Floating BOX FORT Boat BATTLE ROYALE!! Last To Sink Challenge
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Floating BOX FORT Boat BATTLE ROYALE!! Last To Sink Challenge

Papaji will take on Logan hanboks man today I’m doing the intro once again
from now on it’s a yo what’s up everybody it’s Logan it does not work
the same but we are back with another video nonetheless and today is a
beautiful day and a day of challenges where I get to face off against Logan in
sword combat okay we’re not doing sword combat we are gonna be doing who can
last the longest in their own custom made floating box fort now we’re all
gonna go inside this your big pool and see which one of us could survive the
longest there is one catch though you cannot use any actual floating device so
Logan this floating device not allowed that floating device not have mr.
flamingo not allowed you can only use what you find around the house that are
not meant to flow we’ll both get inside our boxes and so you can last longest
and who’s truly the box for master and guys if you’re brand new to this family
remember to slap that subscribe button and the subscribe button
oh yeah the boat don’t forget to hit the bell button also guys I wanted to ask I
always say welcome back to the Pappa Jake family we don’t actually have a
proper name like I don’t have the name for you guys are you guys the Papa
Knights are you guys Papa’s little helpers
I like Papa’s little we’re the Logan aider not the Logan Anders Logan no one
wants the Logan haters guys let me know down below in the comments from this day
going forth with this sword in hand what would you guys like to be called comment
down below like which one you like the most
is it the Papa Jake family so you guys need to be creative and come come up
with it but Logan we need to start building because we have a Papa Jake
versus Logan challenge to go down why is there boxer but no no no no no no
no G twice box me in here like what is he saying
I don’t like box I’m not doing a video piece here he creeps me out Jake I don’t
know boss come near me man I think box fan and I can be friends do
not walk box man in our videos he cannot be in this video Logan you’re the one
who’s always invited box man he’s just coming out and always squirt me with a
squirt gun back box man do you want to join our challenge ding dude I think box
man’s gonna join our challenge Jake what’s coming for the tube key Jake it
looks like box means joining our challenge I found but I’m I’m building
far away from that thing okay all right you guys can go build off wherever you
want and I’m still winning this challenge I don’t even know he knows not
a pill stand back of course box man knows how to build
he’s a box so I don’t know what Logan’s gonna be doing for his boat but I know
I’ve got a little secret up my sleeve I’m actually a boat engineer I built a
Titanic I built a two-story floating box for you check this out guys we recently
J called me take Logan these are these are mine Logan those are my applecart do
not do not take my app you can’t just come in and take myself
also where’s box man I hope he’s not in the house I’m not letting that guy in my
house I was able to snag these like Apple
cards I don’t actually know what they are but it’s gonna be the base for how
I’m gonna be building my box for floating device now what I’m thinking
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna lie these with tarp and in one straight line look like
a big canoe and then what I’ll do is I’ll line the base with tarp so that no
water can get in first things first in order to make our Poppa Jake canoe the
papa knew we need to do a little bit of demolition work so I’m gonna use this
hammer ow this is literally why I only build with cardboard I touch wood and
this happens I might I might have messed up just a little bit with my choice of
building materials see I thought this would be like super easy to transform
into a canoe just by like breaking a few walls down taping it together
turns out no oh I just have a bunch of wood scraps and this thing’s all falling
apart and there’s nails everywhere I hurt myself all right guys my box for boat I’m gonna
use these water jug as the base of our boat then a piece of wood and then a
nice little cardboard for I have no idea what box man and Logan
are up to but the Papa new is coming along great
honestly we’re putting it together just like the good old pioneers used to do
and I’m gonna sit this one put my feet in this one and I’ll maybe use that as
like scrap wood for a paddle or something plus I’m gonna add some
cardboard walls and a roof to make it a box for it and make it a little bit more
secure give me the camera give me the camera what are you doing
box man okay yes you have a nice boat okay box man well I’m just gonna take
this and get back to filming box pans boat looks pretty good definitely have a
lot more work to do on my boat Yolo get over your very important pop jake peavy
going down right now let’s go let’s go let’s go pop Jake had a great idea come
on head box man come on box bass go yet you too buddy let’s go very important
meeting all right save save relate as I have had an extreme idea and epiphany
you might get away from me man he’s getting too close to me I have decided
that instead of just seeing who can float the longest we will be
transforming this challenge into a Papa Jake back to my alley
okay boxman sounds happy and we are going to equip our boats with whatever
objects you want and when we start floating in the water it’s last man
standing whoever takes down each other first wins the battle war Alec back to
your local night Hey Oh No all right guys all we need to do is come
up both away not only to make switch to good right now but also a way to take
down everyone got a few ideas unless I’m pushing down on them and they’re not
thinking these bottles we should be able to flow but Logan brought me over here
to see what he’s built on see Logan I’ve got a lot of busy stuff to do I don’t
care about your piece of garbage this is gonna float you made an amazing-looking
anchor it is gonna sink to the bottom of the ocean where’s your boat Jake I don’t
see your boat actually Logan isn’t on the boat it’s pronounced at Papa noon
coming from your boat all the viewers are like ooh gross get Logan sturdy boat
off of me now they can see a real bump a real man’s boat the papa knew okay
extreme buoyancy length cut to scale added for wind duration made for speed
did you even get a fit in this yeah I’m gonna fit man I think all right let’s
see how this back Oh oh yeah doesn’t even require any effort
one-handed look at this thing super buoyant in fact
we’re on a speed race boom that’s fast as lightning it’s like the flash the
more concerning thing is box man’s pretty much done took him like two
minutes to go over there man I’m not going over there see what he’s doing our public canoe is coming along pretty
great however after doing a little bit of a
water test I did find out ah it’s a little tippy okay so I had the idea that
if we could find some extra pieces of buoyancy to put on the side we’d be able
to make you even better and even stronger for our box for battle-weary
out now what I saw over by box man was here’s a little bit of extra styrofoam
I’m thinking if we can go over there and steal some we might be able to use it on
our fort can’t really tell what those eyes Papa’s mine he doesn’t even know what
we’re doing he has a better boat than both of us he scares me I don’t even
want to get in the water I don’t want to be next to him let alone get in a pool
with him the bigger issue we have right now Jake is beating box man yeah there
might be a factor then we might need to team up Logan and take down box man okay
good old-fashioned Papa Jake with Logan stead of versus my raft is complete I
decide to make a little raft where I could stand on with my box where it’s
spear and take out the enemy we are officially ready to take out Jake
and box man I’m gonna be putting my boat in the water first just throw it over
here I’m a little bit concerned right now with the wobbliness of the route I don’t know Jake crying something
it’s like he’s gonna attract more box people go go box man’s boat is in the
water now box man we’ll get in this boat and what what what no robots me get in your
boat I’m a little emotional right now because we have probably made in fact we
have made the world’s greatest floating box sport of all time we worked hard
good work blown and she’s been deemed the Papa new because she’s fast
she’s aggressive here ladies and gentlemen is the papua new to seats of
exterior would probably mahogany we don’t know the flag itself scares
enemies upon vision Papa Jake born to sail they know when I’m coming for them
they’re going down and if the sales aren’t enough we’ve got custom design
panels on the side not only to move us but also to attack our enemies and then
the most powerful feature of this entire fort is our front-facing cannon where we
can blast water upon anyone approaching guys I think we’re ready for this battle
we’re out I think we’re ready to win all right guys got my Spears let’s get
in my boat all right Logan is officially gonna be the first one to get in his
boat now remember guys if he falls down he’s out of the play oh boy oh no looks
like he’s going for the one footed method you might have to jump for that
Logan oh this is not looking oh this is not good come on Papa knew you can do
this oh no I almost lost the pop a new sail one of the most important features
of the popping you all right you ready buddy I’m getting inside it’s going down she’s got she’s got she got too much
water in it I keep I put myself perfectly Center in this the popping you
will hold me just doesn’t have enough buoyancy the other foot in oh and we
were in business baby read off the bad jinkies out of this challenge
box man needs to get his boat though because right now I have the longest
time in the water no one is beating me so that is one down
for the count I have officially taken Jake out okay looks like box man’s
coming into the ring box that wall Oh his chiming he’s chiming this is hurting
Logan oh this doesn’t look good for anyone that’s all oh oh oh we saw some
water balloons back and forth this battle is getting insane Volvox man’s
taking a big beating right now I don’t know Logan might win this as box man
fires back head and with devastating blows looks like it’s a battle of water
balloons right now as box man’s only weapon as the water balloon he’s too far
away for Logan use Spears always got a sword always got a sword always we did a
devastating charge for Logan all is the champion on is wrapped nothing o
box man what do you think about losing that it was a closed box man box man
where you going box man just left the arena guys I’m about to walk on water you think this boat was gonna work do
the Popham you had so much potential this man’s about to walk on water I’m
about to walk to the other end of this pool guys if you think we should do
another walking on water video comment down below put a hashtag poeple walks
and we will do another walking on water video walking on water
it’s just sinking we gotta wrap this up quick guys I will thank you guys so very
much for watching I didn’t know boxer I was gonna be coming but if you think
BOTS maps should never come again let me know in the comments because I don’t
like babies videos but if you guys think foxy is really awesome smash that like
button that subscribe button in development and it will see you guys


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