painted to be fancy (We used 220 grit sand paper to prep the surface) Then we finished off with a few coats of polycrylic Next we drilled holes to glue in neodymium magnets on the legs and the bottom of the table The legs will snap to the bottom of the table top for storage (We used too much super glue….) Anyone out there still watching? Give this video a thumbs up! While you’re at it, subscribe! Thanks 🙂


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